What Is the Free Size and Is It Suits for 2 XXL and More USA and Korean Sizes

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Quite often, we can see in the store not our usual sizes, but free size. But many buyers remain confused about the free size meaning and are trying to find out if this thing is right for them. In short, this is a universal size that fits most girls. This is due to the use of high-quality elastic materials in production. It allows for slight stretching without sacrificing its appearance. Let’s find out more about the free size and which girls it might not fit.

What Is the Free Size?

What Is the Free Size?

The main goal when creating free size clothing was to give it an unstructured and flexible design, that is, a loose fit. This makes it possible to suit any type of figure and physique. However, is it really so and what size is free size? Such clothes correspond to the average level of traditional sizes (from 10/12 to 22/24; from S to L, sometimes to XL). It often depends on the brand of clothing. So, is it suitable for bigger sizes, for example, 2 or 3 3XL? It is rarely suitable for people with such sizes. And even when it suits your size, it can be a bad option for tall or short heights. Taller people may buy a knee-to-knee dress and find that they need to wear pants or shorts underneath to be comfortable in public, depending on how far the hem is above the knee. People below average height may find that the same dress is “knee-length” below the knee or even to the calf. Shorter people may feel like they are overwhelmed by the weight of their clothes – a belt may or may not help, depending on the design. People with wider hips, a larger back, or a larger bust may also find free size dresses don’t look so appealing to them. If the tube is too close to the person’s size, there may not be enough stretching to allow freedom of movement. How to choose a free size T-shirt? Basically, T-shirts of this size are also designed for the average body type. 

What Does Free Size Mean for Korean Сlothing?

Free Size in Korean clothing

Online shopping for pack clothing is even more popular, especially since Covid-19. Buyers are directed to foreign apparel markets like Korea. However, most of the cool things have no size distribution, only the “free size” mark. Therefore, many doubts arose, but does this mean the same as in the United States? The reason for this confusion is the large size problem in Korea. In this country, this type of figure is disparaged, although their “plus-size” people in the United States and other European countries may be considered thin. Free size means which size for Korean brands? The most popular women’s clothing size is 55 (S size), and many Korean fashion brands are no larger than 66 (S size). This can be frustrating for women who generally fit international size M or larger. On the other hand, men are unlikely to face this problem because the entire international size range from XS to XL is produced and sold in stores. Many shops selling fewer commercial brands offer free format items. Free size should suit many medium-sized people, but that can never be too straightforward. If you have the opportunity to try it on before buying, give it a try. Otherwise, you can try to measure the size of the item by measuring it with similar items of clothing of the specified size. So, what does free size mean in clothing in Korea? It is usually sized from XS to S for women, and from XS to L, sometimes XL for men.

We hope that you would not be discouraged when you see the clothes you like are “free size”, because now you know what it means and what problems can arise when choosing this “universal” size of clothing. And remember that you can look fashionable and stylish in any size!

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