The Best Nail Shape for Fat Fingers – How to Make Fingers Look Longer and More Beautiful

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what nail shape makes fingers look thinner

When choosing fingernail shapes, it is necessary to pay attention to the structure of the cuticle, the length of the fingers and the shape of the nail bed. According to the classics, the types of nail shapes are set mirror-like to the cuticle. That is, if it is oval, then the oval shape is your choice.

Kylie Jenner brought ballerina nail shape into fashion in 2016. Coffin nails mean extreme lengths and eye-catching designs. This shape suits narrow nail beds. The strongly narrowed square resembles a ballerina’s pointe shoes. This shape is often done when extending nails, as it looks beautiful on long nails.

The ballerina form is a kind of symbiosis of square oval nail shape. From the latter got a slightly tapered free edge. The square can be traced in the clear corners of the free edge and its even perpendicular line. Almonds left their mark in the length and smoothness of the lines of most of the nails.

Short Nail Shapes

As you probably guessed, this style combines square nails with rounded edges. Visually lengthens short toes suitable for wide nails with an extended nail plate

The squoval-shaped nails have recently become more and more popular. Visually, this shape of the plate resembles something in between an oval and a square, that is, the base tends to a rectangle, but the edges are beveled and rounded, like an oval.” Short, and with a significant length of manicure. How to make fingers look longer? This form visually makes the fingers longer and more graceful, and the hands – more feminine and neat, for which it is highly valued among modern fashionistas.

With a large length on a square oval, you can successfully get the ideal nail length for your nails. A square oval gives nails not only beauty but also strength and practicality. Such filing is suitable even for owners of fragile and easily breaking nails, although in this case, it is better to make the length smaller.

What Nail Shape Makes Fingers Look Thinner

The one hundred percent way to make plump toes slimmer is to do extensions. It is the best nail shape for fat fingers. With it, the nails become at least a centimeter longer, which stretches the silhouette of the fingers and makes them visually thinner.

By the way, according to our nail guide, the artificial material is much stronger than the usual gel polish, so there is no need to limit yourself in the length of the free edge, worrying about its integrity. With the correct building technique and building the architecture of the nail, you can build up as much as 2-3 centimeters. Of course, if the nail plate allows it.

As for the nail shape styles, there are no restrictions on this issue: stilettos, square, oval, pointe shoes and spades look gorgeous on long nails.

Long Nail Shapes

Almond Fingernails

For women who are not ready for extensions, but want to make their fingers thinner, there is also a way out. The artisans provided the marigolds to grow so that the free edge was at least 7 millimeters, and then sawed off the almonds.

Pointed tip nails will perfectly extend the fingers vertically, and the rounded, soft shape of almonds will make the handles look like a picture. You can choose any color for an almond manicure: this will not change its magical properties.

Natural Shaped Nails

Natural Shaped Nails

Geometric patterns tend to divide the nail into several parts. Due to this, they, and with them the fingers look shorter. Donuts, on the other hand, need the exact opposite effect. Therefore, we propose to take a closer look at the option of nail art that can be safely done on any nails – a monochromatic coating.

Wide nail beds can and should be carefully veiled. In order to make the nails look narrower and longer, it is enough to resort to the following tricks:

  •  removing and moving the cuticle;
  •  giving the nails an oval shape;
  •  using dark shades of cosmetic varnish, applying it to the entire nail plate with the exception of its lateral parts;
  •  applying bright accents to the middle of the nail, thereby diverting attention from its width;
  •  avoiding square marigold shapes.

Round Nails Long

nail shape Round Nails Long

The oval shape is one of the first and basic shapes of nails. It is versatile enough to allow for a variety of versatile designs and lengths. This form fits easily into any dress code. If the sidewalls are parallel to each other, the oval shape will mask the imperfections of the nail plate and hide the visual imbalance. And it is ideal as an intermediate option for growing nails. It is easy to make almond, a stiletto, and a ballerina shape from an oval with a minimum loss of precious millimeters.

Fingernail Types and Sizes

Fingernail Types and Sizes

With a sharp shape, the fingers appear longer, thinner and more graceful. You can allow yourself this shape if you have a long nail bed and strong nails, or with the help of extensions.

This is the most vulnerable form in our selection. These nails are brittle and easy to break. If you opt for sharp nails, do not neglect to strengthen the nail plate with a gel, polygel, or at least leveling with a base coat. Otherwise, not only the free edge will break, but also the bed, and this is painful, unpleasant, and it will take at least 4 months to recover.

Nail Cut Styles

The shape of the nails is a square – the basis of the foundations. Having learned how to make a square correctly, you can easily master the filing of all other shapes. Two parallel borders of the nail are crowned by the perpendicular axis of the free edge, forming right angles. Square nail design for short nails is possible by extending the free edge. The only drawback of the square shape of the nail is precisely those corners that easily cling to tights and clothes, and also round or break over time, moving into the next shape.

If you have many responsibilities for cleaning, cooking, and other daily activities, stilettos are not the best choice. However, the stylet shape has its own charm. It is performed mainly by building from scratch. If you try to convert another shape, for example, an oval, into a stylet, you will disrupt the architecture of the nail. Stilettos give scope in the choice of designs, and allow any imagination to unfold.


This form of nails appeared and became popular just a few years ago. Pipe can only be done when building with artificial materials. The name stands for “tubule” because this shape has very pronounced inner arches. To create a pipe, highly qualified skills are required, because this form cannot be modeled using tips, it is achieved only with the work of lower forms.

Due to the deep bending of the arch and strengthening along the entire length along the upper rib, the pipe nails have a high resistance to damage. Correct execution of Pipe will look good on any hands.

Fingernail Length Chart

It is impossible to achieve a perfect manicure without the right shape. This is the basis and half of the success in achieving the result. Some girls make one habitual shape all their lives, without thinking whether this is what they need. And suddenly, having got to a more competent specialist, after much persuasion, they change it, and leave in delight.

Of course, personal preferences and tastes are important, nevertheless, architecture and individual structure have not been canceled.

The Best Nail Shape for Every Hand

For Short Fingers

nailshape Short Fingers

For those with short fingers, the ideal shape is round. It allows you to visually lengthen the fingers and makes them more graceful, even on a short length of nails. This shape is easy to maintain at home, and it will not be difficult to cut it yourself.

If the toes are short, but the length of the nail plate is medium, try a ballerina shape. The main thing, in this case, is not to overdo it with the length and stick to the range of 1-1.5 centimeters. Too long nails on short fingers look disproportionate.

For Fat Fingers

Best nail shape For Fat Fingers

In the case of thick fingers, the round shape will again be our favorite. She will skillfully hide flaws. An oval is also fine. Only at a short length, and with calm shades.

But a square for thick fingers is simply contraindicated. He will make his fingers rough, they will be conspicuous, and there can be no question of any harmony.

For Long Fingers

nailshape Long Fingers

On slender and long fingers, we recommend any shape, except for around and short oval, they will look unnatural.

Moreover, almond-shaped nails are what you need. As well as a sharp, soft square of any length, a pipe, and a ballerina. The owners of long fingers can choose the shape based on their daily needs and dress code.

We believe that you can find your perfect manicure for each nail shape. First, you need to determine the shape of the nail, the thickness of the finger, consult with your nail master and you will definitely find the perfect nail forum for you.

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