Everything that you need to know about investing in some great chokers for people with big necks!

Plus And Wow|Beauty|Everything that you need to know about investing in some great chokers for people with big necks!


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Jewelry is meant to be expressive and fashionable. The jewelry trends are always changing, sometimes older jewelry trends make a comeback and sometimes new trends come in style. A great piece of jewelry that has been coming back in style and making its comeback is a plus size choker necklace.

These necklaces are extremely fashionable and add an extra amount of fashion to your outfit. They work as the cherry on top of completing your outfit. Plus size chokers don’t necessarily mean those rubber necklaces or those laced necklaces, they can also be made with metals like gold, silver, or stainless steel.

As plus size women though, chokers may seem like they won’t be flattering and won’t fit nicely on us. But that is simply not the case. There are plenty of chokers for big necks that will be super flattering and fit so nicely on plus size women. Let’s explore some chokers for large necks and look at all the options!

Torrid- Lace Choker

If you are into lace and floral designs, then this thick neck choker is an amazing option for you. It sells at Torrid for $12 and has a rose gold color to it, making it really fashionable and flattering. Although it is not made of metal, it has that metal vibe to it, so if you aren’t into wearing metals around your neck or you feel as though they are not very comfortable, then investing in this lace choker is a win-win.

ASOS- Simple Bolo Choker Necklace

ASOS is a super trendy boutique that offers a variety of fashionable pieces, including chokers for wide necks. Their Simple Bolo Choker Necklace sells for $4 and gives of such a casual and beautiful vibe. It is a little bit more southern, but it is so comfortable because of the material of it. You can tie it if you see the best fit and if you feel like it is too casual or too plain, then you can always add beads or pendants to it and style it up some more!

Evans- Facet Bead Choker Necklace

This Facet Bead Choker Necklace from Evans is one of our favorite chokers for people with big necks! This one is metal, so it gives off that shine and sparkle that a metal would. It is beaded with beautiful pink beads while the rest of the choker is gold. It is simple and subtle but adds that extra bling that your outfit may have needed.

ASOS- Cutout Festival Choker Necklace

A great choker necklace for thick neck women is a perfect cutout necklace. They have made their way back into the trending spotlight and have stayed there for a while now.

They are simple, cute, and give off a boho vibe. You can find them in all different designs, but they are all so comfortable and don’t feel like they are choking you as some chokers might. The Cutout Festival Choker Necklace sells on the ASOS website for only $8! It is so affordable and it is so fashionable.

Lovesick- Velvet Stretch Choker Set

Another great option for plus size chokers is a velvet choker. The material is not super restricting and doesn’t feel irritating or uncomfortable. The velvet material gives off a beautiful look and adds a little bit more fashion to your outfit. The perfect velvet choker is the Velvet Stretch Choker Set that sells on Lovesick for only $13! It is very Victorian and adds the perfect amount of romance. We definitely suggest pairing this amazing choker with a dress or a skirt and a cute top!

There are tons of chokers out there that will fit wider necks, it is all about choosing the right one with the right material. You don’t want to choose one that will feel too tight and uncomfortable. The best part about chokers is that they are very affordable and very trendy. Unless you want a 21K gold choker, then you should be able to find the perfect affordable choker.

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