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perfect plus size jeans

If you’re into fashion then you’ve probably seen that jeans are making a huge comeback. We’re not just talking about regular skinny jeans, we’re talking about flared, we’re talking about baggie, we’re talking about mom jeans and boyfriend jeans.

We didn’t even know how many different types of jeans there were, but more and more continue to show up. But let’s be real, all the different types of jeans that we’ve seen so far are stunning and very flattering and fashionable. They can be worn in a variety of different ways with a variety of different items. Whether you are going for a casual look or a night outlook, there is definitely a jean style for you. However, as stylish as jeans are, it definitely is a challenge finding the perfect fitting jeans.

You want to make sure that they not only fit around your waist well but around your legs and butt as well. If you’re going for more of a skin-tight look all around, you want to make sure that the jeans are fitting all around and not giving off any baggie look or scrunched up areas. You also need to make sure you get the right length too, you don’t want to buy jeans that are too long or too short. There are plenty of trendy plus size jeans to choose from, whether it be the best plus size skinny jeans or the best jeggings for plus size, you’ll definitely be able to find something that you really love. Let’s look at some of the best fitting plus size jeans options!

Good American

best fitting plus size jeans

Good American is a brand started by none other than Khloe Kardashian. The brand is very inclusive and they have the most comfortable plus size jeans. Though the pricing for the jeans offered by this brand is a bit higher than average, at about $150, they are definitely worth the bucks. They have a stretchy feel to them, but not the kind of stretchy that makes them feel like jeggings, making the quality of the material amazing. They are also high waisted, tucking in your stomach as well. We love these jeans and we think that they are a great investment. They last quite a while, making them the best jeans for plus size women.


best plus size skinny jeans

The Levi’s 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans are some good plus size jeans. They are so trendy and are some of the most flattering plus size jeans. The sizes for these jeans range from a 25 to a 33 and they cost about $41. The style of these beautiful crop jeans is so chic and is sure to stay in style for a long time. They can be worn with so many different pieces and are more simple than other jeans styles. They are very soft and stretchy, so they feel very comfortable and don’t create lines as you move.


good plus size jeans

The best jeans for overweight women from this brand would probably be The Curvy Perfect Vintage Jean in Sumner Wash. They give off that mom jean vibe, which is extremely trendy and in fashion. The sizes range from a 26 to a 37, offering petite and tall sizes. Madewell’s curvy collection targets the plus size women that have wider hips and a smaller waist, who want to get rid of the waist gap we all know of. The best part about these perfect plus size jeans is that they are for sale for about $80. We think these are one of the top-rated plus size jeans.


top rated plus size jeans

We all know ASOS caters to the plus-size community and is very inclusive with their sizing, which is something we absolutely live for. The plus size jeans they have are amazing and we love them. They might just have some of the best plus size denim around. Our favorite jean style from them is the Collusion Plus 005 Straight Leg Jeans.

They are high rise with the stylish back pocket rips and give off those 90’s vibes. They range from sizes 14 to 24 and sell for about $40! These jeans are pure denim, so they don’t have any stretch to them, but don’t let that scare you, because they are still extremely comfortable. The style of these beautiful jeans is amazing to wear on so many different occasions, whether that be dinner, lunch, or just running errands. They are very stylish and trendy and can be paired with many different style shirts. We would recommend wearing them with a tight top since the jeans are already a little bit flowier.


best plus size denim

This brand is very well known for the trendy workwear options they have available. But did you know their denim collection is just as good as their work collection? LOFT has been expanding the plus size jeans selection and it is looking amazing! They have some extremely comfortable jeans that cost under $90. The price point is good and as long as comfort is good too, then we are sold.

The world of fashion is always evolving and new items are put into the spotlight always. This year, it happens to be jeans, all sorts of jeans. Jeans have been around forever and work with pretty much everything. You can dress jeans up with a beautiful elegant top or you can dress them more casual with a sweater or hoodie paired with them. The different styles of jeans make it very easy to find the perfect pair. Keep in mind, when going denim shopping, you want to make sure they fit your lower body perfectly, standing and sitting.

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