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Airline For Overweight

Overweight people often find it difficult to exist in everyday life, including flying on airplanes. It is difficult for an obese person to fit in one seat because it is not always designed for fat people. Many nuances need to be taken into account. For example, the maximum waist size for airlines or the maximum length of the belt in airplanes. He cannot sit down comfortably, fasten his seat belt, many airlines use seat belt extenders on airplanes.

Other passengers are not thrilled with the inconveniences associated with such a neighborhood. Plus size friendly airlines have provided for the requirements that an overweight traveler must comply with. If you say: “Am I too big for an airplane seat?”, then now, we will tell you how to cope with a flight if you are overweight.

Best Airline For Overweight Passengers

Best Airline For Overweight Passengers

Jet Blue

Wide seats are one of the main advantages of Jet Blue airline. The width of the seats is from 32 to 35 inches. Another advantage is the large legroom. Early boarding is also included in the benefits. Full passengers can board their flight early.

American Airlines

This airline has plenty of space to accommodate overweight people. Another advantage is the large legroom. When a passenger wants to be comfortably seated, the chair slides forward and your feet are given a lot of space.

Virgin America

This airline has very wide seats – from 32 to 38 inches. Virgin America also provides passengers with a footrest with more space. The seats are made of leather to make fat people more comfortable.

Airline Overweight Passenger Policy

Thai Airways

This airline does not allow obese people in business class on Dreamliner planes. This applies to travelers whose waist size exceeds 142 cm. Even if a passenger has purchased a business class ticket, hiding his real weight, he will be transferred to the economy in any case. This is because the safety belts in the high-comfort cabin are not fastened on obese people.

Samoa Air

This airline sells tickets according to body weight. An overweight person will have to pay more because such passengers significantly affect fuel consumption.

Air France, United

These airlines and some others require that very full travelers purchase another ticket to secure an additional seat.


This airline an obese person will be asked to transfer to another flight, if there are several empty seats there if he did not specify his real weight category when buying a ticket.

British Airways

This airline strictly checks that everyone is comfortably seated in a chair and can safely fasten their seat belts without lengthening them. Obese passengers need to purchase an additional seat.

Seat Belt Lengths By Airline

Seat Belt Lengths By Airline

Airplane seat belt length varies depending on the company and the type of aircraft. As a rule, airlines do not give information about the length of the belt on their websites. Therefore, you can find out this information by contacting the airline. You can do this in different ways: call or find out via email. Do this in advance, especially if you want to contact via email, because this process can take a long time. Ask all the necessary questions before buying a ticket to be sure of your decision.

Seat belt extender type a vs type b

There are two main types of seat belts in airplanes – Type A and Type B.Type A is used by most airlines, and Southwest Airlines and any other airlines that may use their seat belts use Type B. You should know exactly whether the seat belt extension is compatible with the type of seat belt. Some seat belt extensions are universal and can be suitable for Type A and Type B.

Will I need a seat belt extender?

Some airlines set policies for overweight passengers. They ask you to buy a second ticket if you are a person who requires additional space. You can find out about how big airplane seats on the official website or at the checkout are. You should read this and find out if you need a seat belt extension.

How Big Are Plane Seats?

How Big Are Plane Seats?

Airline Seat Width

When taking off and landing, the armrests must be lowered – this is a safety requirement. Therefore, airlines advise full passengers to buy a ticket to business class, because the seats there are much wider. The first-class seat width is always larger, so it is better for obese people to choose it. The seats of some airlines are similar to a small sofa, which can accommodate two guests or comfortably accommodate one full passenger. You should read the information about the united seat size if you do not fit in your seat with the armrests lowered or the seat belt is not fastened on it. In this case, you must purchase an additional seat.

Will I Fit In An Airplane Seat?

Many airlines talk about how wide are airline seats on their official website, you can read it before you buy a ticket. Here is the policy of some companies when it comes to accommodating obese passengers.

Southwest Seat Width

The seat pitch in Southwest Airlines is from 31 to 32 inches with a width of 15.5 to 17.8 inches and a slight tilt. The company requires additional payment for an additional seat. If there are free seats on the flight, the additional payment is refunded.

American Airlines Seat Belt Extender Policy

The passenger must fit freely in one seat, and the seat belt on it must be fastened without stretching and lengthening. If these conditions are not met, you will need to pay for an additional seat. The airline tries to seat full passengers separately and without additional payment. If there are no available seats, they will be asked to pay extra for a business class ticket or buy 2 tickets for the next flight.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier airlines seat belt length is approximately 40 inches, and for overweight people, an extension of 26 inches is offered. The policy of this airline states that if a passenger cannot lower the armrest, then he must purchase an additional seat.

Continental Airlines

This airline requires an additional fee for an additional seat. If you have not taken care of an additional seat in advance, you may be asked to leave the plane and purchase 2 tickets for the next flight. If the next plane departs the next day, the airline will provide you with food and accommodation.

Alaska Airlines Seat Width

The seat width on all Alaska Airlines aircraft is approximately 16 inches and the seatbelt length is approximately 45 inches. If the passenger is overweight and does not fit in the seat, the airline requires an additional fee for an additional seat. If there are free seats on the flight, the surcharge is refunded.


This airline requires additional payment for an additional seat. If there are free seats on the flight, the additional payment is refunded.

Hawaiian Airlines Passenger Weight Limit

According to European flight safety calculations established more than two decades ago, the weight of a man, including hand luggage, is 194 lbs, and a woman is 154 lbs. Taking into account the new reality, some air carriers are changing the layout of the seats, increasing their width. On average, people on board with their luggage should not weigh more than 266 inches. Hawaiian Airlines explains that the results of weighing are not reflected in the cost of tickets: these data are necessary in order to distribute passengers around the cabin for general safety.

Air France

They require additional payment, but they provide a 25% discount for the next place. If the surcharge is refused, the passenger may not be put on the flight.


They require additional payment, but if there are free seats, the money is not returned.

Do Airlines Have Seat Belt Extenders?

Some airlines have special rules that apply to the use of safety belt extensions.

Can You Bring Your Own Seat Belt Extender On a Plane?

Delta seat belt length is 35-38 inches and this airline does not allow passengers to use their own expanders. American Airlines seat belt extensions are allowed, the length of the belt itself without an extension is 45 inches. Southwest Airlines itself provides extended seat belts but does not allow you to take your own with you.

Tips For Obese Passengers Before The Flight

  • When buying a ticket, it is necessary to study the rules and requirements of the carrier company. If something is unclear, it is better to call the hotline in advance and ask all your questions.
  • You should carefully study the scheme of the aircraft cabin and choose seats with wide seats.
  • If a passenger wants to be calm for his flight, it is recommended that he purchase 2 tickets in economy class at once.
  • In some airlines, obese people are allowed in business class. If this is provided for by the rules, then it is better for a full passenger to buy a ticket to a high-comfort cabin. Sometimes it will cost less than 2 economy tickets.

We believe that it is always difficult for obese people to fly on airplanes, but today many airlines pay significant attention to this problem. Airlines make wide seats, elongated seat belts and introduce special rules for obese people. Thanks to this, all passengers will be able to feel comfortable and enjoy the flight.

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