Fat People Dancing: 6 Dance Directions That Will Make You a Great Plus Size Dancers

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Fat People Dancing

Music can make you forget about problems or lift your mood. It is not surprising that dancing has a similar effect. For many who can not bring themselves to get up from the couch, dancing is a great substitute for fitness and the gym. In addition, the benefits of dancing for physical, mental and emotional health are incredible.

Is Dancing A Good Workout ?

To achieve the perfect figure, it is not necessary to lift piles of iron or spend a lot of time on the treadmill. Your workout should not consist only of monotonous exercises, it can be full of fun and a variety of movements. Just turn on the music and let yourself get carried away by the rhythm. Dance is one of the first workouts for the whole body. This is a high-intensity workout that combines cardio and strength training. Also, you do not need to worry about the fact that you do not know how to dance. Using the example of experienced instructors in dance lessons or video lessons, you will see that everyone can really conduct dance training.

Benefits Of Dance

Benefits Of Dance

Weight Loss

Dancing is a great exercise for the cardiovascular system, which also burns a lot of calories. “What is the most effective dance in the fight against excess weight?” you may ask, but it is not so easy to give an answer to this question. There are many factors to consider. Your starting weight and your diet will affect how much work you need to do to achieve the so-called calorie deficit-that are, how much exercise you need to do to burn more calories than you take with food.

Sculpting Muscles

All dances keep your muscles in good shape. Most dances train the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, hamstrings and back.

Improving Motor Skills, Coordination and Balance

Good coordination and balance is what every girl needs. Dancing tempers this ability. After a while, you will even find that the dizziness decreases when you are engaged in dancing.
Dancing is also a great way to improve your motor skills — these are movements related to the hands, fingers, legs, and toes, which are not always the focus in other types of exercises. Dance classes can even teach you how to fall safely to avoid injury.

Relieves Stress

During training, the hormone of happiness, endorphin, is produced. If fun dance music plays during training, you will be able to get rid of stress faster and easier. In addition, dance, in addition to relieving stress, has been shown to be associated with a reduced risk of dementia in old age.

Does Not Overload the Body

With almost all types of training, the body leaves the comfort zone, however, when dancing, it feels free. Therefore, if you feel that you no longer have the strength to perform a dance exercise, all you have to do is change the direction of movement and continue.

Does Dancing Help You Lose Weight?

Definitely, dancing at home for weight loss is very useful. They are a type of aerobic exercise, during which a high level of physical activity is achieved, and the metabolic process is accelerated, thanks to which fat deposits begin to burn. Dance exercise classic not only helps to get in shape but also lifts the mood. Especially for you, we have selected several types of dance that are most effective for weight loss.

Dancing For Exercise

Dancing For Exercise

Pole Dance

Pole dance includes all types of loads — strength, aerobic and stretching, as well as elements of acrobatics. Therefore, it all starts not with an approach to the pylon, but with basic exercises on the mat, aimed at developing all muscle groups. Fans of pole dance claim that during the dance, such muscles work, the existence of which you did not even suspect in ordinary life! But they will definitely start to get sick after the debut lesson.


Zumba is a dynamic dance that includes movements from rumba, hip-hop, and salsa. Today, many fitness centers offer a weight loss Zumba, which helps to effectively burn calories. Most of the movements are performed easily, and beginners will like this type. The muscles of the arms, legs, back, and abdomen work in the Zumba. It is great for maintaining and improving physical fitness.

Body Ballet

Body ballet is based on a lightweight version of exercises from ballet and classical choreography, which are complemented by techniques from Pilates and yoga.
Body ballet training is based on various movements from classical choreography, such as pas, demi-plie, grand-plie, batman. The system of movements in body ballet promotes the development of the ability to control one’s own body, while the body itself becomes beautiful, elegant, and plastic.


Reggaeton is a dance that requires good physical training. It appeared in Panama and Puerto Rico. Unlike smooth salsa or bachata, reggaeton is based on a hard and fast rhythm, so after the lesson, you can literally squeeze out a T-shirt! The main load during the dance goes to the legs, thighs, buttocks. This dance also burns fat perfectly, since during the active “shaking” all the muscles work and your body gets a high-quality cardio load.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a street dance form that is very popular today. A quick sequence of movements involves the entire muscular system of a person. Dancing hip-hop, you spend a lot of energy. In just an hour of classes at home or in a club, you can burn about 250 calories. Hip-hop dance moves are quite simple and beginners will quickly master them. This popular style of dance will help to get rid of extra pounds, the main thing is the regularity of training and a gradual increase in the time of classes.

Does Belly Dancing Burn Fat?

If you want to lose weight and pump up your abs, then go to belly dancing classes. During the dance, the stomach is constantly tense, especially the oblique muscles, which are not so easy to pump even in the gym. Moreover, belly dancing will help to work out the thigh muscles, without doing boring classic squats.

How Many Calories Goes Dancing Burn?

Each type of dance with fat has its own intensity, and the numbers for each workout will be different. Do not forget that in addition to the intensity, the number of calories is influenced by physiological factors.

  • Zumba: from 350 to 650 kcal.
  • Pole Dance : from 250 to 350 kcal.
  • Belly dance: from 270 to 320 kcal.
  • Ballet: from 380 to 450 kcal
  • Hip-Hop: from 650 to 750 kcal
  • Reggaeton: from 600 to 700 kcal

Overweight Ballet Dancers

Overweight Ballet Dancers

Overweight Ballet Dancer Lizzie Howell

Lizzie is a ballerina who is not like any other girl in this art form. The thing is that the parameters of the young Lizzie are far from ideal. However, when they see her on stage, all the detractors usually close their mouths. Lush Lizzie impresses with her grace and professionalism, which many slim girls can envy.

Lizzie Howell became a star after a video of her performing 11 fouettes in a row got into the Network. Plus size ballet dancer Lizzie Howell does not have a complex because of her figure — moreover, it was her curvy forms that helped her become famous. Overweight ballet dancer, Howell has been dancing since the age of five. Many major online publications, including MailOnline and Mirrow, have already written about chubby ballet dancers.

Thick Ballet Dancers

In her youth, the full Charity Holloway was told that she was too fat for dancing. The dance lover did not agree with this and at the age of 33 realized her dream by assembling a group of fat people dancing. Currently, there are 18 fat women in the group, and she travels around the countries (she has already visited Italy and China) to bring positive emotions and clearly show that being bigger than others does not mean being worse than others.

Whitney Thore

374 lbs dancer Whitney Thor became famous overnight, in 2014, having published a series of dance videos on YouTube. Now the “dancing fat girl” not only leads the public movement No Body Shape, which opposes discrimination against plus size dancers.

We believe that not only exercises, diet, massages help to fight excess weight. One of the most popular and modern methods of weight loss is dancing. With their help, you can burn up to 400 calories in one session, which is equivalent to swimming, jogging, or cycling. The main thing is to practice regularly, and the result will not keep you waiting.

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