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In the variety of wardrobe items for women, a special place is occupied by sundresses. This type of dress fits surprisingly well on the fair sex of different complexions. The main thing is to choose the right perfect style. Modern designers do not include plus-size sundresses in their collections for nothing. This clothing, like no other, is able to emphasize the advantages of magnificent forms.

Choosing The “Right” Sundress

For every woman with a non-standard figure, choosing the right thing is a big problem. After all, it is necessary that it hides the shortcomings of the figure, emphasizes the advantages, and harmoniously fits into the image, without focusing on the bulging areas of the body. In addition, here a big role is played not only by the style of the outfit, but also by its colors, decor, and prints. The slightest mistake and the clothes from your faithful assistant can turn into an enemy who will show others everything that you are trying so hard to hide.

So, to avoid this, follow our recommendations and choose a sundress plus size summer of those colors and styles, which we will talk about below.

Best Colors

  • Deep blue. This is the most fashionable color of the season, which is perfect for women of all complexions. Choose muted not too bright matte blue shades, and get a truly luxurious look.
  • Turquoise. Very affectionate and pleasant to the eye color, which clothing designers actively use when creating outfits for overweight women. As a result, sundresses and dresses of this color are light, elegant, and do not weigh down the figure.
  • Purple. One of the most popular colors of sundresses for plus size, which looks truly luxurious on any figure. In general, the entire purple palette in 2020 is worthy of the closest attention from overweight women. After all, these shades perfectly mask any shortcomings.
  • Pale yellow. This warm shade of sunlight will be a great solution for any summer outfit. In addition, do not worry that the color is too light. In combination with the correct style of the sundress, it will not fill up.
  • Emerald. A noble deep color that can transform any lady with a curvy shape. Most often, it is preferred by self-confident women.
  • Bordeaux and red. This plus-size red sundress will perfectly stretch the figure vertically.

Current Prints

Cute plus-size sundresses must be decorated with prints. This will give the image an additional zest, and help to hide any imperfections of the figure. In addition, here is a list of drawings and patterns that will look most advantageous for you.

Vertical Stripe

plus size sun dresses

It makes the figure slimmer. In addition, a great solution is to choose an outfit with one contrasting vertical insert of a light shade in the middle. It will attract attention and visually make the figure narrower.

Flowers and Other Prints

sundress plus size summer

Plus size women with such prints should be more careful. For example, too small a drawing will look ridiculous and ripple in the eyes. Too large will emphasize imperfections. Moreover, really the ideal solution here will be flowers or other medium-sized patterns that will look optimal.

Blurred Outlines

sun dresses for plus size

Waves, fuzzy geometry, abstraction, and other patterns that do not have specific outlines and plot-this is a very profitable print for all plus size women. In addition, such a drawing looks bright and beautiful. Moreover, it is especially successful if it does not completely cover the fabric of the sundress, but is placed along the edge of the hem or on the neckline. This will allow the women to demonstrate the figure in all its glory.

Fashionable Styles Of Plus Size Sundresses

Now let us move on to the most interesting, and consider the appropriate models of summer sundresses for owners of magnificent forms. We promise, there will be plenty to choose from here.

Sheath Dress

cute plus size sundresses

Absolutely a win-win model for young overweight girls and for women over 50. Every owner of an imperfect figure should definitely look at these cute sundresses for plus size straight cut because they perfectly stretch the silhouette and are suitable for any situation. They can go to work, on dates, or to the store, while you will be as easy and comfortable as possible. Moreover, the real hit of next summer will be a sundress- A sheath made of denim. The dense fabric will reliably mask any folds and make you slimmer.

Shirt Dress

plus size sun dresses with sleeves

This is another popular large-size sundress that perfectly slim. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice of length. Therefore, for plus-size women, the best solution will be an outfit knee-high or slightly lower, with a belt at waist level. As a rule, for sewing such models, light material is used, for example, linen or cotton, in which the body will breathe even in the heat. You can also choose options for shirt-cut sundresses with or without sleeves.

Boho Style

plus size red sundress

These plus-size sundresses with sleeves are also perfect for women with curvy shapes of all ages. Free cut, neutral muted colors, and interesting styles will be great allies in the fight for a harmonious image. Often in the boho style, there is such a trend as layering. In addition, here the plus size women should be more careful. You cannot make the outfit look too voluminous; otherwise, it will further around your figure.

With Asymmetry

plus size beach sundresses

This summer sundresses for plus sizes should be treated with caution. However, this does not mean that they cannot wear asymmetrical outfits at all. For example, a sundress with a longer hem on one side than on the other will look great on any figure. If you do not have too massive forearms, you can buy an outfit with an asymmetric top in the form of a bevel on one shoulder – this is the trendy plus-size sundress of the coming season.

With a V-neck

summer sun dresses for plus sizes

This is the best plus-size sundress because it perfectly emphasizes the shape. In addition, you can do this with a V-shaped neckline, which looks incredibly seductive and makes the figure more proportional.

Plus-size Beach Sundresses

Modern beach fashion offers interesting models of summer sundresses for the full. They give curvy girls’ freedom, comfort, and confidence in their beauty. Everyone can choose an outfit for the beach to their liking. Bright prints and stylish monochrome models are created to win hearts. This light dress is a great alternative to pareo. Here you cannot only relax on the beach but also take a walk along the embankment or sit in a seaside café.

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