Best Cocktail Dresses for Curvy Figure: Trendy Ideas for Your Best Outfit

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best plus size cocktail dresses

What do you know about the best plus-size cocktail dresses or this wardrobe concept in general? People often confuse them with evening dresses. However, these are different concepts and each has its own history. For example, the cocktail dress was first invented by Christian Dior and was especially popular after the Second World War. They were usually worn to cocktail parties, which were from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Nowadays, there are more reasons to wear cocktail dresses. Сute plus-size cocktail dresses are usually not very luxurious, but they also do not look like a casual outfit. It is versatile and practical, and also suitable for different occasions. Distinctive features of such outfits are:

  • midi length, but this is not a strict rule;
  • modest neckline;
  • accentuated waist and hips thanks to a slightly flared cut;
  • bare shoulders;
  • lack of flashy decorations.

They are ideal for all family celebrations, weddings, engagements, celebrations. They are also great for banquets, going to the cinema, restaurant or theater. It is generally accepted that cocktail dresses are usually worn in the afternoon and evening. Exceptions may be banquets or other similar events taking place in the morning. So let’s discuss cocktail and party women’s plus-size dresses!

Trendy Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

It is important to choose the right not only cocktail dress and accessories. First of all, pay attention to the shoes – they must be high-heeled and have a closed toe. If in doubt about the choice, wear black pumps with thin stilettos – they fit any dress model. As for the jewelry, the main thing here is not to overdo it, since the cocktail dress itself looks elegant and beautiful. For monochromatic large-size cocktail dresses, accessories with a complex pattern should be selected, for outfits with prints, on the contrary, strict decorations are suitable. The perfect for any party is a sleek clutch that matches the outfit in style and color.

Universal Standard

plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves

Do you know which brand will help any curvy girl look stylish and always stay in trend? This is the Universal Standard brand. These designers plus size cocktail dresses have thousands of positive reviews from grateful customers. And quite often people find out at parties when they see someone in a dress from this brand. Firstly, it is extremely free and elegant, so it may help to hide all your small imperfections under its layers. Also, customers praise the brand for affordable prices and excellent quality material, which prolongs its life alongside for many years. Of course, we do not advise you to wear only one cocktail dress for all parties, but you can beat the outfit with a successful delight, at least three times. Many models have interesting, high and low hemlines. If you are not sure that this is what you need, then you can buy it not online, but come to the store, try on different plus-size cocktail party dresses and make the final decision. But as practice shows, once you’re wearing a cocktail dress, you don’t want to take it off, but run to a party.


curvy cocktail dresses

The most striking model and best cocktail dress for a curvy figure from Anthropologie is a bright red dress. Especially its purchase breaks records in the winter because women of fashion have long learned to combine it with different elements of the wardrobe. So you can go to a corporate party and a date in it and just meet your friends in a restaurant and gossip.


cocktail dress for curvy figure

Wray creates unique plus-size cocktail dresses with a beautiful structure based on fashion principles and trends. They are perfect for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays. In addition, elegant belts are often go-to dresses, which will help regulate the fit and highlight only the successful elements of the figure. But hundreds of women remember not even this, but an interesting design. For example, a bright-colored dress of this brand has one open shoulder and a closed one on the second and a sleeve to the middle of the arm. Such an image will give you mystery and lightness because it is not for nothing that it is considered one of the best summer cocktail dresses for plus size.


cute plus size cocktail dresses

Recently, they are trying to make cocktail dresses more casual. The fact is that women began to move away from generally accepted standards and prefer not only that their outfit matches the event, but also feel comfortable in it. Target’s Plus size cocktail dresses with sleeves are just that. Nice and delicate shades of a cocktail dress for a curvy figure add freshness to your look, and the midi length can emphasize your long legs. If you’re going to experiment, you can try chunky open-toe sandals to complete your perfect romantic rebel look.

Tadashi Shoji

plus size cocktail party dresses

Tadashi Shoji has many slimming cocktail dresses for plus size, so you will shine on your party. A dress with short sleeves can perfectly emphasize your figure and advantageously draw attention to the most successful curves of your body, and hide less prominent ones. The most popular model is lace because it makes the image more feminine and graceful. In addition, there has not yet been a period when lace could completely go out of fashion. Some customers complained about the high price. Indeed, the best cocktail dress style for plus size from this brand usually starts at $300. But everyone who bought did not regret their purchase, because they were the star of the party and received hundreds of pleasant compliments. And who doesn’t want to be the center of attention with friends, right? Even an introvert sometimes wants a little admiration.


plus size cocktail maxi dresses

Flattering cocktail dresses for plus size by Kiyonna are perfect for any occasion in your life. This brand specializes in clothing for curvy women, so your benefits will be highlighted and all unnecessary hidden away. It’s a budget brand and you can easily find a dress-up to $200 there. The most popular model has sheer prints, sleeves, and rimmed hem for a feminine look. In addition, the brand has very high ratings. One of the happy owners of cocktail attire for plus-size ladies was pleasantly surprised by the lightness and convenience of the dress, as well as the absence of unnecessary elements that would make the image too bulky. Even if you are not tall, it will still fit you and emphasize your waist.


large size cocktail dresses

Macy’s is known not only for its cool curvy cocktail dresses but also for its frequent sales. Therefore, you can buy a cool outfit there for any event for a very nice price. And if you are lucky enough to find a special coupon, then the discounts are cumulative. The most popular model is a chiffon dress that fits perfectly to the chest and arms and then falls off smoothly, making it suitable for different shapes. You can complement your look with lace-up sandals or high heels – it all depends on the time of the party. Also, do not forget about a small clutch to match the color of your shoes.

Can I Wear Plus Size Cocktail Maxi Dresses?

As you can already understand, the traditional length for a cocktail dress is the midi, sometimes mini. And all long dresses are considered evening dresses. But in modern fashion, many frameworks and rules have long been blurred. And in order to determine the style of the dress, you need to look not only at the length but also at the image itself as a whole. It is believed that if the dress is quite simple and there is no excessive elegance and accessories on it, then it can be attributed to the cocktail one. You can wear this to any party. However, we still advise you not to stick to this style at the morning cocktail meeting. Shorter versions are more suitable for morning brunches. Are you looking for beautiful plus-size cocktail dresses? Then be sure to browse the catalogs by the brand that we mentioned above. You will be able to find a suitable image for your party, which you can wear more than once. Do you wonder which plus-size stars have worn dresses from these brands? You can always search for them under the hashtags of the brand itself, so you can also see equally cool ideas for a cocktail outfit from other curvy women. Remember that your body type should not be an obstacle to feeling stylish or limiting you. Every girl can shine at any party, the main thing is self-confidence, her beauty, and a well-chosen outfit!

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