Learning more and more about the big and tall male models in the plus size industry!

Plus And Wow|Women's talk|Learning more and more about the big and tall male models in the plus size industry!


Growing up and being used to a society that portrayed models as thin and tall with long legs and a small amount of muscles, as well as flawless skin, has definitely played a role in society’s views. However, as years went by and men and women of not only the plus size community but everyone as a whole began to get fed up with the portrayal of what a model should look like. Seeing clothing pieces and lingerie pieces be modeled by thinner women and more muscular men is not realistic for everyone. Growing up differently, in regards to eating habits and the types of foods we eat give us the types of bodies we possess.

There is no reason to be ashamed of the bodies we have, but rather, we should work with them and be proud of them. Since society has finally begun to shift and change the standards that once were, plus size men models and plus size female models have begun to put body positivity out in the world and show people how to love themselves. While plus size female models are just as important and just as inspirational, today we will be diving in and learning about all the overweight male models out there, representing the plus size community and pushing for body positivity. There are so many big male models out there. Not only that, but there are aspiring big and tall male models looking to build a modeling career. Who knows, they might just become the newest male plus size model out there.

Brett Morse

plus size male model

Brett Morse is a plus size male model that is represented by Bridge Models. Brett is big in fashion and even bigger on enforcing body positivity in this world. Additionally, Brett is also an Olympic athlete disk shooter, which is definitely impressive. If you want to look through pictures of this chubby male model filled with fashion inspiration and body positivity, check out his Instagram page — @brettmorseoly, you won’t be disappointed.

Orcin G

Orcin G is a chubby figure male model who is represented by Kult Models. He is based in Hamburg, Germany, and is absolutely stunning. With his beautiful smile, glistening green eyes, and amazing, fluffy brown hair, he is sure to get the attention of many.

Kelvin Davis

Kelvin Davis is not only a model but he is a style blogger. Kelvin runs a blog called Notoriously Dapper which promotes positivity throughout it. The first thing that pops up on the page is two pictures with the words “Love Yourself” and “Stay Positive” on top of them. He is very well known in the plus size male fashion industry and pushes to promote body positivity as much as he can. In addition to his outstanding fashion sense, he is absolutely stunning. His smile is absolutely contagious. Check out his Instagram — @kelvindavis, to see some awesome pictures.

Clauss Fleissner

chubby male model

Clauss Fleissner is an amazing plus-size male model, represented by Curve Model Management. Fleissner is a model from Germany and his posing skills are out of this world. Not only is Fleissner an amazing plus-size male model, but he also runs an awesome fashion blog. His blog is called “Extra Inches” and has “Male Plus Size Blog” as the subtitle. Although it is written completely in the German language, we know it has to be good. Based on the title, we believe it is based on plus-size males and aims for body positivity. His blog Instagram page is @extra_inches_plussizeblog, if you were thinking about learning more about his blog.

Steven Martin

Steven Martin is also a plus size German male model and he is represented by East-West Model Management. His perfectly lined beard and amazing dark brown hair add to his already handsome self. He also aims for body positivity and pushes for it throughout his Instagram, which is @steven_martin_plussize.

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