Skinny Plus-Size Models — Photoshop Or Reality: You Will Be Surprised to Know What Plus-Size Models Have Flat Stomach

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skinny fat models

Some time ago, the fashion for plus size models blew up the Internet. They began to appear in advertisements and on the covers of magazines. Skinny tummies seemed to take a back seat, and the era of body positivity began. Everyone is wondering: how do plus size models have flat stomach?

Famous models, plus size 10 years ago was a myth in the world of world fashion. Now this direction of modeling has become popular, and every year there are new discoveries. These discoveries add to the lists of top fashion models of the plus direction. We will try to reveal the image of each model and tell you some interesting facts from their career. And find out how they have a flat stomach.

Skinny Plus-Size Models

how do plus size models have flat stomach

Ashley Graham

Ashley grew up in an ordinary family and lived a very ordinary life: the plump girl from childhood was teased with a plump and plump girl. The model admits that she was terribly complex and shy until at the age of 12 she was accidentally noticed by a model scout of the company I&I. Since then, Ashley has managed to shoot for Glamour, Elle UK, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar. Ashley was included in the list of slim curvy models, because she supports the figure with training and does not forget about proper nutrition, which she often mentions in her Instagram blog.

Robin Lawley

skinny tummies

Lawley became the first plus-size model to star for Australian Vogue. The girl is known for candid nude photoshoots and a suggestion to stop using the term “plus-size”. Lawley has her own brand of swimwear, which she herself is happy to advertise, without being shy about excess weight. The model looks great at full weight and has a flat stomach. Photos of the model gain hundreds of thousands of likes and enthusiastic comments on Instagram

Big Belly Models

Osha Waiters

Osha Withers from New York. The model is distinguished by a curvy physique and is engaged in professional photography. The girl’s first modeling agency was London bridge models. It should be noted that models with this appearance are not very popular in the United States. Nevertheless, such girls, as Osha, have their own exoticism and demand in Europe.

Jocelyn Corona

slim curvy models

Toned plus size models plus size models also exist in Mexico. For example, the model plus from the United States Jocelyn Corona. The model was born in 1987 in Guadalajara, but made her modeling career in America. The girl strongly resembles the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. Additional exoticism of the model is given by its curvy shape and attractive style. Jocelyn is considered one of the very first plus models in the United States.

Skinny Fat Models

Iskra Lawrence

big belly models

Iskra Lawrence has always dreamed of being a model, at the age of 13 she appeared on the cover of Elle. She was not that big at the time, but after a few years, she started to gain weight. She became depressed, went on a variety of diets, and eventually the agency terminated her contract. Iskra did not lower her hand. She began to actively develop her Instagram, sent her photos to a variety of publications and agencies, and eventually, she was called as a model to shoot underwear. Since then, Iskra’s career, already as a Plus-size model, has skyrocketed. She was brave enough to share her difficult story and inspired millions of women to stop hating their bodies

Crystal Rennes

toned plus size models

Crystal has also gone from being a versatile skinny model to a plus-size model. She struggled with anorexia nervosa. But at one point; she managed, gained weight, and moved into the plus-size category. With the new volumes, she was no less successful in conquering fashion magazines. And even wrote the book “Hungry”, where she talked about the problems of female models with eating disorders.

How Do Plus Size Models Have Flat Stomach?


Many people mistakenly believe that plus-size models are far from sports. In fact, many plus-size models regularly visit the gym to keep fit.


Even when the plus-size model does not hide cellulite and extra pounds in the abdominal area, she attracts attention with her charisma and artistry. To do this, the models take spectacular poses. They do not mind their own weight. They persistently prove to the audience that it is possible to be desirable and look sexy with any complexion.

Correct Posing

Sometimes users of social networks are surprised how models with forms manage to look so advantageous in the photo, and immediately accuse them of abusing retouching. Correct posing plays a huge role. If you stand up correctly, make a certain bend of the body and turn the head, then curvy shapes become attractive, and unnecessary folds do not appear. These secrets are suitable even for slender girls.

Healthy Lifestyle and Plastic Surgery

Plus size models prove that with a weight of 80 kilograms, you can look sporty. It is all about the correct distribution of kilograms. Plus size models are engaged in sports and monitor nutrition. Many plus-size models carefully monitor the diet, calculating the daily rate of calories. They urge you not to believe in miracle diets, detox programs, and fat burners. Models believe that the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and sports are important. In addition, the models are not against plastic. They do not hide the fact that excess belly fat is a big problem. Since healthy lifestyle does not help to eliminate the problem, plus size models do liposuction in the abdominal area and insert implants. At the same time, they do not always remove stretch marks, considering them a normal phenomenon for any woman.

For me, plus-size models have always been very brave girls who are not shy about their bodies. This is very cool. After all, they change the usual standards of beauty and share useful secrets of success in their business. They tell you how to feel confident in any weight.

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