All about plus size couples and the challenges of mixed weight relationships!

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Relationships are a tricky thing. People always have their preferences, which can sometimes be super annoying! However, finding the perfect someone is so magical. As plus size men and women, we have our challenges when it comes to relationships.

There is always going to be comments thrown our way when we are in a mixed weight relationship, whether it be positive comments or negative comments and assumptions. Many times, people assume that couples in mixed weight relationships are together because of some sort of fetish. Other people may make rude comments. One thing we know for sure though, it’s that typically the fat person in the relationship is the one facing oppression and negativity. Although mixed weight couples face a lot of comments and challenges, it shouldn’t matter. If there is a mixed weight relationship, it is due to the fact that there are feelings involved.

Challenges of a mixed weight relationship that many faces!

Comments, stares, assumptions. These are all things that a mixed weight couple would and could face. People tend to forget that relationships usually happen because two people love and care for each other, enjoying each other’s company. Instead of leaving the couple be, people stare and wonder.

Many may assume that a fetish is the reason that someone chooses to be with a plus size person, others just stare. The stares from strangers are terrible because you can tell that they are so confused why someone thinner would be with someone bigger. This causes bigger issues and insecurity to sprout when it absolutely should not.

The bigger person in the relationship starts to be more cautious of clothes they decide to wear around their partner, they start to think about what they are eating in public with their partner. They know that the comments and stares will just keep rolling in, so they try to change the person they are and their comfort so that they avoid the negativity. This by far, is one of the biggest challenges people in plus size relationships face and deal with.

What not to say to a mixed weight couple!

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  • Do not ask about their sex life! It is the same as it is for anyone. There is no reason to assume otherwise. No, it isn’t harder and no being heavier is not an issue!
  • Do not assume someone has a lower self-esteem because they are with someone bigger. This is a horrible and disrespectful assumption to make. Some may assume that you are with someone bigger because you can’t do any better, which is not the case whatsoever. Relationships are more than just the looks, the emotional aspect plays a role into as well, such as personality wise.
  • Don’t assume someone’s health or give suggestions on their health. Unless you are their personal doctor, then you have no say in someone’s health. Size doesn’t determine your health. Someone can be much thinner and still be unhealthier.
  • Don’t make comments about muscle strength and relate it to the relationship. Just because someone is bigger than their partner, does not mean that their partner needs to be a bodybuilder.
  • Don’t assume a couple’s comfort levels because of their difference in weight. Some people assume that being of different sizes in a relationship can cause discomfort and awkwardness. It actually doesn’t! Mixed weight couples are just as comfortable as a couple who are similar weights. They see you for you and love you for you.
  • Do not make any fetish comments. Why assume that the relationship is based on a fetish when you probably know nothing about it? Odds are, two people decided to get into a relationship because of strong feelings that formed towards each other. Someone doesn’t need to have a fetish to be in a relationship with a plus size person.
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