Everything that you need to know about the best wedding dresses for plus size brides

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wedding dress for plus size bride

Imagine this scenario, you just got engaged and you are so excited that you don’t even know what to think of where to begin. Your thoughts are racing and you are so filled with joy that you refuse to replace that joy with the soon to be stress.

However, as a soon-to-be bride, you need to start making your list and put together a schedule with due dates in order. Of course, there may still be years, months, or maybe just a couple of weeks till the wedding, so it is up to you to plan accordingly. The very first thing to do is find a venue and a DJ and make sure they are booked in advance. The next thing on your list should be finding the perfect wedding dress.

As plus size women, we want to give ourselves enough time to find the right wedding dress for us, the one that stands out the most. Wedding dress shopping is one of the most stressful parts of planning for a wedding. You need to make sure to find the dress that flatters you in all angles.

This may take you some time, so you want to give yourself more than enough time. Changes may happen to your body before your wedding day, which may be a reason for your dress to get altered. We suggest at least a month or two before your wedding left for any last-minute alterations. When it comes to finding the perfect dress, it won’t be easy. You will be trying on a ton of different dresses and styles to see which one fits your vibe most and which style suits your body type the most.

If you are getting married soon and have a wedding coming up, then let’s explore the many different options of wedding dresses for bigger women.

Off-the-Shoulder Dress

An amazing wedding dress for a plus-size bride to be is a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress. This is definitely one of the best wedding dresses for plus size brides and it is so flattering. The off-the-shoulder dresses give off such a classy and elegant vibe that we are so very in love with. These dresses can be found either tight, enhancing your curves, or come in a gown style, making you feel and look like a princess. The off-the-shoulder that comes in a gown style is amazing with the cinched waist and the beautiful flow.

Strapless Dress

Another amazing wedding dress for big women is a gorgeous strapless wedding dress. These wedding dresses for bigger ladies usually come in gowns or skin tight. With either style, you will surely look absolutely gorgeous. With a strapless wedding dress you are able to wear your hair down — since your shoulders are exposed it will look much better. These dresses tend to have a more modernized vibe and definitely enhance your waist, giving you those gorgeous curves, from your bust to your waist.

V-Neck Dress

wedding dress for big women

A v-neck dress is the best wedding dress style for plus size women. If you are struggling in finding wedding dresses for big ladies that will fit nicely, then look no further. V-neck style dresses are some of the most flattering wedding dresses for plus size women and look absolutely stunning, enhancing your features. These dress styles also can come in a gown style or a flowy style. Since it will be your wedding day, we love the gown style. The waist will be cinched and the dress will flow like a princess. Since it is a v-neck, it will also enhance your breasts and give off such a gorgeous curvy figure.

Long Sleeve Dress

Another one of the best plus size wedding dresses is a long sleeve wedding dress. This is one of our favorite wedding dresses for fuller figure women. If you are someone who is more into long sleeve pieces and like having your arms covered, then this is a great option for you. Wedding dress sleeves come in all different shapes and styles, whether it be lace sleeves, flowy sleeves, or just plain tight sleeves.

Having a dress with sleeves is like an accessory, it only adds to the dress. One of the best wedding gowns for plus size women would have to be lace sleeves with a ball gown style. We think it would be absolutely stunning, with the cinched waist, princess gown, and gorgeous lace sleeves. Including sleeves on your wedding dresses is such a gorgeous add on and it is definitely in style. This style is one of our favorite wedding dress styles for plus size women.

Bodysuit Dress

wedding dresses for bigger ladies

If you are someone who cannot decide on whether you want a ball gown or skin tight dress for your wedding, then this mix between skin tight and ball gown might definitely catch your eye. It is a skin tight dress, showing off all your beautiful curves, and includes a gown belt. A gown belt is a belt that you can tie around your waist to add to the gown part of the dress.

It is great for women who want to give off the effect that they have two different dresses or women who might be having a hard time choosing between the two styles. We think that it is extremely unique, giving off such an amazing look. It can come with sleeves or no sleeves, it is up to you to decide which one is most flattering to you. We definitely recommend this dress.

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