Who Is Clementine Desseaux: Model or Just a Blogger, Her Bio and Other Facts

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Who Is Clementine Desseaux

In the fashion industry, models are often subjected to rigorous testing and are traditionally considered a “hanger” to showcase branded clothing, a black canvas on which the creative team “colors” according to their vision of the season. While models have become more diverse, they can still feel the pain of growth in the evolution of the industry through casting, fitting, filming, and performing. Clementine Desseaux, a curvy model, experienced this sensation and appearance firsthand. She started modeling before mixing more men and women with different types of looks on the runway, and when there was a clear difference between the Plus and Straight model categories. She noticed the divisions between women of different sizes in the media, the options, and the types of clothing on offer, and decided to use her increasingly successful social media platform to talk about it, especially through Clementine Desseaux’s Instagram.

Clementine Desseaux Model: Bio

Clementine Desseaux’s age is 33 years old, so she was born in France on July 8, 1988. This girl is a beauty and lifestyle blogger known for her travel, modeling, and fashion writing, especially for showcasing her all-around fashion to her followers. Clementine Desseaux as a young girl, traveled a lot, that is why she knows how people in different countries can react to plus size, and that it is difficult to find something fashionable in shops. Over time, she moved to New York and in one of the interviews, she was asked about the difference between life in the USA and France. She replied that culture and people are very different. The food culture is particularly different. Clementine misses the grocery market, collects fresh produce from local farmers, and misses recipes and living with the elderly. The French advocate a slow life, and it is difficult to find this in the USA.

Cementine Desseaux weight

Clementine Desseaux: Measurements

Each model has measurements in her portfolio. So what size is Clementine Desseaux?

  • Bust: 103 – 40″;
  • Waist: 81 – 32″;
  • Hips: 113 – 44″;
  • Cup: DD;
  • Dress: 14;
  • Shoe: 10.0.

Cementine Desseaux’s weight is 220 lbs, and height is 5′ 8.5″ (1.74 m).

Clementine Desseaux pant size is not average, so it is a hell for her to find something cool and fashionable, but she is happy that more brands now collaborate with plus size models.

Clementine Desseaux: Tattoo

The girl has a tattoo, but she does not like to show them, as well as hear compliments about her sexuality. This year she took part in Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show and when she saw the already finished photos, the first thing she noticed was her tattoos. And only then the rest of the details. They obviously give her sexuality, but this is only a small part of her personality because her fans know that she can be different. The model does not like to focus on only one of her sides and is ready to show the world her differences. She doesn’t want to be googled only like “Clementine Desseaux sexy”. Her slogan in life is that sexy should also be different, this is how you feel – in beautiful lingerie or a dressing gown.

Clementine Desseaux instagram

Clementine Desseaux: Redhead and Freckles

How many people with freckles do you know? And how many of them consider it an advantage, not a disadvantage?Unfortunately, our society often considers something unusual to be bad and not because of its stereotypical thinking, they cannot see the truth – every person is beautiful, and their peculiarities make them even more interesting. The blogger adheres to a similar point of view. Clementine Desseaux’s red hair and freckles make her recognizable among thousands of other bloggers and models, as Clementine Desseaux’ s size too.

Clementine Desseaux: Workout

If not for modeling, then the girl would have something to do. She also runs her own creative agency, and is responsible for creative direction, content creation and production. She co-founded the All Woman Project, a fund dedicated to empowering women through inclusive images and positive messages. And in the future, she would like to open her own restaurant. Let’s find out the most important moments in her career, which would forever remain in history.

Christian Louboutin Beauty: Clementine Desseaux

Clementine Desseaux is the first Christian Louboutin plus size model. And this is a big step forward because beauty standards are changing and differences that were once weak are now strong and popular.

Clementine Desseaux: Lingerie

Last year, plus-size swimwear brands Kitty and Vibe announced a collaboration with plus-size model and activist Clementine Desseauc to launch a six-piece collection in time for the last long weekend of summer. They came up with a new method of determining women’s size based on the size of their hips and thighs. Clementine Desseaux in a bikini looks amazing.

Clementine Desseaux: Net Worth

Clementine Desseaux measurements

Clementine is one of the most successful bloggers and models, so her annual income is quite high, and last year it exceeded several million. It is worth recognizing that her contribution to body positivism is very high and she is an example and inspiration for a million other women. You can find hundreds of photos Clementine Desseaux with no makeup. This is another proof of her openness to her public in different social medias.

Clementine Desseaux: Plus Size Model Facts

  • Clementine is convinced that in the next few years, the fashion industry would be even more willing to accept women and men in different configurations, because the 21st century is not only a century of technology, but also of change. Our team fully agrees with her, because the positive changes have begun and they should not stop.
  • Through her blog, she promotes the plus size idea and that every woman is not only one image, but a diverse personality with her own strengths and weaknesses, and each of us must be tolerant.
  • The main focus of her career is not in modeling, but she definitely loves this industry. This makes it possible to bring to life many of her ideas and topics, so rather subscribe and follow her blog.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and love your body!

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