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Have you ever thought to yourself, how many bras have been thrown out because of the broken underwire? It happens to the best of us and it’s the worst! Have you ever considered how to fix a broken underwire? Well, you better start now because it is fixable. Bra breaks?

No worries, there is a solution for everything. Ranging from a flat-tire, to a broken bra underwire. We all have our doubts to fix bra wire, but the solution is finally here with step-by-step help. You can always continue to buy more bras, but where’s the fun in that? Okay, yes, it is fun, but fixing a snapped underwire saves a lot of money. Especially when shopping for Victoria’s Secret bras and Savage x Fenty bras.

Bras can be bought every two months or every year, usually when the best deals are offered. If we’re low on money and don’t have many options at home, pull out one of the cute bras with a broken underwire and get ready to fix it for your day to go on as if there was never any trouble. Bra underwire repairs sound annoying and complicated, but it really isn’t as bad as some may think. How to fix a snapped underwire is exactly what you’re going to learn. Yes, free the nipple, but some outfits make our breasts look best with a bra.

For example, a sheer top would look sexy with a hot bra right underneath. Bras are typically used in our everyday lives and save us a lot of the time. Ranging from a professional interview with an employer to a business-casual outfit for the day. Once it needs bra underwire repair, that is where the quick and easy tutorials come in handy. It helps you get the most out of your bra. Especially, when the bra underwire breaks sooner than one would have thought?

Why throw it out when you can try to fix underwire bra and fix underwire. Why not give it a shot. Better to know you tried rather than just tossing a perfectly good bra. Helping out with how to fix a snapped underwire bra is helpful because so many of us women go through it on a daily basis. Sometimes, we realize it at the worst times and it is the most uncomfortable little wire.

To fix a broken underwire, there are a couple steps involved, but do not take too much of your time. Bras can be a girl’s best friend and a girl’s worst nightmare. It’s the best of both worlds, isn’t it?

What You’ll Need

bra breaks

A bra’s underwire can be quite complicated. When the bra breaks because of the underwire, what’s helpful is a replacement wire. That being said, it should come from the same manufacturer of the bra. This helps to keep the bra’s underwire secured for long term. Other than an extra underwire, scissors are definitely needed, a needle and a string for a hand-sewn repair on the underwire, a patch kit only if you don’t prefer sewing, and clear nail polish which also isn’t required, but recommended.

First step

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to pull out the broken underwire carefully. You can do it with your hand, but it may cause you to cut yourself, so the best option is tweezers or pliers. The wire may be sharp because it is broken, so be very careful taking it out and make sure to get every piece out of the bra to ensure that there is room for the new one.

Second step

Once the broken wire is out, you are then going to insert the replacement wire into the bra. Cut a small slit into the bra, but try your best not to let it be very visible and slide in the new wire slowly and watch carefully to make sure it does not break. If the underwire is quite sharp, it is always recommended to put a splash of clear nail polish on there and let it dry before inserting in the rest of the wire.

Third step

You’re going to want to close the hole. This could be done by using the slide that is at the end of the wire. Using the needle and the thread, you will be going ahead and stitching the hole until it is closed and secured with small stitches.

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