Plastic Surgery For Double Chin – Ways To Get Rid Of The Problem And Features Of Rehabilitation

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double chin surgery

The double chin is a common aesthetic defect. Double chin- skin-fat fold that forms in the neck. The presence of this defect adds age and affects the harmony of the proportions of the face. Because of the fold of skin, the chin merges with the neck; the lower jaw looks heavy and saggy.

There may be a second chin for a variety of reasons. In the chin area, microcirculation slows down due to the lack of a fine capillary mesh. With age, the neck muscles lose their tone, the tissues atrophy, which leads to the formation of ring-shaped folds and wrinkles.

Women and men use different types of conservative and surgical plastic surgery to remove the second chin, including hardware procedures, lipolytic injections, and operations.

How to Get Rid of Double Chin Surgery?

how much is double chin surgery

Let’s explore the most effective ways.

Eat food that is low in salt and sugar

Salt contributes to water retention. Your body will accumulate water – on the face, swelling and a second chin will manifest this.

Drink plenty of clean water to clear the system and prevent water retention in the body.

Fat fish of the cold seas 3 times a week

Despite the recommendation to limit fat, you need to eat oily fish 3 times a week. Fatty sea fish will provide your body with omega-3 and omega-6 oils. Omega-acids improve the elasticity of the skin. After all, if you have decided to remove your chin with a diet, it is important for you that after losing weight you do not form anything similar to a turkey goiter.

Exercises Special facial gymnastics is effective as an independent method in the initial stages and will help in double chin correction

It should be taught by a doctor, since if performed incorrectly, the problem can not only not be solved, but also worsen. Do gymnastics for the face every day in the morning and in the evening.

Use cosmetics with an emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones

To remove the 2nd chin visually, do not wrap yourself in a scarf. This accessory, on the contrary, attracts a lot of attention to the neck. In addition, we need to avoid such a development.

Thick fluffy lashes, intense and drawn eyebrows, eyeliner, smoky eyes, eye shadow, light lips – this is it. Therefore, you visually distract attention from the lower part of the face.

Consult a makeup artist and find a blush that perfectly “marries” your skin tone. Use them to emphasize the cheekbone line.

Cosmetic surgery for a double chin is quite common. Cosmetologists use drugs that accelerate the metabolism and activate fat metabolism. The most common procedures include:

Injectable lipolysis- doctors use preparations that dissolve fat and remove it from the body.

Mesotherapy- preparations of animal, embryonic, or plant origin are injected into the subcutaneous fat layer.

Ozone therapy-an an oxygen cocktail is injected under the skin, which activates the synthesis of cells and increases the elasticity of the skin.

A number of disadvantages that injection methods have included: prolonged rehabilitation; swelling and bruising in the area of drug administration; high risk of infection of the subcutaneous layers in the presence of inflammation on the skin.

Double chin surgery can radically solve the problem. People use them if other methods are not effective enough.

Double Chin Procedures

double chin procedures


One of the most effective plastic surgery for double chin is liposuction. With its help, you can eliminate a number of aesthetic problems, namely, remove:

  • significant sagging of the skin;
  • deep wrinkles of a ring-shaped nature;
  • body fat.

There are several varieties of chin fat reduction surgery. You can choose a different method that suits you

Classic plastic surgery under the chin has two ways-dry and wet. In the first case, doctors make three incisions – one under the jaw and two in the area of the earlobes. Doctors using a vacuum device, which is attached to the incisions with a cannula, pump the fat layer out. In the second case, the surgeon initially introduces preparation, a fat-thinning agent. Next, the algorithm of actions is identical.

Doctors perform syringe liposuction using a syringe with a thin needle. The piston performs chin fat removal surgery. The most innovative methods are ultrasound and laser hair removal. Under the influence of ultrasound or a laser beam, adipose tissue leaves.

In the course of electronic chin fat surgery lipomodelling, doctors inject a drug cocktail that breaks down fat into the chin area through punctures. This process is much faster due to the use of a high-frequency field.

How much is double chin surgery?

The average cost of Chin Liposuction: $3,000

Range: $950 – $5,000

Lifting with Mesonites

Another method is double chin removal surgery. This method is used with a slight sagging of the skin in the neck area and high elasticity of the skin. Under chin plastic surgery is performed through the use of threads, which, after being inserted under the skin, create a soft frame in the form of a mesh.

Double chin lift uses self-absorbable threads that form a beautiful oval face. The effect persists for an average of two years. This method is suitable only for those patients who have a small amount of fat. The optimal age for carrying out is 30-45 years.


This double chin surgery procedure is used if the muscle tone has significantly decreased, the tissues sag on the sides and in the center of the neck, and the edges of the transverse neck muscles diverge.

The neck muscle is fixed behind the ears. To do this, small incisions are made in the ears and temples. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The average duration is 120 minutes.

Another cosmetic procedure for double chin is Filler Injections, contouring

They are effective for sagging skin against the background of subcutaneous tissue dystrophy. They are injectable gels based on hyaluronic acid. The effect lasts from 6 months to a year.

Double Chin Removal before and After

chin fat surgery

Before removing the second chin surgically, you should carefully prepare.

Before the intervention, the patient should follow a low-calorie diet, without eating fatty and salty foods. It is recommended to refrain from blood-thinning drugs.

The operation to eliminate the second chin is carried out in stages:

  • General anesthesia. The anesthesiologist intravenously administered preparations for anesthesia to ensure the safety of the procedure. Without adequate anesthesia, it is impossible to remove adipose tissue, partially or completely lift the neck, lower face.
  • Performing punctures in the area of the ears, under the lower jaw. The doctor provides the introduction of a cannula or elastic tubes. By means of laser or radio waves, the destruction of fat deposits is carried out.
  • Pumping out fat with atoms and applying cosmetic stitches, aseptic dressing.

The double chin surgery depends on varies from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the intervention and the need for accompanying manipulations — lifting, lifting

To get a lasting cosmetic effect, you will need to follow a number of rules for 2-3 weeks. Doctors remove the stitches within 3 days. The patient must wear a compression bandage.

During the recovery period, you should not use the gym, sauna, sauna, swimming pool. It is necessary to protect the operating area from solar radiation. Food should consist of liquid dishes.

The operation performed by a professional and compliance with the recommendations during the recovery period allows you to get a long-lasting result for at least 10 years. In some patients, the effect persists for life.


The duration of recovery after operation depends on what type of intervention you have chosen. Be sure to follow all the recommendations given by your doctor.

Often plastic surgery double chain before and after passes without complications. However, in some cases, after the operation, scars, hematomas and edema can form. Facial asymmetry is extremely rare, sensitivity is lost and the tissues in the operated area become inflamed.

How Much Is Double Chin Removal?

If you want to remove the second chin, surgery can be a great solution. Double chin reduction surgery cost varies from $1,500 to $30,000. This is influenced by several factors — the rating of the clinic, the level of the plastic surgeon, the expected amount of intervention, the need for additional actions.Individual consultation with a doctor and an assessment of the client’s condition will help you decide on double chin plastic surgery cost.

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