30 Most Comfortable Sandals For Wide Feet – Create Your Own Comfortable Style

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Long walks in high-heeled sandals from a pleasant pastime will quickly turn into torment, accompanied by swollen veins and severe pain in the feet and calves. Beauty is not worth the sacrifice. Moreover, modern women’s sandals in their design are not inferior to the usual shoes with heels, but they surpass it many times in terms of convenience. We will tell you about the most fashionable, high-quality, beautiful, and versatile models that will perfectly fit into the images even with light and seductive summer sundresses. 

Choosing Shoes For A Wide Leg

Too close, models on a wide foot look massive. Sandals with flexible soles “land” the figure even more and quickly wear out, lose their attractive appearance. Numerous thin straps attract attention and make the wide foot even wider. 

What Models to Pay Attention:

  • laconic sandals made of thick leather in calm colors;
  • models with medium stable heels, they visually balance the width of the foot;
  • shoes with a rounded toe, closed toes;
  • lace-up models that allow you to adjust the fullness.

Tips For Choosing

  1. On a full foot, “closed” models of sandals in natural shades look great. Skirts and dresses with a flying long hem, jeans of a classic cut can hide the fullness of the calves.
  2. Shoes with too high heels, especially stilettos, are not recommended.
  3. A narrow sock is not suitable for a full foot. It looks out of place on a wide, massive foot, and is uncomfortable with a large lift. 

So, let us find out which sandals will be a worthy addition to your shoe collection in the new summer season.

30 Models Of Sandals For Full Feet With A Wide 

wide width flip flops

Bally Janise Sandals with Buckle

These are the most comfortable sandals for wide feet. The product is made of black genuine leather with a thin sole with a small heel and sits comfortably on the legs thanks to the back with a wide strap that fastens with a golden metal lock. Thanks to its design, the shoes are suitable for owners of wide feet, as the shoes sit comfortably on the feet, are made of genuine leather, do not create pain in the legs, and are suitable for long walks. 

Low-heeled Sandals

extra wide sandals

Light, elegant, and comfortable sandals with a low heel will suit any woman’s looks. The model on a thin brown sole with a low heel is versatile and easily worn on feet of any width. The top of the product made of white leather is made in the form of a wide union. The sandals themselves are securely but comfortably held on the feet due to a laconic white strap, complemented by a massive square plaque. This model will definitely not rub the feet and will not cause sweating thanks to the use of soft leather, open toe, and heel. 


sandal wide width

This is a fashionable sandal for wide feet, which does not have a backdrop. Such a model can look like home slippers, besides they are just as comfortable. Thanks to a stable heel, a comfortable shoe pad, and wide heels, these sandals will be the most comfortable pair of shoes in your summer wardrobe. In addition, they will fit almost any outfit. They are not only beautiful, but also comfortable, so they will suit the owners of wide feet. 


The designers presented cute summer sandals for wide feet, which in the new summer season are great not only for the beach but also for walking around the city. Such shoes will be a worthy addition to the collection of fashionable urban shoes. In these sandals, the foot will feel comfortable. Artificial leather straps will not rub. They are also very easy to take off and put on. Perfect for summer walks around the city. 

Platform Sandals

Many girls are just crazy about platform shoes and sandals are no exception. These women’s sandals extra wide width are not only very beautiful but also comfortable to wear. You can spend the whole day on platform sandals and not feel tired in the evening. The upper part can be made of both natural and artificial leather, as well as textiles.

Wide Width Flip Flops

Flip-flops are always very simple and comfortable. They are very comfortable and easy to use. The foot does not sweat, and the material does not rub. It is worth choosing models on the platform, with beautiful and bright accessories. Special attention should be paid to flip-flops with an unusual sole.

Wide Sandals with Arch Support

Trendy sports sandals in a bright design will be the main highlight in the women’s urban bow. The lightweight model on a raised cushioning sole made of white rubber with gray and blue inserts sits comfortably on the legs, without provoking fatigue even with prolonged active walking. The leather insole does not cause sweating of the feet. The upper of sandals for wide-fit women is a wide textile union of gray and black color, decorated with a geometric plastic insert. The product with an open heel does not rub due to the soft edging in the form of a blue pad. These sandals are suitable for women with wide feet. 

Quilted Sandals

wide foot sandals

Quilted sandals for fat feet with thick soles will help to add texture and dynamics to the image. The sandals sit comfortably and securely on the legs thanks to a thin leather strap, suitable for owners of a wide foot, the feet will not get tired. We recommend wearing them with vintage-style jeans, wide trousers, or airy midi dresses.  

Beach Sandals

A pair of black sandals with a thick red sole are the best sandals for wide feet, perfect for relaxing and entertaining on the beach. They are very comfortable, and the foot will not sweat

Silver Flip-Flops for Wide Feet

They can make the casual street style look stylish and unforgettable. Shiny flip-flops come in gold, silver, or bronze shades. These exquisite strappy sandals are great for both daytime and evening wear.

Buckled Sandals

best sandals for wide feet

Extravagant sandals for big feet, decorated with metal buckles in the center of attention. Along with the style, these shoes offer extraordinary comfort for the feet. Such open shoes in the heat create a cool atmosphere for the feet. The overall design of the sandals is perfect for a casual look.

Geometric Shape

The simple and comfortable shape of the sandals, of course, becomes stylish due to the geometric print. A low heel allows you to enjoy walking for several hours in a row.

Black and White Extra Wide Width Sandals

Black and white together look incredibly stylish. Spectacular and elegant sandals in monochrome design are suitable for work, leisure, and due to the convenience, they can be safely worn even on a trip. 

Large-up Sandals

These wide women’s sandals are very sophisticated. They can be combined with any summer dress, shorts, or skirt.

The Best Summer Wide Fitting Flip-Flops in Golden Color

Pleasant to wear with a fixation over the heel will suit those who walk a lot. The style of the shoes is simple and elegant, so it will appeal to the older generation

Denim Wide Foot Sandals

Denim or denim is one of the endless and classic trends. Although designers do not mind light jeans. Your feet will be in comfort and always in the spotlight.

Lemon Sandal Wide Width on a Thick Sole

wide flip flops womens

Bright lemon color is especially popular in summer. These sandals are comfortable to wear, and the shade is great for creating your own unique 

Snake Print

Shoes and sandals with a snake print perfectly complement the natural tan on the skin. The stable sole will allow the feet not to get tired, and the straps will adjust the fullness easily.

White Clogs

flip flops for wide feet

A simple and breathable pair of extra-wide sandals for summer-fashionable women’s clogs. They will win your heart. Summer is created for the sub, and clogs are for women’s legs that love freedom and support.

Egyptian Style

This style is simply irreplaceable as a beach option, and at the same time perfectly suitable for the city. These models are beautiful and comfortable to wear

Evening Models

These sandals are most often made of genuine leather and may contain details with reptile skin. Your feet will not sweat and you can walk all day. 

Wide Comfort Sandals with a Soft Insole

Sandals with a soft insole have become fashionable summer shoes, as they are the most comfortable shoes for daily trips to work. The sandals perfectly support the feet, leaving the toes exposed.

Strappy Sandals Wide Feet

These sandals are comfortable to put on and take off, the straps hold the wide foot firmly, so these sandals are comfortable.


wide fitting flip flops

A platform made of raw rope; webbing and ribbons instead of straps will allow your feet to breathe.

Bright Cute Sandals for Wide Feet Sandals

For those who like interesting and unusual things, you can wear combined sandals decorated with colorful textile inserts. Most often, they are on a thick sole and therefore very comfortable. 

Wide Flip Flops Women’s

Minimalist lightweight flip-flops with a single sole in black color will be a great addition to everyday outfits.

Thong Sandals for Wide Feet

In such a pair of shoes, you can walk all day and not feel tired feet at all. Nothing rubs anywhere and does not constrain the movements of the foot.

Wedge Sandals

Practical and such refined sandals on a wedge or platform will be the choice of true women who want to look feminine and feel comfortable.

Sandals with a Small Heel

The ideal choice of these sandals for the summer will be for long walks and very active women.

Tractor-soled Sandals

strappy sandals wide feet

Tractor-soled sandals replace the rough boots. Choose a model of neutral beige color. They are comfortable and practical.

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