Women In Renaissance Art: Famous Paintings Of Women By Peter Rubens And Other Renaissance Artists

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The standard of female beauty has changed at all times. Special attention should be paid to the Renaissance era, where curvy bodies were considered the standard of female beauty. Renaissance art women were always full. Artists of that period consciously selected girls for posing with excess weight. This love for overweight women is explained quite easily. In the Renaissance era, it was not easy to earn a piece of bread.

Therefore, fat people in the Renaissance era were considered wealthy, beautiful, and happy, but thin people on the contrary were sick and unsightly. Women in renaissance paintings are beginning to be depicted with curvy shapes. And the main creator in this direction is Peter Paul Rubens.

What Is The Term For Art Featuring Heavy-Set Women?

The Dutch artist Peter Paul Rubens (1577 — 1640) so often depicted large women in his works that the term renaissance art women appeared – the ”Ruben’s woman”. Rubens was a fan of female beauty of a certain type; his wives had a similar appearance.

However, with the genius of the artist’s hand, it was this type of renaissance ladies that became the personification of the Renaissance, and the concept of “Rubens woman” became a household name.

Why is there full figured women art in the Renaissance era?

In the Renaissance era, curvy forms became fashionable; their presence indicates that a woman has good health. Overweight women are often stronger, more resilient, and easier to bear and give birth to children. A thin woman is not capable of offspring. A desirable woman-powerful, with big hips, wide full shoulders, muscular forearms. There should not have been a single bone on the chest. In the Renaissance era, artists were paying interest to plus size nude art. The artists returned to the canons of ancient art and began to celebrate the beauty of the human body.

Renaissance Body Type

In the Renaissance era, a man is considered beautiful if he has developed strength and energy. A Renaissance female body is declared beautiful if her body has all the data necessary to fulfill her intended motherhood. First of all, the breast, a nutritious source of life.

The breast gets more and more important the further the Renaissance develops. In contrast to the middle ages, who preferred women with narrow hips and a slender figure, preference was now given to wide hips, a strong waist, thick buttocks.

Artists praised fat women in history. A woman loved curvy forms, which did not fit with comeliness and grace. The woman was supposed to be Juno and Venus in one person. A majestically built woman deserves the deepest admiration.

Renaissance Paintings of Women by Peter Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens is an outstanding artist of the XVI-XVII century, the greatest figure of the era, later called the Baroque, one of the founders of this artistic style in European art, characterized by picturesqueness, grandeur of images and passion.

The painter was an extremely fruitful and sought-after author. The works of Peter Paul Rubens are portraits and multi-figure allegories, paintings of religious and mythological content, historical scenes and scenes with nudity. Female images in the nude style are the result of the work of the Rubens method, the purpose of which is expressive reality.

Curvy Woman Painting «Venus At a Mirror»

Curvy Woman Painting «Venus At a Mirror»

The Renaissance woman’s body is well shown in this picture. A gorgeous blonde beauty makes a morning toilet, turning her back to the viewer. Her face is reflected in the mirror, which is held by a full Cupid. A dark-skinned maidservant combs the long silky hair of Venus. They flow down the maid’s hands in golden streams. Everything is great in this picture: both the impeccable composition and the color.

But most of all, the masterfully painted naked body of the goddess is admired. It seems to radiate light. The artist has always tried to convey the beauty of the female body as real as possible. The magnificent relief forms allowed the artist to play with chiaroscuro, use many shades of warm and cold tones, as a result, you can admire the curve of the back and the milky tenderness of the beauty’s skin.

Plus-size Art «The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus»

Plus-size Art «The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus»

Peter Rubens portrayed women in renaissance art with curvy forms. The painting “The Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus” is a vivid example of Baroque painting. The plot from ancient Greek mythology tells about the abduction of two young virgins by the sons of Zeus and Leda. The powerful figures of beautiful and tanned young men in military armor contrast with the naked bodies of blonde girls.

«The Three graces»

«The Three graces»

One of the most famous paintings by Rubens, “The Three Graces”, written in the 1630s, may cause some questions for the modern viewer. This is because grace is not the first word that comes to mind when you see naked women in the body. But, considering this picture, you begin to feel the admiration of the artist fat women in art.

Famous Renaissance Paintings of Women

“Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

One of the most famous Renaissance woman paintings is considered da Vinci’s “Gioconda”, which is also called “Mona Lisa” (1503). Many argue about the beauty of the beardless girl Lisa Del Giaconda with a half-smile. The fine line of the eyebrows could not be restored by the restorers of the 18th century. Leonardo bet with a student that he would portray a look that would follow everyone standing anywhere in the hall, and won the bet.

Plus-size Women Art «The Birth of Venus» by Sandro Botticelli

Plus-size Women Art «The Birth of Venus» by Sandro Botticelli

“The Birth of Venus” is one of the most famous works of Sandro Botticelli, the great Italian painter of the early Renaissance, a representative of the Florentine school of painting. Venus, the personification of love, stands in a seashell, which the god of the wind carries to the shore. The open shell in the Renaissance era was a symbol of femininity and was literally interpreted as a woman’s womb.

Curvy Women Art «Sistine Madonna» by Raphael Santi

Curvy Women Art «Sistine Madonna» by Raphael Santi

The Madonna is located against the background of clouds, and in the corners, you can see a frame in the form of green curtains, some call them “Curtains of life”. She is wearing a cloak of light, calm tones, and on her head is a cape, a sign that the girl is married. She is holding a baby in her arms. The artist said that when he painted this picture, he saw all the beauties he had seen in his entire life.

Plus-size Artwork “Love the Earth and Love H eavenly” by Titian Vecellio

Plus-size Artwork

The picture at the well shows two beautiful girls. One is very beautifully dressed. She is wearing a chic white dress with red sleeves. Golden lush hair. Pure white skin. On the opposite side, a completely naked woman is sitting completely naked. Only a beautiful satin fabric covers her body a little. Her shape and body are just perfect. The skin is clean, the golden-colored hair is long and silky.

Thick Women Drawings «Venus of Urbino» by Titian Vecellio

Thick Women Drawings «Venus of Urbino» by Titian Vecellio

The canvas shows a close-up of a naked young woman-identification with the goddess of love, Venus. She is lying calmly on a wide bed and looks straight into the eyes of the viewer. With one hand, the woman leans on the lush pillows; with the other, she covers her bosom from immodest glances. She is wearing only a few pieces of jewelry. Hair of a warm honey shade, gathered from the face in a neat hairstyle, falls in a soft loose wave over the shoulder. Titian’s Venus of Urbino in her beautiful nakedness is the embodiment of femininity and the standard of beauty, completely comparable with modern ideas.

This is the genius of the artist, who created the crown of creation five centuries ago, a lyrical and at the same time realistic image of a woman, which has become a classic.

Plus size paintings «Venus with a Mirror» by Diego Velasquez

Plus size paintings «Venus with a Mirror» by Diego Velasquez

In front of the mirror is a young woman whose face is blurred in reflection. The goddess of the work “Venus with a mirror” embodies beauty, love, and femininity. In her image, the images of all women are combined, which is why she seems so attractive to every viewer.

We believe that it was during the Renaissance that paintings became realistic because medieval miniatures were more like children’s drawings, they were flat, and a rather large volume of the head compared to the body distinguished the images of people from the Middle Ages.

In medieval Europe, spirituality always remained the main thing, but not the body. During the Renaissance, everything changed, now certain importance is attached to the body, the body should be as beautiful as the spirit. In the Renaissance artists and sculptors created works that have real proportions of the human body.

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