Face Massages – Advantages Of Cheek Sculpting, Exercises For Lifting, and Slimming Cheekbones To Make Them Perfect

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How to Get a Sculpted Face?

All women dream of sharp cheekbones, but not everyone has them. Drawing cheekbones for yourself is another temptation: effectively, quickly, accessible to anyone. However, in the evening, after a shower, the cosmetics will be washed off, the cheekbones will disappear. You always want to be beautiful, even on Monday morning. A few simple exercises will help you form the desired cheekbones even from lush rounded cheeks! We will tell you how to get cheekbones.

How to Get a Sculpted Face?

Face building includes exercises for the cheekbones if there is a need to tighten them or increase them a little. Cheek sculpting is suitable for men and women and helps to make the side of the face more attractive and expressive. The regular accomplishment of such exercises can become an alternative to expensive salon procedures and replace plastic surgery

Advantages of Face Massage

Advantages of Face Massage

The Convenience of the Procedure

Cheekbone massage can be performed almost everywhere, wherever we are at home before your favorite TV series, in nature during a picnic, on a walk with children. Since this procedure does not take much time and effort. Each of us will always have the time and desire to fulfill it.

A Natural Approach to Rejuvenation

Many girls ask «How to sculpt your face without surgery?» Therefore, facial massage is exactly the way to achieve desire without the intervention of doctors. No chemical effects on the skin, just a little acquaintance with the school course of anatomy. Everyone has about 60 muscles on their face that help us express our moods and share emotions with others. Depending on how often we are angry or happy, specific muscle groups are in hypertonia, and others are gradually atrophied.

Facial gymnastics allows you to avoid all these problems, bringing some muscles into tone, and others, on the contrary, relaxing. Facial wrinkles increase during gymnastics, the temperature of the muscles increases, which provokes the compression of collagens and eventually stimulates oxygen exchange and vital processes occurring in the skin. The same thing happens as with laser procedures, only in a natural way.

How to Get Perfect Cheekbones?

It is enough to perform these exercises at home for a couple of weeks to have beautifully defined cheekbones. They also contribute to weight loss in the face area. Gymnastics is performed in a complex way, but if it is possible to perform individual exercises throughout the day — it will only benefit and accelerate the appearance of the result. In addition, it is believed that regular chewing of gum is able to outline the cheekbones faster.

Before starting a facial massage, we recommend doing a warming-up exercise. To do this, you can take air into your mouth and roll it up, down, from side to side. In addition, a light massage will help to tone up the face.

Face Sculpting Massage

To create chiseled cheekbones, you should perform such exercises daily in 2-3 sets:

  1. Open your mouth as much as possible, pull your lips over your teeth with effort (they should be visible). The muscles should be tense. This position should be held until there are slight pain sensations.
  2. Put your finger in the open oral cavity in such a way that it rests against the cheek with effort. At the same time, the force of the cheek muscles should push the finger out of the mouth.
  3. Exercise with a spoon helps to make the cheekbones more pronounced. To do this, you need to apply a tablespoon to the cheekbones with pressure and make circular movements, heading to the temples.
  4. Sit straight and hold your head straight, push your chin forward and pull it back.
  5. Fold your lips into a kiss. Squeeze them as much as possible; move them in one direction, then in the other.
  6. Open your mouth slightly, put two fingers inside. They need to rest against the cheeks from the inside, at the same time try to push out the fingers with the effort of the facial muscles.

How to Sculpt Cheekbones?

Often, the purpose is exactly the opposite — many people want their cheekbones to appear and become larger. You can also pump up this part of the face with special exercises.

  1. Slightly open your lips; they should fit tightly around the teeth from above and below. Place your index finger, thumb on your chin, raise, and lower your head with pressure.
  2. Smile with your mouth closed. Lower the corners of the lips down. With your hands, gently pull the skin adjacent to the cheekbones. It should be directed downwards, at the same time gradually lift your head.
  3. Take some air, inflating your cheeks at the same time. Roll the air bubble from side to side.
  4. Rest your elbows on the surface of the table, squeeze your palm into a fist, press on the corners of your lips, and try to smile at the same time.
  5. Take a lying position. Support your head with your hands and spread your elbows to the sides. Lift your head up; do not lift the rest of your torso off the floor. At the same time, lift with the help of the neck muscles, and not with your hands.
  6. Push the lower jaw forward; do not change the position of the upper one. Hold the position.

Cheekbone Massage for Slimming Face

Cheekbone Massage for Slimming Face

A special set of exercises will help to reduce fat deposits on the face. Those who want to find expressive cheekbones and form a clear oval face also perform it.

  1. Straighten your back and tilt your head back. Place your chin up, and try to stretch your shoulders and neck down.
  2. Form your lips into a ring, press your tongue against your cheek with force. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times and move to another cheekbone.
  3. Find a selection of words that are difficult to pronounce. Pronounce by syllables and focus on vowel letters. At the same time, strain the muscles of the face, neck and especially the cheekbones.
  4. Sit with your back straight, stretch your head up. Push your lower lip forward, stay in this position.
  5. Curl your lips into a bow. Perform this exercise while holding the position for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Make circular movements with your head clockwise and counterclockwise. At the same time, do not make sharp jerks and do not take your head far away.

We believe that constant exercise for the cheekbones will help to form the desired shape of the face, reduce the percentage of fat deposits and tighten the skin. All this helps to strengthen the facial muscles and quickly acquire expressive cheekbones. It should also be borne in mind that combining these exercises with proper nutrition will allow you to achieve a quick result.

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