Fatter=Stronger | Why Are Worlds Strongest Men Fat And In What Sports Do You Need Extra Weight

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What Sports Do You Need Extra Weight

Often, a fat person has more strength than a thin person does with less body weight. If we take two people who have never played sports and led an identical lifestyle, then we will conclude that a fat person is much stronger than a thin one. Let us find out why this is happening.

Why Are Fat People Strong?

Does weight equal strength?

Body Weight

Overweight people find it easier to build muscle mass because of the large amount of useful components that they get with a lot of food. The energy that people get from food is stored in their bodies.They can turn all this into muscles if they perform physical exercises. Moreover, they do these exercises, already carrying a large amount of weight.

If a person of normal size will perform daily tasks — walking, running, getting up, sitting down — while carrying a weight equal to the weight of a large barbell. His body will strengthen and strive to build up muscles. The same thing happens with a large person, only he does not have to wear a barbell — an additional load in the form of fat deposits is already “built” into his body.

Fats accumulated in different parts of the body are used in different ways and each has its own advantage. For example, the accumulation of a large amount of fat in the abdominal cavity of weightlifters gives them a competitive advantage over others. This makes their stomach stronger and allows them to easily withstand heavy loads.

Why Do Strong People Weigh More?

Why Do Strong People Weigh More?

The more a person eats the more nutrients he accumulates. If we train our muscles in the gym and immediately after that, we eat a lot of food; the muscles will recover much faster.Imagine how a fat person goes to the gym and immediately after that-to the burger joint. He eats a box of French fries, onion rings and a half-kilogram burger with melted cheese. Everything he eats will contain protein, calories and other elements for building muscle mass that will help him recover better.

Very Strong People Are Chubby

Eating a lot of food means that we get more calories, this leads to the fact that we will have more energy to spend.When more energy accumulates in the body, a person is more likely and more likely to lift weights, and, consequently, he will have a higher chance of holding out longer in the battle of endurance. On the other hand, overweight people also have to expend many extra calories.


Of course, being overweight does not always mean being strong, but it often happens that people with excess weight have an advantage when it comes to physical strength. They carry the weight of fat deposits on themselves every day, which helps to build muscles and strengthen the body, they eat a lot and restore muscles more easily after training, and lastly, thanks to an excellent appetite, their body can produce more energy.

Why Are the World’s Strongest Men Fat?

In a fat person, fats accumulate in various parts of the body. When a person gets fat, fat begins to settle in the subcutaneous layers in the muscles. These fat filler muscles give the muscles extra size and allow them to look bigger and, therefore, support the heavyweights and give them strength. These intramuscular fats are most often found in the thoracic and femoral areas of the body. Thus, the body of a full person gives him some advantages and greater strength compared to a person of a thin build.

People Heavier Than Weights

Why Are the World's Strongest Men Fat?

Completeness is not a sentence for those who want to become professional athletes, and in many sports, extra pounds are only good for players at all.


To become a successful football player, you need to be big and strong. Many top players weigh 300-350 lbs., but it is not as easy as it seems. Players have to put a lot of effort to maintain such weight and at the same time train intensively.


Sumo is a sport of people with the most unsportsmanlike physique in the world. The set of a huge mass is a whole science with its centuries-old traditions and laws. The basis of the diet of sumo wrestlers from time immemorial is a high-calorie soup, the ingredients of which can be almost any product. Unlike other martial arts, there are no weight categories in professional sumo, so the mass of a fighter often becomes a decisive advantage.


Other athletes who do not limit their diet in any way are weightlifters. The heavier you are, the heavier the bar you can push. Athletes eat everything in a row and in large quantities, paying special attention to proteins. The main advantage of weightlifting over other sports is that mobility and reaction are not important here, so athletes do not have to do cardio training.

Shot Put

Heavy athletes are valued not only in weightlifting but also in light. This type of program, like the shot put, requires excellent explosive strength and a large bodyweight of the athlete. The standard weight of shot putters is 220-360 lbs. for men and 170-220 lbs. for women.

Hammer Throwing

All track and field disciplines, including throwing, require a lot of weight from athletes. And if the results in the javelin and discus throw to a lesser extent depending on the size of the athlete, then it is quite difficult to meet a thin hammer thrower.

As we can see, the body of a full person gives him some advantages and greater strength compared to a person of a thin build. However, it is worth noting that, despite the advantages of fullness indicated in this article, it is impossible to say for sure that fat people will have the greater physical strength in any case.

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