Makeup Tutorial for Round Face: We Have Found the Best Ways on How to Do It in a Proper Way

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Round-faced girls tend to look younger than their age. And if you know the basic rules of makeup for round faces, then you are doubly lucky. In this article, we will look at the topic from all angles.

There are only a few basic face shapes, but sometimes it can be difficult to define your own. Round or oval face? Rectangular or “heart”? In each case, you should focus on different signs. In case you have a round face (like, for example, Adele, Kate Winslet, and Mila Kunis), the following conditions must be met.

  1. The length of your face is approximately equal to its width. Of course, there are no absolutely round faces, so in this case, the semantic emphasis must be placed on the word “about”.
  2. You have a rounded chin, not a pointed one.
  3. The width of the cheekbones, forehead, and jaw is approximately equal.

Features of makeup for chubby face:

  1. Try to use as many browns as possible
  2. Eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush with brown pigments are your best friends.
  3. Choosing shades in deep, dark colors is an important makeup tip for round face

Purple, gray, blue, or even black. Of course, a lot depends on the color of your eyes, but dark shades will in any case help to distract attention from the shape of the face and draw it to your eyes. The same rule applies to eyeliners, which will help create an even more remarkable make-up.

  1. The lightest shades should be placed closer to the center of the face

The lighter areas on your face are more visible, so you need to highlight the nose, chin, and forehead to draw attention to them and distract from the contour circle face. For this purpose, a foundation one tone lighter than necessary, a highlighter, and a powder with shining particles are suitable.

  1. Smokey ice makeup is one of the most successful solutions in makeup for round face and small eyes

Such make-up will definitely draw attention to your eyes. And don’t forget to add a liner to the upper eyelid!

  1. Watch your eyeliner in the eye makeup for round face

The eyeliner you use on your upper eyelid should always be darker than the eyeliner you use on your lower eyelid. This contrast will help create the illusion of shadow and thus help to make the eyes stand out even more.

Contouring tutorial for round face

Your goal is to visually make your face more elongated and slightly shrink your cheeks.

Apply a dark shade of the sculptor (it should be two to three shades darker than your skin) along your forehead and sides of your face.

Do not forget to highlight the central areas of the face (nose, forehead, chin) with a highlighter, otherwise, your face will visually look even wider.

Use only matte textures for contouring fat cheeks.

Instead of a special sculpting product, you can use a foundation a few shades darker or lighter than usual.

Where to apply blush in makeup for the round cheeks?

  • If you have a round face, do not apply blush to the apples of your cheeks: this action will make your face even rounder.
  • In general, the higher you apply the blush, the more you focus on the shape of your face. Instead, spread the blush underneath your cheekbones to lengthen your face a little.
  • Choose a blush in warm colors and with a matte finish. You can also use bronzer instead of blush, blending it under the cheekbones and along the chin.
  • Distribute the blush in a non-circular motion: strokes should be made diagonal as if lengthening the face.
  • Avoid applying blush close to your nose to avoid making your face look even rounder. Better blend them closer to the earlobe.

How to put makeup on a round face?

contour circle face

How to choose the shape of your eyebrows?

  • The best eyebrow shape for you is angular, with a fairly sharp bend. It helps to visually lengthen the face, draw attention to your eyes, and sharpen your facial features rather than smooth and rounded features.
  • The second option is almost straight eyebrows.
  • The eyebrows should not be too short, otherwise, the cheeks will visually look even more voluminous. The “ponytail” of the eyebrow should end outside the outer corner of the eye.
  • Thin eyebrows in the round face makeup are no longer in vogue, but in your case, following the trend for thick, wide eyebrows is especially important. If by nature you are not very expressive, replenish your cosmetic bag with an eyebrow pencil, shadows, and tint gel. How to use them correctly, read our instructions (for example, here and here).
  • Use a highlighter to accentuate the area under the eyebrow: this simple trick will instantly make your brows more expressive.

Contouring tutorial round face

The easiest way to make the oval of the faceless round is by sculpting. Don’t you understand what exactly needs to be dimmed? Remember the classic number three contour: apply a cold brown blush to the sides of the forehead, a little on the temples, cheekbones, and also on the lower jaw. Important! Do not touch your chin: this will visually lengthen the face. To enhance the effect, sculpting agents are applied to the cheekbones in a diagonal line.

Note that a good result will come out only if you have found your blush color. How to find it? Ideally, use a blush two shades darker than your BB cream for makeup for a wide face, or three shades for a more dramatic look. Subtone also matters: for a more natural result, use cold, greyish foods that really look like shadows on your face. If you use an orange sculptor, you will look like Oompa Lumpa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is clearly not what you want.

Contour makeup tutorial round face

  1. Darken the line of the jaw, forehead (temporal zones), the area under the cheekbone, and the wings of the nose.
  2. And give your face the maximum relief – this applies not only to the cheekbones but also to the nose and chin. Apply a light-colored concealer or highlighter to the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, in the middle of the forehead and chin.
  3. And yes, everything needs to be well shaded so that clear lines are not visible and the makeup is natural.
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Makeup tutorial for round face

Round face sculpting

After moisturizing the skin and applying the makeup base, you can start contouring:

  • Hide imperfections of the skin with a foundation, the shade of which is as close as possible to the skin color.
  • Apply a dark sculptor (2-3 tones darker than the foundation) on the outer parts of the cheeks and face, highlight the line of the cheekbones and the lateral surfaces of the nose.
  • Highlight the middle line of the nose, forehead, and chin, as well as the area under the eyes with a light shade.
  • How to contour chubby cheeks? Use a cheekbone highlighter – the product is applied directly over the area highlighted by a dark sculptor.

How to get rid of a round face?

round face makeup

Round face correction rules – a crucial stage. It is necessary to correctly apply makeup for large cheeks and a round face. It is important to correct flaws and emphasize strengths. The contour makeup round face is based on the principles of contouring.

It is necessary to create the effect of a natural shadow that emphasizes the high cheekbones round face and visually reduces the face. For this, various cosmetics are used: tonal bases and primers, concealers, bronzers, correctors, highlighters, etc. They are applied depending on the individual characteristics of the structure of the face, but it is important not to get confused in their assortment.

A concealer should be perfect.

The first is drier and is distributed in spots to mask individual imperfections or areas with an irregular skin tone. It is applied under the foundation as opposed to concealer.

This product is used to lighten specific areas, has a more oily texture, and often has the effect of nourishing cream.

Applying makeup for every day:

  • To make everyday makeup quickly and accurately, practice. Some features can be skipped, but each of them has a meaning and allows you to emphasize or hide features with a wide face. Experienced makeup artists advise you to apply the following products in stages:
  • A primer is needed to apply makeup more evenly. It keeps make-up throughout the day.
  • Concealers and foundations are designed to mask individual weights.
  • The dark sculptor is suitable to do contour chubby cheeks.
  • A light highlighter for a radiant sheen.
  • Eyeshadow and lip gloss will add brightness to your look.
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