Chafing Rash: Reasons, First Aid, How To Stop Chafing And Best Medicine

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Sometimes even a slight irritation on the skin can cause discomfort. Chafing on the skin is formed due to the friction of the skin on the skin or something else, for example, on clothing. This constant friction eventually leads to peeling, redness, and even bleeding. If you are concerned about chafing on the skin, then read this article to learn how to prevent chafing and cure the chafing that has already appeared. 

What Is Chafing?

Chafing is a skin irritation that appears due to the influence of various factors (friction, constant contact with moisture, etc.). The cause of irritation can also be excess weight.  Overweight people have many problems since fullness is not only a load on the joints and bones but also many other troubles. Among them, there are such as chafing rash. Full legs encounter each other when walking, and this leads to the fact that at first there is irritation, then the situation changes quickly and redness occurs, then the skin can be chafed to blood. This is very painful, so overweight women rarely appear in dresses and skirts, as trousers prevent chafing.

Why Do People Chafe?

chafing during sports

Chafing on the inner surface of the thigh of both legs appears when actively rubbing against each other during intense movement. A painful symptom can be triggered by: 

  • fast running or cycling;
  • excess weight, in which the legs become full and inevitably touch tightly while walking;
  • individual structure of the legs: large hips against the background of a normal physique, closely located hip joints;
  • wearing clothing made of synthetic fabric or with coarse fibers in contact with the skin causes severe irritation.

An additional risk factor when rubbing between the legs when walking is the summer period, during which sweating increases. On naked legs, an additional reason appears in the form of a wet surface, in which the skin is chafed. 

How to Prevent Chafing?

The simplest solution is to wear trousers. Many people prefer this option and rarely wear spacious clothes. However, for some it is important to look feminine, so they cannot refuse to wear a dress. In addition, the trousers do not withstand such a load for too long, after a few months, holes form on the inner side of the thighs. Then various ways of dealing with this problem come to the rescue. 

How to Stop Chafing?

Apply cornstarch as a powder and treat your feet before going out on the street. It was applied to clean skin, and a light coating allowed to avoid friction and redness, but only for a certain time. If a person sweats a lot, then the efficiency is significantly reduced, and in hot climatic zones, it is difficult to avoid this. Another option is a greasy cream, but there are also difficulties here. It is impossible to sit down without traces of cream appearing on clothes, so it is rarely used. 


For chafing relief, apply a special aerosol to the problem area: it will create a protective layer that will protect your skin from sweat and subsequent chafing for a certain time. Especially effectively, absorb moisture with the effect of the powder.

how prevent chafing

How To Heal Chafing?

For the treatment of women chafing, first, it is necessary to minimize the negative effects of factors. When the diaper rash is of low severity, it is enough to refuse to wear uncomfortable and tight clothes, try to achieve a reduction in the intensity of sweating with appropriate medications. It is also necessary to frequently wash the folds of the skin on the body with soap and water or a solution with antiseptic agents. After washing, dry the folds with a cloth that absorbs moisture well. At the same time, you need to be careful, because the places of lesions are very painful, and they cannot be chafed. 

How Long Does Chafing Last?

Treatment of diaper rash, when it is started soon after the detection of this problem, in most cases is effective and allows you to prevent its transition to more severe stages. Therefore, start treatment as soon as you identify this problem so that it passes quickly and without complications. On average, the treatment takes 1-2 weeks.

How to Cure Chafing?

Before chafing treatment, it is necessary to carefully clean the affected area with water and antiseptic. Allow the skin to dry to avoid the risk of infection. You can use Bepanthen ointment to quickly get rid of chafing, as it is full of provitamin B5, which helps to restore irritated or damaged skin. Experts also recommend an Aloe Vera for chafing, which has a refreshing and soothing effect. If you prefer a home remedy, then soaked and chilled tea bags with chamomile will help you. 

The healing of wounds from rubbing depends on the stage of development. If you immediately start treatment, the chafing heals very quickly, but if you delay the process, it can take several weeks to treat wounds.

What to Use for Chafing

  • Powder with an antiseptic effect. To prevent your feet from sweating, you can treat them with baby powder on chafing: to do this, wash the skin, and then dry it, then apply the product. When the skin sweats, the powder will absorb moisture, so you will not rub anything between your legs.
  • Ointments. You can treat irritation with the help of ointment. They help in the fight against the consequences, but they do not protect the skin from chafing. You should smear your feet only after you thoroughly wash them using antibacterial soap.
  • Ice. If you have a lot of chafing between your legs when walking, and there were no funds nearby, use ordinary ice. Apply it to the irritation and hold it for a few minutes. Be careful — do not overcool the body, otherwise, it will lead to additional problems that you definitely do not need in such a delicate situation.
  •  In order not to rub between the legs in the summer, deodorant for chafing thighs can be applied to the dry, clean skin of the thigh to prevent the formation of sweat. It is recommended to choose products for sensitive skin without flavorings and additives.
get rid of chafing

How to Stop Chafing Pain

If you have a lot of chafing between your legs when walking, you need to think not about fighting the consequences, but about chafing protection. In order not to face such a problem in the future, you need to do the following:

  • wear high-quality underwear that covers the areas that are rubbed: boxers and shorts are suitable for this;
  • take care of your own hygiene: use only your own hygiene products, and in public places avoid contact of the rubbed areas with public objects;
  • get rid of excess weight on the inner part of the thigh: if there is a lot of fat on the problem areas, they will rub against each other anyway, so do exercises aimed at burning fat from the inner surface of the thigh;
  • choose “breathable” clothes in which you will feel comfortable: if something presses on you, replace this product with another one, otherwise every day you will sweat and rub the area between your legs when walking.

First Aid for Chafing

First, special attention should be paid to hygiene procedures. Wash the rubbing area twice a day from dirt and sweat residues using a hypoallergenic product. After the procedure, the inner surfaces of the legs should be soaked with a clean towel. If chafing has already appeared, it is necessary to take a shower before each treatment. After a shower, apply a diaper rash cream for chafing, it will relieve pain and relieve inflammation. 

How to Heal Chafing Overnight

anti chafe balm

In order for the wounds from rubbing to heal well, it is best to apply ointments at night, while you are sleeping, inflammation is removed and the skin is renewed. 


Desitin provides a long-lasting protective effect against moisture, especially at night. Remedies for chafe have a weak astringent effect, which causes their use as an anti-inflammatory and protective agent for minor burns, cuts, scratches, as well as for chafing and diaper rash of the skin. 

Aquaphor for Chafing

Aquaphor healing ointment is the best medicine for chafing. The ointment deserves the trust of dermatologists and provides effective care for very dry, cracked, and irritated skin. This chafing ointment does not contain fragrances, dyes, and preservatives, and provides safe, gentle care for sensitive skin. 

Aloe Vera 

aloe vera for chafing

Gel with Aloe Vera extract is also included in the list of remedies for chafed skin. Due to the content of salicylic acid and amino acids, it creates the thinnest film on the skin surface and perfectly moisturizes. This product reduces skin friction and prevents the risk of chafing. 

Vaseline for Chafing

Vaseline guarantees purity for soft, smooth, and noticeably healthier skin. Purity to such an extent that the effect on the skin is natural, because of which moisture is restored in it and renewal processes are started. 

We believe that chafing is a very important problem for many people, especially in the hot season. In order for the treatment to be effective and the wound healing to be fast, follow the recommendations in this article and start treatment as early as possible, and it is better to prevent the appearance of chafing at an early stage.

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