How to Use Facelift Tape and Is It Worth to Do: Is It Safe for Your Skin

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How to Use Facelift Tape

Nowadays, face taping has become one of the most trendy and demanded procedures not only among women but also among men. Collagen and hyaluronic acid give elasticity and firmness to young skin. They are usually produced in sufficient quantities by the body itself. With age, their synthesis slows down, and the rate of decay increases, and this leads to sagging of the skin. Many specialists insist that cosmetic taping helps to restore the normal functioning of tissues. Others, however, argue that it is not safe due to the special adhesive that has been applied to the tapes and strips. Therefore, let’s figure out what it is in general, what benefit or harm you can get, and how to use them correctly!

Facelift Tape: What Is It?

Previously, such a tape was used in cosmetology as a theatrical device. It was necessary to take the ribbons, secure them with ropes, and then pull and tie them to the back of the head. This way, the skin was temporarily tightened and lifted the sagging skin around the cheeks and chin. This helped the artists look younger and more attractive on set. By the way, even Marilyn Monroe used this trick. Nowadays, ropes are no longer needed, since the strips are greased with special glue, which should not cause allergies in contact with the skin. This is one of the options for a non-surgical mini-facelift, wrinkle-smoothing, and anti-sagging skin. Massage therapists recommend using face and neck tapes to combat swelling.

What Does Tape Face Look Like?

What Does Tape Face Look Like?

Kinesiology tape for the face is characterized by high elasticity, which is comparable to the elasticity of the skin. For taping the facial muscles, it is better to take tapes made of high-quality natural cotton or rayon, as well as Kinesis tapes for sensitive skin. The best of them are made in Japan and South Korea. Instant cosmetic lifting tape comes with two thick opaque tapes, which may or may not have an elastic cord at the end. The ropes come in a variety of colors, so it is not difficult to hide them under your hair. Each package is accompanied by detailed pictures of how to use them and how they work. So, you know what to expect.

How Does Face Taping Work and Why Can It Be Used?

The tape helps enhance the effect of facial massage, relieve pain and accelerate healing after surgery. In a nutshell, this is lifting and elimination of puffiness. According to one of the medical studies, the use of the tape showed a decrease in tension and restoration of lymph flow in the area of ​​application of the tape, as a result of which the postoperative swelling on the face disappeared faster in patients. So, tapes are really effective in reducing facial swelling and relaxing muscles. Sometimes this alone is enough to make your face look fresh. Taping results are instant. Fixing the face shaping tape for fifteen to twenty minutes provides lifting and visual tone of the skin. However, taping must be applied constantly and to achieve a cumulative effect. So, the answer to the question “does face tape work” is yes, in most cases it helps.

How to Use Facelift Tape?

The first rule is that the tape is only applied to healthy skin. Any disease is a contraindication to taping. The second rule is a clean and dry face – even the best facelift tape simply wouldn’t stick on top of the cream. If you still want to apply some product, then use a serum and wait until it is absorbed so that the skin becomes perfectly dry. Do not pull on the tape or stretch the skin in the hope that everything would be better fixed and the lifting would stay with you forever – this would not happen. And you don’t need to glue the whole face with face shape tapes either. It has a rather strong effect on skin receptors, and from them, the signal goes to the spinal cord. As a result, the nervous system can become overexcited. Therefore, it is better to try different taping schemes one by one, and not all at once.

How to Use Facelift Tape in Different Face Areas?

How to Use Facelift Tape

One of the reasons that even Korean face tapes (the best in the world)are useless is their misuse. Therefore, you should not stick it on and wait for the effect, because this method has its own nuances.

Face Tape for Wrinkles

  • To correct wrinkles on the forehead, you would need two wide tapes. Free the end of the tape from the paper and stick it over the eyebrow, pulling the skin on the forehead upwards in parallel. Stick the tape without tension. After you release the skin, the tape would look like an accordion. This means that you did everything right.
  • To smooth out the wrinkles between the brows, you need a small tape that is small with rounded edges. When applying it with your fingers, smooth out wrinkles in different directions, and at this time stick the tape.

Tape Method for Loose Skin

Regular taping for the loose skin of the face contour is indicated for slowed lymph outflow, circulatory disorders, and inflammation of the facial nerves. So what about the face taping techniques?

  • You need to clean the skin of the face and wipe it dry;
  • Then do a light warming massage to enhance the effect of the procedure.
  • Keep the tape from half an hour to 3-8 hours.
  • Remove the tape with gentle, smooth movements, while holding the skin.

If you want to achieve the best result, don’t be shy and google some videos about techniques of the Kinesio tape for loose skin.

Kinesio Tape for Double Chin

You need to put tape under the chin, from its middle to the corners of the lower jaw. Its length is determined by its application under the chin from one corner of the lower jaw to the other. The corners of the strip must be rounded. Then follow the scheme:

  • Tear off the protective paper exactly in the center of the tape;
  • Bite the lower lip to tighten the skin;
  • Glue the tape under the chin from its center to the corners of the lower jaw, without tension.

It is hard to believe that it may work, but just google “double chin tape before and after”. If you do everything right, the result will be fantastic.

How to Use Body Taping Skin Tightening?

You can use tape for sagging skin not only on the face but also in other areas, for example, the abdomen or the back. Before proceeding with gluing, it is important to choose the right belly taping schemes. The choice of their shape and width depends on the chosen method of applying stripes – both narrow and wide tapes may be required. It should be held in your hand to keep it warm. It is better to round off the edges of the tape with scissors, then fix the uncut end without tension. Correctly applied tapes can be worn for up to 5 days without causing discomfort and pain, without hindering movements. The duration of the course depends on the type of problem. Doctors may recommend regular tapes for 1-6 months. For weight loss, the course of procedures takes up to 1 month. Then, you should take a break.

How to Tape Back Fat?

Being overweight can cause some back problems and cause pain. Therefore, some doctors advise using the doctor’s tape to pull back skin. It would have a dual function of tightening the skin and relieving pain. It is best to consult with an experienced professional to suggest which tactics would help you.

Is Face Taping at Night a Good Idea?

Basically, the tapes on the face should be at least 3 hours to improve the effect, and many are wondering whether it is possible to leave them overnight and go to sleep. Why not? It would not harm your skin if you did everything right in the first place.

Kinesiology Face Taping: Pros and Cons

Kinesiology Face Taping

Some benefits of facelift strings you need to know:

  • If you use it correctly, the tape will instantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles;
  • It may help smooth out wrinkles around the eyes and tighten the chin;
  • This method is much cheaper than surgery, for example, on a double chin;
  • This is a painless and safe way;

Among the disadvantages:

  • This is a temporary solution to the problem;
  • Face slimming tapes can be difficult to hide. Therefore, this method is not for shy people;
  • In the long run, this method would also be expensive.

How to Choose the Best Instant Facelift Tape?

First, it is important to determine the zone for which you need the tapes. Then read the reviews carefully and consult with experts about the best and most successful techniques. Remember that you should not rely only on taping, because you also have to make some effort, for example, do face massages.

Taping improves lymph and blood circulation in the muscle, allowing the recovery process to take place faster. These properties of tapes are actively used by massage therapists, and not only for medicinal but also for cosmological purposes. Trust this research or not, but many celebrities (Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Chrissy Teigen, etc.) also prefer this method of dealing with decrepit skin!

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