Everything that you need to know before you go gets a plus size belly button piercing!

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As plus-size women, we constantly hear how we shouldn’t get certain body piercings because they aren’t suitable for plus size body types. Body piercings aren’t targeted towards certain body types over others! They are meant for whoever wants to express themselves through fashion jewelry and whoever enjoys getting them.

They are such a fun way to add some bling to yourself. You get to change them all the time, letting you have options on what you think is nicer and more flattering for you. However, there are some tips that you should look into and learn about before you go and get that body piercing right away. Belly piercings are among the top piercings that are talked about in the plus-size community and how they aren’t suitable for plus size women. If you think that a belly piercing is suitable for you, then there is no need to listen to critics.

Know the tips and advice before getting a fat girl belly button piercing and you should be good to go! Let’s go ahead and look at fat girls with belly rings and tips for getting a plus size belly button ring.

The perfect location for a navel piercing on fat stomach women;

If you are thinking about getting a chubby belly button piercing, then you should make sure to put it in the perfect location. You want to find the perfect spot on your navel, making sure that your belly button isn’t covered by any stomach rolls whether you’re sitting or standing. The reason for this is so that it gets airflow to the site of piercing, decreasing the chance of infection and helping it heal better.

Cleaning the belly piercing on a fat belly is a must!;

It is important to clean any body piercing that you decide to get, especially for belly button piercing big tummy women get. As plus-size women, our belly buttons may be bigger and need more cleaning attention than for smaller sized women. It is extremely important to clean your navel piercing and decrease your chances of getting it infected. An infection can be extremely nasty and painful, so keeping the site clean at all times is a must!

If you are a fat girl with a belly button ring, then try your best to stay away from jewelry that dangles!

Compared to flat belly button rings, chubby belly button rings are best when they don’t dangle. They may look super cute and flattering, but they are so uncomfortable, always getting caught in your belly button and just poking around. Dangly belly button rings are also more likely to get caught onto your clothing and pulling, making it really uncomfortable and irritable. The best option jewelry for plus size women who want a belly button ring are barbell styled rings. They give a smaller chance of getting caught on to anything and getting infected.

Try and avoid any irritation that may get in the way!

fat girls with belly rings

As a plus-size woman, you may need to worry about many more factors that may get in the way of your brand new belly ring. You want to make sure to take care of your belly button piercing as best you can, especially at the beginning of getting it. Sometimes our stomach rolls may roll over whether we are standing up or sitting down and that can cause irritation to your new piercing site. You also want to be mindful of what you are wearing so that it doesn’t irritate the site. Jeans can be very irritable and rub against your new piercing causing pain and possibly an infection. Wear comfortable clothing and be mindful of your piercing.

Show it off and be excited about it!

Girl, you finally got that belly ring that you’ve been wanting! Show it off and be confident about it. It looks super cute and flattering, so there is no reason to hide it. Some people may have negative comments to make and try to make you think that as a plus-size woman, belly piercings aren’t for you, but they are so wrong. If you feel like you like it and it gives you that boost of confidence, then that is all that should matter. Wear your crop tops, show it off to your friends, and don’t let anybody ever tell you otherwise.

You want to make sure to follow these tips when you want to get a belly button ring. Following them will ensure an easy and fast healing process with little to no complications. It’s an exciting thing to do, and you don’t want anyone or anything to kill that excitement, stay positive, follow our tips, and you should be very happy with how the results come out

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