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Working out should be a part of everyone’s routine, keeping active will keep you healthy. Of course, we all have those moments where we just want to be lazy and sit around and binge-watch a show or have a movie marathon, that is completely okay. Those days where we feel unmotivated are completely normal to have and are a part of our lives. However, we need to make sure that we are making time and keeping ourselves motivated in staying active. Some people may perceive staying active as losing weight and getting skinny, but that is not at all what staying active is. Being active is a way to keep your body moving and your blood flowing, which is healthy. You should never look at a body type as a way to determine whether someone is healthy or not, it is the habits behind the body, how someone eats, how often someone works out and stays active. To be active though is to be motivated. We all have different ways to get motivated and stay motivated. One fantastic way of being motivated to workout is with cute workout clothes. Who doesn’t love a good workout outfit? It definitely is a different feeling pulling on those cute leggings with that cute workout top. As plus-size women, we want to find the best plus size workout clothes that we can add to our collection. There are a ton of options and a ton of different places to find some awesome plus size exercise clothing, so let’s take a look at some.

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II Capri Leggings

best plus size workout clothes

These specific Athleta leggings are such a great option to use in our plus size workout outfits. They cost about $89 and go all the way up to a size 3XL, ranging in tall and petite sizes! These leggings hug your body without being too restrictive or uncomfortable. We love cute legging, especially ones that have pockets, which these do. When you are working out, you want to have your phone on you and probably listen to some music, maybe a podcast, having leggings with pockets make it much easier to carry your phone around.

Nike Sportswear Shorts Plus Size

plus size exercise clothing

One of the most flattering workout clothes for plus size women would have to be biker shorts or anything similar. They emphasize your curves and look absolutely amazing when they are worn. These shorts are very comfortable for movement and giving extra support for more intense exercises such as burpees and jumping jacks. These shorts go up to a size 3XL and come in a couple of different colors, sky blue, neutral black, and gray.

Beyond Yoga Leopard Printed Living Easy Sweatpant

plus size workout outfits

Some great workout clothes for large women would have to be these amazing sweatpants. They are extremely comfortable and are especially great for doing stretches or doing yoga. They are even amazing for just lounging around the house. If you are even up for it, you can pair them with a cute top and run your errands in them. They go up to a size 3XL and include pockets to make it easy to carry your necessities around.

Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra

flattering workout clothes for plus size

These workout clothes for curvy women just keep getting better. This sports bra is $30 and goes up to a size 6XL, which can fit a triple D bust size. It is extremely comfy and supportive and is amazing for working out. Not only is this sports bra amazing for yoga, but it works just as well for cardio-based workouts such as burpees, with no spillage. It keeps everything together.

Athleta Sundown Hoodie Sweatshirt

This is the best workout wear for plus size women. It costs about $79 and ranges all the way up to a size 3XL. This sweatshirt is great for throwing on over a tank top or undershirt and taking a run or a walk in it. Not only for hardcore workouts though, but this sweatshirt also works just as good for lounging at home day or some stretching. The style is stunning and can be used for different activities, errands runs, and lounging.

Fabletics Altitude 2-Piece Outfit

These full figure workout clothes are stunning for a day at the gym or even the park. Definitely a great option for large size workout clothes. This 2-piece set costs $145 and goes up to a size 4X. The leggings and bra tops are made for different activity levels, so they come in with full support whether you will be using this for yoga or a marathon. Of course, our favorite feature is the pockets once again, keeping our items safe.

We listed so many different options for workout clothes for curvy women. The options for workout clothes for big women are endless. You really need to look through and decide what you like best when it comes to style, how comfortable the clothing is, and price range as well. You want to make sure the workout clothes you choose are comfortable because you are going to be working out in them and you don’t want to feel restricted during your workout. At the same time, cute workout clothes tend to motivate a bit more, so choosing some cute workout outfits may push you to head on over to the gym or the park to get a quick workout it.

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