Polarized Sunglasses For Large Heads – Tips For Choosing And The Best Models Of Glasses For Plus Size Faces

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sunglasses for big heads

Glasses are a stylish accessory that can emphasize facial features, smooth out some shortcomings of appearance, and place accents. The most important thing is to choose the right frame, suitable for the shape of the face, and for the hairstyle, and for the image as a whole. Use the tips from this article to choose the big sunglasses that are right for you.

Sunglasses for Big Heads

A face is said to be round when its length and width are almost equal, and the widest part is the cheekbones, but they are not sharp and are not pronounced clearly. The chin should also be rounded. The task of sunglasses for wide faces is to make such a face seem more elongated and narrower, without giving it angularity.

Sunglasses for Large Heads Forms


Rectangular Sunglasses

People with a round face can safely buy rectangular glasses.


Square Sunglasses

This form looks original, although they are not suitable for everyone – most often you need to choose a frame with a not very wide light opening. People with a round face can safely buy square glasses.


Trapezoidal sunglasses

Consider wayfarer-type models, which are trapezoidal frames that expand upwards. The trapezoid shape creates the illusion of length because a trapezoid is what you see if you look at a long rectangle. Measure the angles of a photo of a rectangular object and see for yourself!

With Elongated Corners

Sunglasses With Elongated Corners

Models like “cat’s eye” or “butterflies” shapes for their asymmetric shape and elongated corners, look good on round faces.

Glasses For Plus Size Faces: Recommended Materials

One of our favorite frame materials is plastic. It is neater than more common metal, which can add “weight” to a round face. Models with wooden frames look interesting and exotic. And if you are not ready to wear them every day, you can buy a similar option for holidays, when going out and other similar situations.

Big Face Sunglasses Colors

It is believed that glasses for a large face should be painted in gentle soft colors since bright and acidic look too aggressive and do not harmonize with soft features. But there are exceptions to any rule, so don’t hesitate to try on the model you like just because it is too bright. They might look perfect on you!

Lens color

Usually, fashion guides recommend dark lens over bright ones. In the new season, sunglasses with lenses of all shades of the rainbow, as well as two- and three-color lenses, are gaining popularity. And although we advise you to be careful about choosing a color, people with round faces can afford models with purple, blue, green, or gray lenses, Especially if these shades are in harmony with your other accessories.

Plus Size Glasses Frames

Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye Glasses Frame

Frames of the “Cat’s eye” type are distinguishable by an upturned outer corner and a slightly elongated shape (not all models of the “cat’s eye” type have an elongated shape, but in this case it is necessary), so they are perfect for round-faced people. Strict features of such models make them playful and mysterious; they can make an adult face seem young and open. They visually stretch the face, making its lower part longer. Being a rather stylish accessory, the glasses attract glances, distracting attention from the shortcomings of appearance.


Butterflies Glasses Frames

Angular, elongated, and asymmetric frames look interesting, a striking example of which is “butterflies” narrowed at the bridge of the nose and expanding at the temples. Such big size sunglasses stretch the face and attract attention to it, as they look bold and bright.


Wayfarer Glasses Frames

These trapezoidal glasses are the best sunglasses for a wide face. They lengthen the forehead, make the image more slender, and cover the cheeks, which is especially liked by girls with curvy shapes. Another advantage of them is that such models are always in fashion, and you will definitely look stylish in them.

Plus-size Sunglasses Rectangular

Sunglasses Rectangular

The best option for a round face is rectangular glasses. Such sunglasses cover all the roundness and smooth lines. Pay attention to models with pointed corners, straight lines, or with an emphasis on the temples – they visually stretch the face. Take a closer look at the classic models and you’ll notice they look good both in the office and at a party.

Recommendations of Sunglasses for Big Round Face

  • The shape of the glasses that suit you depends not only on the shape of the face. Facial features, hairstyle, and general style also significantly affect the choice. Therefore, when buying such an indispensable accessory as glasses, follow these recommendations:
  • Glasses should not copy the shape of the face, otherwise, the shortcomings of appearance would be more noticeable.
  • The lower part of the frame should coincide with the lower part of the eye sockets.
  • Consider the color of the frame and lenses. They should be combined with each other, with your image and your color type.
  • Make sure the frame does not cover the eyebrows.
  • People with round faces are wearing glasses with large arches.
  • Glasses with a narrow bridge of the nose give the face an elegant and refined shape.
  • Sunglasses for people with large heads can and should have corners, but not with sharp ones. Too much contrast with a round face looks unnatural and inharmonious.
  • Trapezoidal polarized sunglasses for large heads cover the cheeks, which is especially important if the cheeks are a little plump.
  • Bright glasses of the “butterfly” type allow you to attract attention to yourself and distract your eyes from the shortcomings of your appearance.

Which Plus-size eyeglasses Should Be Avoided with a Round Face Shape?

Don’t wear round frames. with them, the face looks fuller and wider. Models that cover the eyebrows and massive horn options are also undesirable since with them the face looks either excessively large or simply inharmonious. It is not recommended to choose colored lenses, of course, if we are not talking about sunglasses.

Best Sunglasses for Big Heads

Best Sunglasses for Big Heads


The best option for male and female round faces. This type of frame doesn’t add a lot of angles, but its silhouette is especially useful as it adds balance and creates the illusion of length, effectively narrowing the appearance of the face.

Ray-Bans For Big Head

Ray-Ban is one of the most popular and beloved brands of sunglasses and frames around the world. The brand’s products are characterized by high strength and reliability, and creative limited collections attract attention. These glasses are perfect for wide faces.

Doll Too

These glasses in the shape of a cat’s eye are the best sunglasses for a fat face. They make the face visually slimmer. Select these glasses to adjust the contour of the face.

Spender Square Black Sunglasses

A square frame looks great on a round face. These extra-large sunglasses’ wide heads add definition, and clearer lines complement softer facial features. Square glasses also provide a slimming effect.

We believe that choosing a frame that looks perfect and makes the face more harmonious is not such an easy task as it may seem at first glance. But if you follow all the above recommendations, you will definitely be able to choose the best option.

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