All that you should know when finding the most flattering bridesmaid dress for plus size women!

Plus And Wow|Fashion|All that you should know when finding the most flattering bridesmaid dress for plus size women!


If you have ever been a part of a wedding party, then you probably know all about the background stress that goes into weddings. One may think that the stress only falls on the bride and groom, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! The bridesmaids also play a huge role in the wedding. They have the stress of dress fittings, attending rehearsals, practicing for any special dances, and making sure that the bride is on top of everything on her special day.

Although bridesmaids do tend to have stressful pre-wedding activities to get through, such as dress fittings, plus size bridesmaids have a much more stressful time. As plus size women, being a bridesmaid can sometimes be extremely annoying and filled with stress. For one, you aren’t able to choose your dress color, you can’t choose your dress style unless you want to come to a compromise with the bride, and you have to deal with long and endless alterations for the dress.

The bride and groom usually have a theme chosen and everything else revolves around that theme. So if yellow isn’t the most flattering color for a plus size bridesmaid dress, you will just have to deal with it. If certain materials aren’t the most comfortable or make for flattering bridesmaid dresses for fuller figures, then you will have to learn to deal with it. Although it sucks and it could get annoying, here are some great full figured bridesmaid dresses that brides can look through and possibly choose from! This way, the dress style will work for everyone!

When deciding on bridesmaid dresses for curvy figures, try to go for a minimal pattern!

Although certain patterns tend to be fashionable and flattering on some people, that isn’t the case for everyone. Certain patterns tend to make people look wider and bigger, such as stripes and dots. Stripes and dots are the big two that you should always stay away from choosing as bridesmaid dresses. Your wedding party is going to be different in height and weight and you don’t want anyone to feel insecure with how they look in the dress. Generally, we recommend staying simple and going with a solid colored dress with as minimal a pattern to it.

Long bridesmaid dresses are the most flattering bridesmaid dresses for plus size women!

When choosing the best style bridesmaid dress for plus size women, you need to remember to choose a style that they will be comfortable in, just as much as anyone else. Typically choosing long bridesmaid dresses is a win-win for everyone because of the beautiful look and romantic vibe it gives off. A longer dress is also much fancier than a short dress and will flow down your bridesmaids, making them look absolutely stunning.

One of the top bridesmaid dresses designs is going to have to be the sleeves!

top bridesmaid dresses designes

We already mentioned how longer bridesmaid dresses are much more flattering, especially for plus size women. How about if you throw in some sleeves to go with it? Sleeves come in all different styles, off-the-shoulder, long sleeve, short sleeve, one sleeve..etc. The list goes on and on, including a plentiful amount of styles to choose from. When including sleeves, it tends to offer support, which is extremely helpful for the bridesmaids who have a larger bust area. We see sleeves as an accessory, it only adds to the dress, it doesn’t take away.

As a bride, when you are trying to choose the best bridesmaid dress for plus size, here are some tips to keep in mind

  • Talk to your bridesmaids! You want to hear their input and see what they think. Although the decision is yours to make, you need to remember that you want all your bridesmaids to feel comfortable through the day and into the night. It will give you an idea of what to avoid!
  • Put together a list of your favorite bridesmaid dress designers. You want to find designers who will cater to creating the most flattering bridesmaid dress for plus size women. Some designers don’t offer plus size bridesmaid dresses, so be sure to do your research before heading in to try on dresses. You don’t want any of your bridesmaids to feel uncomfortable.
  • Put together a couple different styles of dresses. You want to have a couple different styles that you absolutely love. This way if you decide to go through the list with your bridesmaids, everyone will be happy with the result that is produced.
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