Who Is Barbie Ferreira: A Plus-Size Model or an Actress in Teen Dramas

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Who Is Barbie Ferreira

“I think they have that term because people like to put everything in little boxes”. What term do you think we are talking about, and who could have said it? This is about plus-size modeling, and Barbie Ferreira said this in one of her interviews. She is a popular model, actress, and an active fighter against fat-shaming. Today, you will find out key details of Barbie Ferreira’s biography. And also, we want to ask you: “Is Ms. Ferreira a real icon for teenagers or not”? Let’s answer together at the end of our article!

Is Barbie Ferreira Model Since Childhood?

Barbie Ferreira Model

The full name of the model is Barbara Linhares Ferreira. The spirit of Brazil is felt in her name, isn’t it? And this is not a coincidence, because Barbie Ferreira’s ethnicity is Brazilian. However, she was born and is a US citizen. At the beginning of her career, there was no information about her family. Recently it became known that Barbie was brought up in a female team – mom, aunt, and grandmother.

Barbie Ferreira: Parents’ Influence

Ferreira’s family had nothing to do with public life – acting, modeling, but they served as inspiration for her at the beginning of her journey to this day. When Barbie was little, she saw her mom try to give her all the best despite the difficulties. This taught her not to give up and showed that everything is possible with diligence and patience. The girl was sometimes bullied at school because of her curvaceous forms, but this did not break her, because thanks to the support of a family, she felt attractive and confident. Have you ever seen “Ugly Betty” with America Ferrera? If you google “Barbie Ferreira sister”, you will see a lot of theories that Ferreira and Ferrera are sisters, but it is not true. At this moment, Barbie Ferreira’s age is 24, but on the 14th of December, she will be 25 years old.

The career of Barbie: Plus-Size Model

The career of Barbie

Ferreira is a model and actress. Despite her youthful age, she has already earned recognition for her career and open support for the body’s positive movement. You will not hear the story of an agent who saw a beautiful girl on the street or in a store and invited her to a casting. She achieved everything on her own.

Barbara Ferreira: American Apparel

Barbara Ferreira: American Apparel

When Barbara was 16, she thought about a career as an actress, not a model. In addition, she has repeatedly taken part in school performances. However, she was refused because of her forms, which, according to the directors, gave her age. The day the girl decided to send her selfies to Apparel she would never forget because it was a very unusual and even strange experience. She was called back the next day and invited to a meeting. After that call, her life began to change. As before any new stage in life, Barbie was a little scared and unsure of her success, because she did not want to be perceived only as a plus-size model. When Barbie Ferreira’s agency signed a contract with her, she realized that her opinion about modeling was wrong, and she had a desire to achieve success, and move to a new level in her modeling career. She has modeled for famous brands such as Adidas, Forever 21, Missguided, H&M, etc.

Barbara Ferreira: Vice

Barbara Ferreira: Vice

Vice’s show “How to Behave” is what the modern woman needs in the 21st century. Barbie talked to completely different people about everything that worries our society these days. The girl described this show as “a feminist journey through different themes, featuring women on both sides of the spectrum in relation to whatever specific them”. If you see at least one episode, you may agree with her thoughts. It was a huge life experience for Barbara, as she met new friends who admire her and can share their experiences.

Barbara Ferreira: Teen Vogue

Barbara Ferreira: Teen Vogue

Web series Body Party is about body positivity. Barbara shows off her daily routine, and in the second video, she even cooks a traditional Brazilian dish with her mom.

Barbie Ferreira’s Actress Career

Barbie Ferreira’s Actress Career

Divorce is a comedy-drama show, where Barbie starts in two episodes as Ella, and it was her debut. Barbie Ferreira in “Euphoria” (teen-drama show) starts the main role as Kat Hernandez. The girl is delighted with her role because we rarely see a character in a body who is not trying to lose weight or blaming her failures on extra pounds. Over time, Kat grows from a tragic character into a confident explorer of her sexuality through mistakes, failures, and new opportunities. In 2020, Barbara starters Bailey in “Unpregnant”. This is a rather unusual character – a gay Trekkie with green hair. However, this is not the basis of the plot and the character as a whole. And that is the reason why Barbara agreed to the role. She also directed the music video for “So Cool” by Dounia. According to the Wikipedia page, in 2022 we will see her on screens in the new horror film “Nope”.

Barbie Ferreira: Instagram

Barbie has garnered over 3 million followers on Instagram. Previously, her social media page was in the form of a blog. She could discuss absolutely any topic with followers – music, streamers, modeling difficulties, favorite recipes. In many interviews, the girl often said that she could not be without a phone for a long time. She likes to read and respond to comments, enter into discussions, etc. However, recently, Barbie has decided to pay less attention to Instagram. The fact is that many of her real friends turned into subscribers, and they began to communicate only on the network. Now the girl prefers more lively communication.

Barbie Ferreira: Net Worth

Barbie’s resume doesn’t have many TV shows and films yet, but she was able to earn decent capital for a young girl through her work as a model and an actress of TV shows, where she starred. According to experts, its assets amount to about USD 500,000. However, the forecasts are quite positive, so we are confident that in a few years its income would double. She stubbornly pursues her goal so that the directors continue to call her in their projects for the main roles.

Barbie Ferreira’s Girlfriend

Barbie Ferreira’s Girlfriend

Barbara is openly homosexual and is now in a relationship with musician Elle Puckett. At important events, they always support each other. For example, at the premiere of the actress’s last work, they were together. On Barbie’s birthday, they went to celebrate in Fiji. However, this is the only information that is known about the personal life of the star, because she tries to keep it private and does not give interviews on this matter. This is her choice, and we should respect it. Such a harmonious and happy relationship does not allow fans to ship Barbie Ferreira and her partner in the series.

Barbie Ferreira: Measurements

We have already discussed all the key points of Barbie’s biography. However, she began and continues a career not only as an actress, but also as a model. Therefore, we simply have to talk about the parameters of her body.

  • Barbie Ferreira’s height: 5 feet (1.52 m) 8 inches (ca. 20 cm);
  • Barbie Ferreira’s weight: 216 pounds (ca. 98 kg);
  • Barbie Ferreira’s size (chest/waist/hip): 40/36/48 inches (1.22 m).

Do you remember the question we asked you at the beginning of our article? This is everyone’s business, you cannot impose idols or a person to follow on anyone. However, we believe that Ferreira evokes positive emotions and maintains a tolerance for many things. It may be too early to talk about her as an icon for teenagers, but in a few years, she may well become a significant person for future generations!

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