How to Cover Up Cellulite on Legs and Arms with Cloth: Other Working Methods

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How to Cover Up Cellulite

How to camouflage cellulite? Every second woman asked herself such a question and unfortunately, not everyone was able to find an answer that would help her. This problem is very common and even natural, but this does not prevent us from being complex about this, refusing to wear shorts in the hot season or something tight. Is it really worth bothering so much? Of course not. If you enter “how to cover up cellulite on legs” into Google or any other search engine, then you will get hundreds of thousands of different links, but do not rush to read and follow their advice. The main thing in the successful achievement of the goal is proven sources of information. We have analyzed various tips on the topic of cellulite and below we will present you with different options for camouflage in clothes, on the beach and tell you what you need to do so that you forget about such a problem!

How to Camouflage Cellulite on Legs?

If you feel that you are not yet ready to overcome the constraint, then you can hide cellulite under your clothes. However, what is it anyway? This is subcutaneous fatty tissue with thin strands of connective tissue penetrating it. This is how those “pits” are formed, which create a not very presentable look to our body. Often it occurs due to hormonal imbalance, so it would not be superfluous to consult a specialist.

How to Hide Cellulite in Shorts?

The weather outside your window would tell you which way to choose from the ones described below because on a hot day you are unlikely to wear tights under your shorts, but in a cooler season, it is quite possible.

  • You can use a special tanning lotion to darken your skin and help hide imperfections. The main thing is that you apply the product evenly and only on the areas of the skin of the legs with cellulite. For the best effect, use a spray afterward.
  • Try a special pantyhose that hides cellulite under your shorts. They have a smoothing effect that can make your cellulite less noticeable to you and others.
  • You can also apply a shimmery bronzer to the front of your feet. This would draw light to the front and place less emphasis on problem areas in the legs.
  • You can also use various scrubs and creams on an ongoing basis, we will discuss their benefits with you a little later.

How to Hide Cellulite under Pants?

how to disguise cellulite on arms

It’s great to hide cellulite, but it’s much better to fight it, and during this long journey, leggings and tights can help you.

  • If earlier we looked at how to hide cellulite on thighs when you want to wear shorts, now let’s talk about more specific elements of the wardrobe, which would not only hide, but also have a healing property. So what are stockings that hide cellulite? They act on cellulite in three ways:
  • stimulate blood and lymph circulation;
  • improve skin elasticity;
  • help to reduce the volume of the thighs.

What is the secret that cellulite is hiding on tights? It’s all about their special 3D-weaving: in contact with the skin, the compacted shorts do a micro-massage of the thighs, and the braiding in the hosiery helps to improve blood flow, giving the feeling of light legs. It’s great to hide cellulite, but it’s much better to fight it, and during this long journey, leggings and tights can help you. But do not expect the fastest possible effect from such tights if this is your only way in the fight against cellulite. Add some simple exercises that you can do in them.

  • You should put on your tights to hide cellulite, lie on your back and raise both legs at an angle of 90 degrees, and do not bend at the knees. We pull the socks up, do not let ourselves relax for a minute. Alternately, bend one or the other leg at the knee. Repeat 10 times for each leg. Already on repetition, your knees may get tired, and the 5th muscles around them would tighten as if you were lifting a barbell. However, if you are on friendly terms with sports, then this will not happen.
  • Continue lying on your back with your legs raised and straight. We pull the socks towards ourselves. so that they are at an angle of 90 degrees to the lower leg. Again, alternately bend the legs, without relaxing the feet bent by the poker.

If you have some questions about our how-to smooth cellulite on thighs guide, don’t be shy to ask in the comments.

  • Is cellulite showing through leggings: what can you do? Choose the new one that would perfectly suit you according to these tips:
  • Anti-cellulite leggings have been on the market for a long time, in which you would look great and help you reduce the appearance of cellulite. For this reason, they seem tighter than usual, but this would not create any discomfort or constraint in your movements.
  • These leggings are made from a wide variety of materials and may include micro-massage fibers to improve circulation. Most are made from synthetic blends that compress and smoothen the skin.
  • How to hide cellulite in leggings? Always choose your size, and don’t buy leggings that are too tight because they would definitely not stretch.
  • You also need to consider the length of the leggings. Ankle length is usually the most acceptable, and it is this that is most often chosen.

How to Disguise Cellulite on Arms?

how to hide cellulite in shorts

Cellulite can develop in any part of the body and hands are no exception. And the reasons are basically the same as when you appear in other places, as well as the methods of struggle. Of course, you would not wear special tights or leggings on your hands, but you can certainly take the different methods that we have already mentioned – tanning lotions – and use the tips that we will tell in the next section. So how to hide cellulite on arms and reduce its appearance?

Useful Guide to Follow: How to Hide Cellulite

The complex of the proposed options below would help you make cellulite not the main problem of your body.

Book a Massage

Massage improves blood circulation and makes your skin smoother. The effect would only last for a few days. Whether you choose for cellulite cover-up – a cupping or manual lymphatic drainage massage – you can immediately reduce the appearance of cellulite. But unfortunately, beauty is painless.

Drink Tons of Water

You know that water is essential for a healthy life, but do you really understand the effect of dehydration on your body. If you don’t want to hide cellulite, then you should drink water. Without it, your skin would be dry and loss of elasticity. The recommended daily water intake would ensure that your skin is hydrated, supple and radiant.

Wear Shapewear

how to camouflage cellulite on legs

How to cover up cellulite with shapewear? You can find hundreds of good options for this kind of lingerie that would help you look confident. In addition, like tights, it can, although minimal, but help you in your difficult struggle. The main thing is not to rush to buy, study the assortment on the market well, read reviews and buy only in official stores to avoid fraud.

Wear Black

Earlier, we have already condemned that black makes you visually thinner, and such a color in clothes is the first thing that usually comes to people’s minds after the question “how to conceal cellulite”. The main thing is to combine it correctly with other colors so as not to look slim at the bottom and too voluminous at the top. By the way, it is only a suggestion because if you know what white jeans to wear, you can hide everything.

Apply Self-Tanner

How to hide cellulite at the beach? Dark skin hides it better, but always buy some non-toxic products. The last thing you want is to add more toxins. Apply it to the problematic area of ​​cellulite, then select a full body spray to distribute it evenly. This would provide better coverage and identify the most affected areas.

Apply Firming Creams

how to camouflage cellulite

The firming cream does act on cellulite temporarily. So it can help it disappear for a while. There are many creams to try, and many of them contain silicone, which helps fill in the dimples and make your skin smoother. An additional benefit of this product is grape extract, which helps to tighten the skin underneath.

Leg Tape for Cellulite

Facelift tape is a really working method, and many specialists can recommend you to try duct tape to hide cellulite. But remember that you цщгдвт’t be able to stick them on somehow, everything is much more complicated here. It is easier to deal with problem areas on the face, and as for the body, you need to know how the lymph flows and how to fix the necessary muscles to tighten and create a lifting effect. Typically, a course of taping is 5 days and two breaks of 3-4 sets. Then the body needs to be given a break or return to massages.

Perform Lower Body Exercises

How to cover cellulite on legs? Of course, body exercises. Above you would find some useful exercises, so we would not dwell on this point for a long time. The only thing we want to advise is to create a new healthy habit for yourself – devote 10-15 minutes every morning for simple exercises and you yourself would notice that not only cellulite has ceased to bother you, but your mobility has also increased. We hope that we help you find some good solutions, and now you know how to cover cellulite. And what is the most effective method for you? Share in the comments!

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