Bike For Plus Size Women: Advantages Of Bike Riding, Tips For Driving And Best Bike For Overweight Female

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bikes for big women

A bike has long been not just a two-wheeled transport, but also a lifestyle. Trips on such transport give a charge of cheerfulness, a good mood and, most importantly, help to maintain good physical shape. The bike is available for adults of various complexions. However, the choice of bikes for plus-size women has its own peculiarities. Let us find out what is the best bicycle for a heavy person.

How Much Weight Can A Regular Bike Withstand?

More than 70% of all models offered in sports stores are designed for users with a height of up to 170-180 cm and a weight of up to 200 lbs. Under significant body weight, accelerated wear of bearings, as well as tires and bushings, occurs; very often, there is a cracking of the rim. A great danger is such a phenomenon as “fatigue” of the metal of the seat tube. At the same time, cracking does not immediately become noticeable; such a ride can end in serious injury if the owner does not have the skill to quickly get up on the pedals. It is believed that the most reliable and correct approach when choosing bikes for heavy people is the price – it is justified even if you do not understand all the subtleties of the bike market at all. This conclusion is because all bicycles with a price of more than $350 have a high quality, strong and durable support. Such bikes for over 350 lbs woman, such a model with a neat driving style will be able to serve its owner for some time.

What Should A Bike For Plus Size Women Be Like?

  • The choice of bicycles for overweight women has several subtleties of its own. It is desirable that bikes for plus-size ladies are equipped with reliable disc brakes. Keep in mind that it is not so easy to stop a load larger than a hundredweight with conventional rim brakes, so pay attention to this.
  • Monitor the technical condition of the wheels. After every 60 mi, give your model to a bicycle mechanic to tighten the spokes.
  • Check the condition of the incisors of the joints every 7-14 days. The increased weight of the user creates a significant load; as a result, the fasteners are loosened.
  • Give preference to cross-country bikes or standard mountain models – these products assume an even distribution of the load between the seat and the steering wheel, unlike road urban models and tourist products.

Best Bike For Overweight Female

Merida Big Nine 400

bikes for plus size women

This bike has the following advantages:

  • optimal price-quality ratio;
  • The design is distinguished by an air fork, which can be adjusted to any user’s body weight.

A relatively weak point of such a product is the wheels: if an amateur who uses it inactive rides a bicycle, they can be replaced with lighter ones. In addition, users note that the plugin this model is not too durable and with intensive operation in 1-2 seasons will require repair or complete replacement.

Cube Attention SL 29

bikes for fat ppl

This model is a good bike for overweight beginners, characterized by higher quality and reliability. The fork can be considered the “golden mean” among all the available options for air forks. The brake system and wheels are reliable and practical. The bike has a good configuration, so the upgrade of this model is carried out, focusing exclusively on their personal wishes and preferences. Therefore, some users do not really like the choice of tires – they are optimal for mixed ground-asphalt skiing.

Merida Big Nine 100

best bike for plus size rider

This is the best bike for a plus-size rider. The design assumes 27 speeds, a rear derailleur, and hydraulic brakes of the basic type, and a good choice of tires.

Its replacement is relevant only if you plan to use the bike in intensive mode on a bad road. These are bikes optimal for people with a weight of more than 350 lbs.

How To Choose Bikes For Big Women

  • The main element of the design is the frame. The correctness of its choice largely determines the comfort of the trip and a long period of use. The rest of the frame parameters are directly proportional to the base one.
  • Keep in mind that two sizes can be specified for one height and weight: the larger one is optimal for urban cycling, the smaller one should be taken as a basis if used in high-speed mode. Bikes for morbidly obese should be selected in a smaller size – this way it will be easier for them to get on a bike. Frames can be made of different materials-steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber.
  • Pay attention to the pedals – plastic versions of budget models simply will not withstand the load. It is best to choose a bicycle equipped with pedals with latches, they provide a strong fixation of the leg, and so the cyclist has the opportunity to use all groups of leg muscles for movement. It is best to buy a model for cross-country. However, overweight users do not design bicycles made for a variety of tricks for use.

Advantages of Bike Riding

bikes for plus size ladies

Longer Workouts

The optimal duration of a weight loss class is from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Agree such a long jog or exercise on the simulator is not a task for beginners. Meanwhile, even a person with low endurance and overweight will be able to ride for three-quarters of an hour without stopping.

Maximum Aerobic Effect

As already mentioned, a lot of air is exactly what is needed for the oxidation and subsequent burning of fat deposits. If you follow the correct pace and pulse mode (read more about this below), you will be able to get the maximum dose of oxygen, spend a decent amount of extra energy, ventilate your lungs, and therefore become healthier in all respects. This is especially true for trips to parks, forests, far from the city, where the air is cleaner and fresher.

Almost Any Bike Is Suitable

To start losing weight, it is quite possible to use an ordinary city bike standing in the garage or on the balcony. The main thing is that it matches your height and weight.

Less Stress On the Knees, Ankle, and Back

The joints of the lower extremities are the traditional “weak link” in the musculoskeletal system of overweight people. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and work sitting down — problems with the lower back are also included. With the correct adjustment of the height and position of the seat, a competent selection of the bike, you can reduce the load on these points to a minimum.

Interesting and Always Different Workouts

Classic jogging quickly tires with its monotony. The same stadium or a path in a park area, the same landscape from day to day — and now boredom overcomes you and makes you increasingly refuse to train. In addition, the bike allows you to travel anywhere — over time, you will be able to travel considerable distances, exploring all new routes, getting interesting impressions.

Tips For Driving Bikes For Overweight Women

It is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  • many overweight women after buying a bicycle are afraid to ride it, fearing that it may crumble after the first trip; absolutely in vain, be sure – your model is much stronger than you think;
  • to make the trip as safe as possible, before the first trip, be sure to check the tire pressure – it should be as close as possible to the maximum allowed parameter;
  • even if you have purchased a mountain model, you do not need to jump off the curbs on it; it is better for overweigh people to drive quickly, but carefully;
  • make it a rule to get up on uneven sections of the road, especially at the time of the exit, but it is not recommended climbing the hill standing, it is advisable to drive to the hill in a sitting position, switching the mode to light gear;
  • in fact, due to the increased load in the bike, anything can break: often the user’s chain breaks, the thread in the rear bushing breaks off to avoid these adverse consequences, it is necessary to ride in a reduced gear, which reduces the load on the pedals, and the speed of rotation, on the contrary, increases;
  • doctors claim that frequent trips to help a large user improve their physical shape
  • any bicycle mechanic will confirm that even if a person with a large weight will ride carefully and will watch his bike, then in the very first season of operation he will not need any serious repairs and upgrades.

We believe that cycling is not for nothing considered one of the most effective types of activity for weight loss. As you know, the best physical exercises for weight loss are those that are carried out in the fresh air, because fat burning is an aerobic process. Bicycles show greater productivity than exercise machines or cardio in confined spaces.

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