Dresses for Big Arms: Successful Ideas and Secrets of Choice for Plus-Size Women

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If you do not know how to cover your fat arms, then we have collected some tips for you that will easily help you disguise what you do not really like and choose the right dress for fat arms. Let us take a closer look at them.

What You Need To Pay Attention To When Choosing Clothes For Fat Arms

dress for fat arms

Sleeve Length

Whenever you wear a T-shirt or a short T-shirt, the whole part of your arm is visible. If you have complexes because of your hands, and you want to hide flabby arms, then choose T-shirts with long sleeves.

How to hide full hands? Make the horizontal sleeve vertical. You can slightly tuck the T-shirt or sew a twist. You can wear arm slimming shirts. This way you will look slimmer and your arms will not look so bulky.

How to Cover-up Big Arms

Clothing that hides full arms: cardigan, arm wraps for flabby arms, ponchos, jackets, organza capes. Any models will not highlight full arms but focus on your beautiful waist or hips. In addition, such clothes are perfectly combined with skirts, jeans, trousers, T-shirts, blouses, and T-shirts.

If you are not satisfied with the volume of your hands, then try to choose asymmetric clothes or dresses for fat arms.

Shoulder Border

If your entire arm is quite voluminous, then you should carefully choose your clothes. It is recommended to avoid things with lowered shoulders because they create the effect of “big shoulders”. Especially for those who have an inverted triangle or apple shape type. Their upper part is initially larger.

Tip: the shoulder line of the clothing should clearly match your shoulder.


The correct bra should tighten the upper torso

  • Make sure that the harness does not cut into the body; otherwise, it will give additional volume to the arm.
  • The cup of the bra should also not cut into the skin, because it brings extra volume under the armpit.
  • If you have a wide chest, and you choose a bra with a standard chest position, then part of the breast can be squeezed and go to the armpit, forming an additional volume in the hand.

Your Size

Try to choose things clearly according to their size. Clothing should never be tight and should never constrict your hands. Otherwise, not all this will look very nice, and you will experience constant discomfort. A small volume in the hand is needed so that the clothes fall freely on the amazing arms plus size and do not focus on extra volumes.

When you put on the shirts for women with big arms, put your hands up and see if it pulls your hands together.


If you think your hands are full, then forget about stretch fabrics and flashy prints. A stretched print on the hand looks very ridiculous, and an unpleasant fabric can bring a lot of discomforts. In addition, the more voluminous the print, the wider the hand will look.

Choose clothes made of thicker fabrics that do not stretch very much on the body (bike, calico, tapestry, jacquard, linen fabrics). It is best to choose clothes where there is no print at all in the hand area. And even if it is, let it be very small

Correct Cutout

Do not forget about the correct cutout on the top in the area of the sleeve. Quite often, it is too small, because of this, the fabric cuts into the skin, and from this part of the armpit peeks out. All this does not look very nice.

How to hide flabby arms in summer? You need to choose such cutouts that will not cut into the skin and will not clamp the hand. Cutouts on clothing should be quite voluminous.

Sleeve Styles

How to hide big arms? Take a closer look at these styles of sleeves

  • Shuttlecock;
  • made of wide and flowing fabric;
  • With a split;
  • sleeves to cover upper arms
  • Bat sleeve;
  • Kimono sleeves.

Do not forget about the correct cutout on the top in the area of the sleeve. Quite often, it is too small, because of this, the fabric cuts into the skin, and from this part of the armpit peeks out. Not all this looks very nice.

How to hide cuts on your arm in the summer?

You can hide the scars on your arm by hiding them under the long sleeves. If it is hot in summer in sweatshirts with a sleeve, then cover them with a wide wristwatch. If the scar is not located where the watch is worn, then use massive bracelets that are designed to be worn on the upper arm.

Styles And Fabrics Of Dresses That Are Best Avoided

dresses for big arms

Lantern Sleeves

Fashionable this season, lantern sleeves are able to give full hands an additional visual volume. In addition, if the cuffs are also narrow, it will be a failure.

Tight Sleeves

Tight sleeves will only emphasize the fullness of the arms, so it is better to opt for loose sleeves.

Blouses for women’s with big arms made of chiffon

Blouse for women made of chiffon will help in creating a delicate, very elegant image. The main difficulty in choosing a chiffon blouse is to guess the size. A tight or very loose blouse made of chiffon will add pounds.

Successful Styles And Fabrics Of Dresses

Sheer sleeves to cover arms

Transparent fabrics in the area of the hands (chiffon, organza), translucent knitwear, etc. will cover your hands well, while you will be easy and not hot.

Long Sleeve

Long loose sleeves can be straight or slightly narrowed to the bottom; wide arm shirts will perfectly cover the fullness of the hands, visually making the hands smaller.

Flared Sleeves

sheer sleeves for flabby arms

Pay attention to the shape of the sleeve, as it directly affects your appearance. In this case, the best sleeves for big arms are straight or slightly flared. Their length can vary from the elbow line and below.

Off-the-shoulder Dresses

Full elbows will appear slimmer if you wear a cover arms sleeveless dress and a vertical stripe as a print. Drapery visually removes the volume, and rounded shoulders look very sexy

The “Bat” Style

The flying cut of dresses for big arms, when the sleeve is actually one with the thing itself, hides the volume of the hands and body as a whole almost twice!

What To Wear Over a Sleeveless Dress In Summer?

Transparent Trench Coat

An option both for real aesthetes and for those who are not too cold, because such a wardrobe item, sewn, for example, from organza or tulle, will warm quite conditionally. It will look great as sheer sleeves for flabby arms. However, an additional warming effect will have the admiring glances of all who meet on your way.


An option for those looking for a more formal or even strict version of the flabby arms cover up.


arm slimming shirts

Perhaps one of the most obvious answers to the question of how to cover your arms in a sleeveless dress. Because solid cardigans and sweatshirts, regardless of length, are combined with almost any style of dress.

Small sweater to cover arms

“Armbands” made of knitwear in everyday outfits are best combined with plain, basic things. For example, a ribbed top with wide straps.


Despite the fact that such a “rough” wardrobe item as a jacket may seem like a bad “neighbor” for a feminine dress, together they look very good. Give preference to a minimalist jacket with a deep neckline, reminiscent of men’s tuxedos. An elongated jacket of a men’s cut will reduce the seductive message of an overly tight or short dress. Use this trick if you are not sure that the dress looks appropriate.


hide flabby arms

Kimono capes are at the peak of popularity this season. In fact, they play the same role as boleros, but they look much more stylish and modern. Choose models from light fabrics: chiffon, satin, silk. Kimono with a fringe on the edge is in fashion.

Evening Coat

If you are dressing for a festive event, it is appropriate to wear an evening cloak on the dress. The model can be made of transparent fabric like organza or elegant like crepe satin.

Bomber Jacket

wide arm shirts

The bomber jacket is an aviator jacket that has firmly come into fashion as a basic piece of clothing for unisex. Modern bombers can be made of any material and in any color scheme. The dress is suitable for cropped models that end at the waist level or just above or below it.

Leather Jacket

A biker jacket is an alternative to a bomber jacket for those who prefer to focus on the waist. First, the leather jacket should be shortened. Not only leather jackets are allowed but also models made of other materials. The main thing is a recognizable oblique cut. Stylists also advise you to wear such a jacket without buttoning it.

Denim Jacket

Denim jacket – a universal version of a jacket for a casual dress. It is preferable to complement the outfit with denim jackets of shortened length.

Asymmetrical Cardigan

If you choose a cardigan for a dress, let it be a style of an asymmetric cut. It is not necessary to smell such a cardigan: it looks more spectacular when the floors hang down freely.

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