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Boxing Workout

One of the physical exercises that benefit the female body and health is boxing. This sport strengthens the muscles and body and increases endurance. Therefore, women’s boxing has become popular all over the world and is practiced in many gyms. Boxing workout for women is not like men’s. Its purpose, mainly, is to maintain the figure and create beautiful muscles. This type of boxing differs from professional boxing, which requires more time for training and is aimed at developing tactics when facing the enemy.

Before boxing for women classes, it is necessary to prepare accordingly, in particular, take the necessary precautions and properly warm up the muscles. This will help to avoid the risk of injury during classes. In addition, boxing requires a lot of endurance, so you should start training only when you are completely healthy. Let’s find out why boxing is a good sport?

Benefits of Boxing for Females

Benefits of Boxing for Females

Muscle Development

The first advantage of female boxing training is the development of muscles. Since the movements of the legs and arms are carried out during training, this will help the development of muscles through various movements. In addition, it will help the muscles stay strong and strong for a longer time.

Female Boxer Body

These workouts will also help to form a beautiful figure. During the classes, the muscles of the whole body are involved, which makes the figure toned, so this sport is a great opportunity for those women who want to have an excellent body.

Weight Loss

Girls boxing training will help to reduce and normalize weight. This sport will help fight obesity, so if you are looking for a way to lose weight, you should pay attention to boxing, because it promises good results.

Improved Metabolism

Boxing training for women is also a good way to increase the body’s metabolic rate. Since these workouts require a large expenditure of energy, the body will stimulate the accelerated conversion of food into energy. It will also help to improve the circulation of oxygen in the body, so the metabolism will improve and will occur faster.

Female Boxing Workout Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Frequent exercise can also help prevent cardiovascular problems, which is why it is a good way to improve blood circulation in the arteries. In addition, doing this sport will help to manage cholesterol levels, therefore, it is a good opportunity to prevent a stroke or heart attack.

Girl Boxing Training Develops Endurance

Another useful property for women’s health associated with boxing is the development of endurance. It also helps to improve the immune system, which will help to avoid various diseases. In addition, it can help to keep the body healthy.

Boxing Is for Girls Supports Body Health

Boxing also helps to maintain health, so it will help to avoid infection, colds, flu, or high fever.

It Normalizes Hormones

Regular boxing classes help regulate the hormonal background. This will normalize the level of female hormones and help improve the overall condition of the body.

Boxing for Girls Improves Well-being

Sports contribute to the release of endorphins, and they, in turn, make us a little happier. Given the high intensity of boxing classes, this hormone will be released very quickly during training.

Boxing for Women Fitness Gives You Confidence In Yourself

Working with the staging of a fighting blow will give you a sense of confidence in yourself and your abilities, even if you are not going to try yourself in street fights. It just develops inner calmness, willpower, and character is tempered. A person becomes more stress-resistant.

Develops a Personality

Another of the benefits of boxing for women is the acquisition of self-confidence. A person who gains confidence in himself and his abilities through training will not be able to stand still for a long time. Thanks to the training, a person will definitely want to achieve something more, not just in the direction of the sport.

Women Boxing Classes Teaches Self-defense Techniques

The elements of martial art are preserved in the fitness box. Striking techniques, working with anaerobic impact force, protection and care during a direct attack, inclines, dives, methods of movement when attacking the enemy: all this can be useful during self-defense.

Women Boxing Exercise

Women Boxing Exercise

Boxing Stance

This is a fighting stance that allows you to quickly strike while maintaining a defensive position. This is the basis for all types of movements that occur in the ring.

Stand up straight, lower your arms along your torso. If you are right-handed, take a step back with your right foot, and then take half a step to the right of your left foot. Bend your knees. The socks are directed to the middle, the heels to the sides. Distribute your body weight evenly over both legs. Take protection, that is, the correct position of the hands:

  • bend your right arm at the elbow, clench your fist at the level of your chin;
  • also bend your left arm at the elbow, clenching your fist at the level of the cheekbone;
  • keep your elbows as close to your body as possible to protect your torso;
  • Straighten your shoulders and bend slightly to “hide” your chest.

Having taken the right position, strike. The main ones are direct blows — and hooks – blows of the opponent from the side.

Left Straight

Stand in a boxing stance, transfer your body weight to your right leg. Without turning the torso, bring the left arm straight in front of you in a straight line. Return your hand back to the defense position.

Right Straight

Stand in a boxing stance, transfer your body weight to your left leg. Turning your hips and torso, strike with your right-hand straight forward, and then return to the defense position.

Left Hook

Stand in a boxing stance, transfer your body weight to your right leg. Turning the hips, turn the left arm bent at the elbow (the arm should move first in a semicircle up, and then horizontally to the side). Return to the starting position. To add dynamics to the movement, you can slightly rotate your left leg during the strike.

Right Hook

Stand in a boxing stance, transfer your body weight to your left leg. Turning the torso to the left, strike with the right hand bent at the elbow (first bring it to a semicircle, and then horizontally to the side). To increase the dynamics of movement during the rotation of the trunk, push off from the right leg. Return your hand back to the protective position.

Warnings and Recommendations

Boxing classes give many advantages. However, you should be aware of some warnings that you need to keep in mind when deciding to take up this sport.

  • Try not to exercise if you feel unwell, as this can lead to an aggravation of the disease due to a weakened immune system.
  • Use the services of a professional trainer as a partner to avoid unwanted injuries during training.
  • People with a number of diseases, such as heart failure and other similar diseases, should refrain from exercising in order to prevent deterioration of their health. Since boxing gives a serious load, it can have an impact on the heart system.

Boxing Ladies

Mia St. John

Mia St. John

Her nickname is “Knockout”. Mia St. John earned this nickname after she beat her opponent in just 54 short seconds in the first round.

Giselle Salandy

Giselle Salandy

Giselle Salandy is the first female middleweight of all time. This boxing lioness from Trinidad and Tobago made her professional debut at the age of 13. At the age of 14, she became the youngest boxer in history to win boxing titles after defeating Paola Rojas for the WIBA IBERO title in 2001.

We believe that boxing for women is very useful for health. Women’s boxing corrects the figure, makes it more slender and fit. If you strive to keep yourself in good physical shape, go on a diet and go to the gym, but this does not bring the expected results, try something new-take up boxing for women.

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