Best Plus Size Scrubs: read now all useful information about it to be well-informed

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best scrubs for curvy women

Dressing a woman beautifully is an art. Women whose size is over 48 know this from their own experience. And if you can still find casual or party clothes in large sizes, then difficulties with work clothes often arise.

Are There Any Best Plus Size Scrubs?

The biggest problem doctors face when choosing medical clothing is the limited size range of plus-size petite scrubs of many manufacturers. The most popular sizes are from 40 to 52, and the sewing range of some models is even smaller.

However, this is far from the only problem faced by the owners of appetizing forms. A small selection of interesting styles of plus-size nursing scrubs, coupled with standard shapeless models, can drive any fashionista to despair.

What to do, do you want to diversify your work wardrobe with beautiful and stylish things? How to choose clothes that will highlight the dignity of a curvy figure? We will talk about all this in this article.

Manufacturers of nursing clothes are developing many functional and attractive options, but unfortunately, not all styles are suitable for owners of curvaceous forms. Correctly chosen uniforms will help to hide flaws in the figure and emphasize beauty.

So, here we have prepared some tips that can help you to choose the best scrubs for curvy figure:

“V” cutout. V-neck medical clothing will make you taller and lengthen your neck. If you have chosen a robe with a collar, then creating such a neckline is not a problem, you just need to unfasten the top button.

Do not use soft tissue. Dense blended fabrics and knitwear allow you to emphasize the figure and hide its imperfections. Do not use soft tissue. Dense blended fabrics and knitwear allow you to emphasize the figure and hide its imperfections. Best to choose plus-size stretch scrubs.

Choose clothes that fit. Many people mistakenly believe that plus-size medical scrubs are capable of hiding some features of the figure, however, as practice shows, the situation is exactly the opposite. Buying shapeless, baggy clothing should be avoided, and it is not just medical uniforms. Baggy medical clothing does not hide figure flaws, it makes the full figure even bigger. Do not try to buy clothes “for growth” and try to avoid shapeless styles. However, you should not choose clothes one size smaller. This will only create an undesirable effect and give the impression that you do not fit in your size.

Choose a plus-size womens scrubs of your size. If the size is not standard, but for women of any size (except perhaps S and XS) – this is quite normal, order individual tailoring. For ateliers that are engaged in sewing medical clothing, this is a common practice.

The color scheme can work wonders. By choosing a dark or cool color scheme, you can achieve a visual effect of size reduction, which is quite noticeable. Use gray, blue, dark green colors if the internal rules of the medical institution in which you work allow it.

Where to buy scrubs uniforms plus size?

best plus size scrubs

You can buy medical clothing at a regular medical clothing store, order custom tailoring at a tailor shop, or place a purchase online. It is very convenient when you can not only buy clothes of a standard, albeit large, size but also indicate your measurements. In this case, the suit or dressing gown will fit better and fit the height. It will also help to resolve the issue of the so-called “custom” size when the jacket and pants are needed in different sizes.

What clothes are suitable for doctors?

The robe became a symbol of the profession at the beginning of the 20th century and to this day remains a universal form for men and women. It is suitable for neurologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, and other specialists who spend most of their working time at the clinic.

When choosing a bathrobe, the quality of the fabric comes to the fore – it should not quickly wrinkle and get dirty. Cotton with artificial fiber is versatile in this regard – it is perfectly washable and retains a presentable look for a long time.

A suit with a blouse and trousers is also one of the popular, comfortable and cute plus size scrubs when choosing clothes for doctors. This is the choice of surgeons, dentists, therapists working in a hospital. The suit is convenient if the doctor spends the whole day on his feet.

At the same time, it is important that the suit does not restrict movement and is as comfortable as possible. Soft elastic in the trousers, wide sleeves of the blouse provides freedom of movement and do not distract.

The choice of women’s medical clothing is determined not only by convenience and practicality but also by aesthetics.

Women doctors choose sophisticated medical clothing that helps them look beautiful and feminine. In this case, the same “secrets” work as in the selection of everyday clothes. Don’t choose petite plus size scrubs. Use these hacks according to your size: patch pockets hide narrow hips, a long sleeve – full arms, vertical seams, and elongated lapels visually stretch the figure. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of medical clothing in large sizes, so it is not difficult to find a uniform for a non-standard figure.

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