Plus Size Tennis Skirts – Which Plus Size Pleated Tennis Skirt Is Right For You

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plus size tennis skirt

Things in a sporty style are now among the main trends of the season and are not going to give up their positions. Following the massive running shoes that came back to us from the 90s, neon leggings and boxer shorts, the main find was the pleated tennis skirts.

The tennis skirt is especially popular among young people. Girls of different complexions wear it. The model will visually lengthen the legs, emphasize the waist and help hide a small bulging tummy. Modern designers assume different styles, different landing height and design. Along with the usual white models, skirts in pink, blue, gray, and beige, blue, black or in a check are very popular.

A tennis skirt is very practical after buying a high-quality thing that fits perfectly on the figure, any woman will not want to part with it. It should be comfortable and comfortable to the body; you can do almost any business, both at home and on the street.

10 Best Plus Size Tennis Skirt

plus size pleated tennis skirt

Black Skirt Plus Size

The universal model is the perfect base for creating any image. In the cold season, you can wear it with pantyhose, a warm sweater or a knitted vest, and in the heat it can make friends with fishing sandals and a T-shirt.

Plus Size Pleated Tennis Skirt

Plus Size Pleated Tennis Skirt

A beautiful and elegant pleated skirt for full, in our opinion, should be in the wardrobe of a woman who prefers to look feminine. However, for lovers of casual style and comfortable images, it can also play a significant role in the composition of everyday bows.

Plus Size Tennis Dress

Plus Size Tennis Dress

Girls with curvy shapes can also choose sports-style clothing. In addition, this is not only trousers and jackets, but also dresses. Such clothes will help to demonstrate your activity and energy to others. In plus size tennis dress you will feel comfortable and stylish

White Pleated Skirt Plus Size

plus size tennis dress

Despite such a disparity in textures, the pleated skirt plus size goes very well with a knitted top. You can choose a golf, tight-fitting or voluminous sweater. A thin sweater can be tucked into the belt, a voluminous one-just plug the front part of the sweater into the belt. The combination itself is quite complex, so it is better to choose monophonic things.

Country Skirts Plus Size

country plus size skirt

This skirt is characterized by calm tones, most often it is made of natural fabrics. The country skirt perfectly complements the retro style and is suitable for everyday looks.

Plus Size Tennis Skirts with Elastic Band

This style is well suited for summer looks, so skirts are sewn from light fabrics. Young fashionistas can afford quite bright models and skirts made of fabric with a small print.

Plus Size Tennis Skirts with Pleats at the Waist

white pleated skirt plus size

This version of the skirt is perfect for full girls with a pronounced waist, they will help hide full hips and a protruding stomach

Made of Cotton

Made of Cotton

The skirt itself is suitable for those who like a high fit — however; voluminous shirts in it can bulge if you wear them, tucking them inside. Rather, this skirt is suitable for summer — wear it with cotton sneakers, flip-flops and polo shirts. The dusty blue model is ideal for hot weather.

Extended Version

Extended Version

A slightly longer version of the plus size tennis wears than the others in this collection. The skirt is made of mixed wool. In the heat, such a skirt is unlikely to be useful, but it can become part of the uniform in early spring. This is one of the most comfortable models; it is also suitable for working in the office.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Designer Charles Jeffrey produces witty collections that are not divided into men’s and women’s. The model of skirts in a fold of tartan fabric (it can also be considered as a sign of respect for the roots) is not the first season of the designer’s production. To support her rebellious spirit, you can wear such a skirt with rough boots and bombers.

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