Best Eyebrow Shape for Round Face: Features of a Round Face and the Proper Eyebrow Shape

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Eyebrow round Face

Properly designed eyebrows are the key to an expressive, beautiful look. They are able to stretch or soften the contours of the face, give facial expressions of confidence or femininity. At the same time, incorrectly adjusted eyebrows can make the facial expression rude or sad.

Of course, an experienced master in the salon can easily determine the shape, but if you decide to do the correction yourself, then you should know that the eyebrows for a round face should have a certain shape and bend. Which one exactly? Let’s try to figure it out.

Features of a Round Face

High-quality work is impossible without understanding what exactly you are correcting. The correct shape of the eyebrows for a round face can greatly change it, visually stretch it, make it more slender.

  • The round face type is characterized by the following features:
  • An almost equal distance from the center of the face to any point of its contour.
  • Smooth, soft lines.
  • The widest part runs along the line of the lower edge of the eyes and the middle of the forehead.
  • The chin and cheekbones are poorly marked.
  • Low forehead.

The cheekbones of round-faced girls are not very pronounced, they diverge at a fairly wide angle from the chin. At the same time, the correct shape of the eyebrows will help bring the round shape closer to the ideal oval.

Eyebrow Shape for Round Face

When we talk about eyebrows for a round face, first we must remember that they should visually lengthen it, and in no case emphasize its roundness. To achieve this goal, the contours must be broken with a small descending tip. In this case, you switch the viewer’s attention to the verticals.
You can choose different variations of shapes. More straight lines will make the face serious, strict. In the case when you want to make your facial expressions more soft and kind, create soft curves.

Eyebrow Style for Round Face

Eyebrow Shape for Round Face

The shape of the eyebrows for a round face is of three types:

  • “Gull’s wing” – the eyebrow line is directed from the inside up, and in the last third makes a bend with a rounded down
  • “Ascending eyebrows” – the eyebrow moves smoothly up from the middle to the edge, ending with a slight rounding at the temple
  • Eyebrows in the form of a triangle have a small fracture, which is closer to the outer edge of the eye.

Best Eyebrow Shape for Round Face

The correct shape of the eyebrows makes them look more beautiful, more expressive. Perfect eyebrows for a round face are able to stretch, make the contours of the face softer, add femininity, confidence. Incorrectly created arcs make the expression rude or sad.
A round face needs to be “pulled out”, and for this, medium-thick eyebrows with a break closer to the outer corner of the eye, whose tip is elongated, and the beginning is wide, are perfect.
Perfect eyebrows shape on a round face should have an average fit and clear lines. The ideal eyebrow is considered to be triangular, on which the upper point is barely underlined with a pencil, and the hairs lie one to one.

Eyebrows for Pear Shaped Face

For a pear-shaped face, it is necessary to pay special attention to the eyebrows, this will help distract attention from the massive jaw, draw attention to the eyes. Clear, wide, bright, long eyebrows with an expressive curve or straight shape are ideal for such a face.

Thick Eyebrow Shapes for Round Faces

Thick Eyebrow Shapes for Round Faces

In the case when we are talking about suitable contours for a round face, it is worth noting that the basis will almost always be the same shape. But its types may differ:

Winged Eyebrows

The lines of such eyebrows resemble the curve of a bird’s wing, the shape is beautiful and elegant, perfectly stretching the contour of the face. The main thing is to know the measure in the bend, otherwise, you risk making your appearance very sad.

Crescent Moon

This form of eyebrows is a more specific and unusual shape. It has no corners, and it may seem that it is too rounded for this type, but if the specialist correctly selects the angle of the arc, the result will surprise you. This model is better performed in the salon.

Thin vs Thick Eyebrows 

Thin vs Thick Eyebrows


Thick eyebrows will look good on round-faced girls, they only need to be slightly thinned by the end, to give a slightly triangular shape. Wide, thick eyebrows are now very popular among girls.


Thin eyebrows will not fit a wide face, it will seem even wider due to the threads of the eyebrows.

Straight Eyebrows vs Arched

Straight Eyebrows vs Arched

Arched eyebrows for round face

Arched eyebrows give a rejuvenating effect. The curved contour “opens” the eyes and makes them look younger.


Straight eyebrows are not suitable for girls with round faces. Such eyebrows visually expand a round face and soften the chin.

High Eyebrows vs Low Eyebrows


High eyebrows are well suited to a round face. They are almost straight lines, smoothly rising from the bridge of the nose to the temporal bones. The small, short tips of the eyebrows should gently and gently fall down.


Low eyebrows will give a sad look to the facial expression, and also emphasize the expanded upper zone of the face.

Eyebrows for Round Face Small Eyes

For girls with small eyes, it is advisable to abandon wide eyebrows. The best option will be eyebrows of medium line thickness.

Eyebrows for Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are perfectly emphasized by a curved line with an angular break.

Eyebrow Shape for Deep Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes are combined with eyebrows of medium width or a thinner and higher line.

How to Shape Eyebrows for Round Face

How to Shape Eyebrows for Round Face

The proper eyebrow shape depends on the correctness of their modeling. In this case, it is not so important what type of girls you belong to, there are the main stages and the “golden” rules for their conduct.

  • Take a cosmetic pencil and attach it to the side of the nose so that its rod passes through the inner corner of the eye. The intersection of the villi and the pencil is the starting point of the eyebrow line.
  • Next, you need to direct the pencil from the wing of the nose through the middle of the pupil. The resulting intersection point is the highest point of raising the eyebrow.
  • To determine the place of the end of the line, it is necessary to attach a pencil to the side of the nose and direct the rod through the outer corner of the eye.
  • Connect the dots with one line and as a result, you will get the right eyebrows.

We believe that the right shape of eyebrows for your face will help you not only visually rejuvenate your face, but also make the image interesting and attractive. Stock up on your favorite eyebrow pencil and read our tips soon. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of eyebrow shapes that will help give you an irresistible look.

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