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Wedding days are supposed to be absolutely magical and perfect in every way possible. When first getting proposed to (or proposing to someone), the first thoughts are probably not going to be planning the wedding. The wedding planning starts to hit you soon after you say yes, you probably are going to freak out and feel so overwhelmed and maybe not even know where to start. A common denominator of all weddings though is the wedding dress.

There can’t be a wedding without a wedding dress, right? Of course, finding the perfect wedding dress and “saying yes to the dress”, is always so stressful and overwhelming. Being plus size adds just a little bit more stress to our already stressful planning. Having different body types plays a role in how certain clothing pieces will fit us, sometimes the stomach may appear too big, or the shoulders appear too large, we want to choose something that is flattering to our body types and makes us look even better than imagined.

There are a ton of wedding dress styles out there, we just need to find the most flattering that compliments our body the most. Let’s go ahead and explore wedding dresses for overweight brides, the most flattering wedding dress for plus size women.

A-Line Wedding Dress

best wedding gowns for plus size

The best wedding dress for plus size women would probably have to be the A-line style wedding dress. If you are looking for more coverage with your wedding dress, then this style is absolutely perfect. The waist of the dress starts directly underneath the bust and goes into an A-line. It is a fantastic option for a bride who doesn’t want to be too flashy.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

wedding dresses for overweight brides

Another best style wedding dress for plus size women is the ball gown style dress. It compliments pretty much all body types, flattering everyone’s body. It emphasizes your torso, pushing it in and showing off your amazing waist. They are an especially great option for brides who are shaped in a pear figure.

This dress style focuses more so on the upper body, while layering pieces over your lower body, not really clinging to it. However, we definitely think that this is one of the best wedding gowns for plus size women. Also, if you are more into flashy, then this is definitely the dress for you.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

best style wedding dress for plus size

Another one of the most flattering plus size wedding dresses would need to be the mermaid style wedding gown. This style of dress is absolutely stunning, flashy, and emphasizes your curves perfectly. When looking for the perfect mermaid wedding dress style, you want to make sure the flair begins right above your knees, making your legs seeming longer. If you are stuck between what dress to get and wondering what the best dress style for plus size women is, then this is a great choice.

Corset Wedding Dresses

flattering plus size wedding dresses

A corset wedding dress is a classic. It is the most beautiful plus size wedding dress style out there. Since the gown has a corset, it shapes your body beautifully and portrays you to have a smaller waist while portraying a bigger bust. We love this style because of the emphasis on the waist. We definitely see this as one of the best dresses for plus size brides.

Wedding Dresses with a High Neck

what the best dress style for plus size

If you are looking for a dress that is lower maintenance and comfortable, then this is a stunning option for plus size brides. It’s a perfectly fitting dress and will not give you all the fuss and hassle that other dresses may present. The neck high wedding dress style is beautiful and poses no risk of stress for your special night. The look of the dress is more feminine and flattering than other dresses. Like the corset style wedding dress, this dress gives off a classy vibe.

Exposed Shoulder Wedding Dress

This wedding dress style gives off a chic look and is an outstanding option for all body types. The coverage on the upper arm is especially great for brides who want to cover their arms and not have too much attention drawn to the specific area. We love this beautiful wedding dress style and think it is stunning especially for women who are plus size.

Although shopping for your dream dress may add a ton of stress, it should still be an exciting time for you. When shopping for the perfect dress, make sure you are trying on a variety of different dress styles to see how each one flatters your body.

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