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Backless Dress For Big Bust

The backless dress looks very impressive and makes the image of a woman charismatic and expressive. However, such things require careful selection, because you can spoil the outfit with a bra that sticks out from under your clothes. The first question that most girls have is how to dress a big bust in a backless dress.

After all, an ordinary bra will be visible through the open back of the dress, which will create a completely non-aesthetic appearance. Because it is difficult to choose a beautiful dress with an open back and beautifully supports the bust without a bra. Let’s find out how to wear a backless dress with a big bust.

How to Wear Backless Dress with Large Breasts

Bra For Backless Dress

If you have a big bust, and you want to wear a dress with an open back, then you need to choose the right bra, here are some of them that you should know about.

Bra with a Silicone Strap On the Back

This is one of the budget options. The transparent silicone strap on the back is not noticeable, like a classic fabric one, but still, such a bra is not suitable for serious events when you need to look perfect. 

Breast Support for Backless Dress: Bandeau

One of the most popular models that can be worn with dresses with an open back is called a bandeau. A classic bra of this type is a piece of elastic fabric that fixes the breast and slightly lifts it. Bandeau bras can be supplemented with silicone tabs, elastic fabric inserts, and other non-standard details. The straps in such a bra are either completely absent or are removed. The only drawback of such a bra is that it is created from a synthetic material and is poorly suited for wearing in hot weather when the body sweats. But if you are looking for a bra to combine with an evening dress with an open back, then this model is exactly for you.

Bra for Backless Dress for Big Bust: Silicone Bra

How to Wear Backless Dress with Large Breasts

A strapless silicone bra is suitable for many complex décolletages and very open dresses. It can be ordinary and translucent, but also its cups can be covered with a fabric with or without a pattern. Usually, it is a flesh-colored or black fabric. Some models have an additional fixation, but they can peek out from under your clothes if you have a deep neckline on the back. The silicone bra gently but securely adheres to the skin, keeping the breast at the desired level. Transparent straps are supplied with some sconces. They can be used for additional support-if, of course, the dress model allows. But even without them, the bra performs its function very well.

Fly Bra

Unlike similarly invisible bras, the fly bra is not made entirely of silicone. Its outer side is fabric. The inner one is adhesive, for reliable support and fit to the bust. The cups are connected to each other not only by a clasp but also by lacing. This design allows you to achieve the “push-up” effect. The model has no seams and bones, straps, and a belt. This makes the fly bra indispensable when wearing open low-cut dresses and clothes with an open back. 

Bare Bra

There is another way to give your breasts a beautiful shape and at the same time without fear to wear clothes with a cutout on the back. To achieve the desired effect, special breast stickers are used, which are called bare bras. There are several varieties of the product. For example, silicone stickers can be attached to the middle part of the bust, and then, lifting the bust, fix the sticker at the desired height, sticking it to the skin.  

How to Dress Big Busts

  • Choose a narrow and shallow neckline, if the top is without straps, otherwise, the edges of the fabric on the sides do not fit the body and look ugly.
  • You can completely bare your back with models with an illusion grid. The flesh-colored grid is almost invisible on the figure. It is decorated with artificial pearls, lace, flowers, embroidery, and decorative elements. 

Best Dresses for Large Bust

Dress with Strap Neck

Dress with Strap Neck

Choose a bra according to the shape of the neckline. Here it is easy to do with a regular bra with detachable straps. Release the length of the strap and fasten it by wrapping it behind the neck. 

X-shaped Font Dresses

X-shaped Font Dresses

This dress is one of the best dresses for busty figures. These are dresses for the neck or options narrowed in front. It is most harmonious and convenient to wear a bra with removable straps in such a dress. The straps can be fastened behind the neck and fastened crosswise in front. You can use one strap by pushing it to the maximum length. A silicone-based strapless bra is also a great solution.

How to Lift Breasts in Backless Dress

Dress in a Built-in Bra

Some dresses don’t necessarily need a bra, because they already have built-in support. For example, in the form of an elastic lining or built-in cups. 

Put the Bra Cups In the Dress

Bra cups can be taken out of your usual everyday bra. You can also remove the front part and use the bra cups without separating them. Alternatively, you can buy special inserts.  

Boob Tape

There are several types of ribbons that can be used to form and support the breast. It is recommended to use medical-grade tapes because they are more gentle for the skin, do not cause chafing or allergic reactions. In addition, they are easily removed. 

How to Hold Up Large Breasts without a Bra

Body Adhesive is applied to the body to prevent the dress from slipping off the bust and showing the female body too openly. This type of “glue” is suitable for any type of skin and does not cause allergic reactions. 

How to Tape Large Breasts for Backless Dress

With the help of Boob Tape, you can give the bust the desired shape and lift it.

Follow These Rules

  • Measure the distance from the base of the bust to the shoulder. We hold it under the mammary gland, then under the collarbone, and finish the measurement in the shoulder area.
  • We measure out several strips of Boob Tape, cut them off. We glue one end of the strip under the breast, closer to the armpit area. Lifting the bust, we continue to stick it up along the bust area.
  • We seal the other end, bringing it over the shoulder. Thus, we rewind the bust until its shape suits us. 

Advantages of Boob Tape

  • You can glue the tape in such a way that the design fits any, even the most daring cutout;
  • The method can be used without restriction in the size of the breast;
  • It does not require material costs; 

Disadvantages of Boob Tape 

  • After a few hours, it may begin to peel off at the edges.

Backless Bra for Bigger Breasts

Backless Bra for Bigger Breasts
  • Victoria’s Secret, Multiwear 100-way Bra: With a transparent elastic insert replacing traditional fasteners, one hundred different ways of using are offered.
  • Incanto, ICD19008B Basic microfiber: hard molded bowls, removable straps, foam inserts.
  • Milavitsa, AM11856: silicone back, molded cups for the push-up effect, 5 straps, including silicone.

We believe that among the presented methods, one will definitely suit you. Each of them has its own characteristics and its own positive aspects.

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