Everything that you need to know about getting the best corset for plus size women that you can wear!

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Finding comfortable clothing that fits perfectly in all the right places can sometimes pose a challenge. There are different types of blouses, different T-shirts, different pant types, and of course different bras and corsets. As plus-size women, we need to make sure that the clothing pieces fit comfortably, flatter the different parts of our bodies, and fit without a struggle.

Corsets are a staple in many women’s collections and need to be fitted perfectly. Corsets help put everything together and hold everything in place, making certain clothing pieces look much more flattering on the body. Hearing about corsets may sound intimidating because they seem so uncomfortable and sound like a nightmare, but finding the right one for your body is definitely a win-win situation. Let’s explore some of the different plus size corset bra types, plus size custom corsets, and the best underbust corset for plus size women!

What style of corset is best for plus size?

Waist training corsets come in two main types, the overbust and the underbust. Although many women may prefer the overbust corsets because they make it so you don’t need to wear a bra, the underbust corsets are just as popular. In order to find a great overbust corset, you need to know your bust size, since the corset comes with the cups.

The underbust corset doesn’t come with the cups, so you will still need to wear a bra with it. It is more focused on the hip area and the waist area going up to your ribs, but right under your breasts. It is a little bit less noticeable and it works amazing, especially if you have smaller breasts.

What type of boning is best for a waist training corset?

Waist training corsets usually have boning around them, whether it is plastic or steel. It is extremely important to pay attention to what kind of boning it is because that will determine how well it cinches your waist and what type of support you will get. Plastic boning around your corset is typically the cheaper of the two. It still works well and does what it needs to do, so if you are looking for something cheaper, then this is an amazing option for you. Steel boning around your corset is the more expensive option of the two, giving much better quality.

With steel boning, it is either spiral or flat boned, spiral being much more comfortable. When the boning is spiral it lets you be more flexible and move around much more comfortably. The best option to go with is a double boned corset, which typically is steel boned, offering much more support and better cinching. However, it all comes down to you and your comfort. We recommend you try them out and see which one fits better and is more comfortable for you.

Who are you buying the corset from?

plus size custom corsets

When buying a corset, you always want to do your research. You want to make sure you look at pictures as well! We don’t mean pictures of the corset itself but look at how it fits plus size corset models as well. After thoroughly looking through pictures of the corset and how it looks, take a look at the brand and company itself. Does the brand have a good reputation when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction?

The best way to learn more about the corset is through customer reviews. That way you get a raw and real review of the corset. Read through the reviews and look at the pros and cons of the corset and what people are saying about it. Also, make sure that the company is providing thorough information about their products. With the help of the brand descriptions and the reviews, you’ll find the perfect corset in no time. There is no reason to rush it, you don’t want to end up with something you hate. Take your time and browse the many different options.

Shirley of Hollywood Temptress Wet Look Push-Up Corset

This sexy corset is the best corset for plus size women if you are looking for a more glammed up and sexy looking corset. It sells on Lovehoney for $55.00 and is available in sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X. The back is lace-up, making it easy for you to tighten it as you please and not be stuck with the same setting.

The silver rings in the front of the corset add the perfect amount of sexy to it. The waist is shaped with the 12 plastic pieces and the cups are underwired, really perfecting the shape. To make it even better, a zipper is included on the side to make the removal of the corset much easier and less complicated. We definitely recommend this amazing overbust corset, it is the best corset for plus size!

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