Matcha Green Tea for Weight Loss: Top 3 Options & How to Make It by Yourself

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Matcha Green Tea

Many of us have probably heard of the numerous studies on the benefits and dangers of Matches. And thanks to nutritionists and bloggers, there are more and more requests for “matcha weight loss” in Google. For many centuries in Japan, it has been used as an important attribute of the tea ceremony, but since it has existed for so long, does Matcha help you lose weight, or is it just another fashion trend, as was the Keto diet recently? This is what we have to find out, as well as study not only the possible advantages, but also the disadvantages, and find out the best Matcha tea for weight loss, etc.!

Matcha Slim Tea: What Is It?

Matcha is green tea, ground into powder, and thanks to the peculiarities of its cultivation and preparation, many useful substances for our body are preserved. We have already mentioned above that it is often used in Japan, but this country is not its homeland. It was the Buddhists of China who roasted the leaves, and then ground them, and steamed Matcha green tea, but it was not associated with diet, but with relaxation. In Japan, it appeared only in the 12th century and widespread popularity in the 13th century. The Japanese often add this to their sweets, so you may not even give up on your favorite treats and call it the Matcha diet. However, too much should not be consumed.

How Does Matcha Help Weight Loss?

does matcha help with weight loss

We could also name this section as the main benefits of using Matcha in your diet plan because we will talk about the processes that contribute to the loss of a few extra pounds thanks to this tea.

Does Matcha Boost Metabolism?

EGCG is a powerful polyphenolic antioxidant that has a similar function to a fat blocker and can promote metabolism and prevent the growth of fat cells (but only slow down in obesity). The Matcha weight loss study found that after taking high doses for 12 weeks, weight loss was significant. This was evidenced by a reduced mass index and a reduced waste in volume. In addition, it has also been found to lower cholesterol without any side effects. So remember that Matcha green tea is good for metabolism.

Can Matcha Help You Lose Weight due to Fast Thermogenesis?

First, it is worth understanding that this is not a process that can only be started with the help of tea, because everyone has it but at different speeds. In other words, tea can help increase the rate of burning of calories for the human body. However, different studies have published arguing indicators, in some, the combustion process increases by no more than 6-10%, and in others up to 40%.

Does Matcha Make You Gain Weight due to Extra Energy?

Due to EGCG and caffeine, this tea is able to give energy to the body, which is evenly distributed and not for one hour. This would help you stay active throughout the day and exercise after work – go to the gym, exercise at home, or go running in the park. So in Matcha vs coffee for weight loss and extra energy, the first one wins. However, remember that too much tea can be harmful, and we will talk about this below.

Does Matcha Detox Your Body?

It really detoxifies our body and is very useful before starting diets and during fasting days. However, remember that it is a balanced diet that is much more beneficial for our body, and not constant diets aimed at a quick result. Always consult with an experienced dietitian who can prescribe food for you based on your eating habits and medical condition.

Does Matcha Help with Weight Loss due to Sugar Balance?

The surges of sugar in our blood can lead to very negative consequences – at first, rapid weight gain can be observed, and then diabetes mellitus. Even doctors are unanimous that this tea can help balance blood sugar. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee weight loss, but it would definitely help not to gain more extra pounds.

How Much Matcha Should I Drink to Lose Weight?

matcha diet

Each product should be consumed in moderation in our daily diet, otherwise, it may not be beneficial, but harmful. So how much Matcha per day for weight loss? After analyzing various sources, we came to the conclusion that 270-1200 mg (1-4 teaspoons) of tea per day is an acceptable norm for an adult. This amount would help you lose about 3 pounds in 3 months without diet and exercise. And if you see the answer to the question “how to use Matcha powder for weight loss”, as many as you want, block that website and never listen to advice from it. If you want better results, then revise your menu and add some simple exercises. And Matcha as a green tea would bring more benefits for weight loss.

What Is the Best Time to Drink Matcha for Weight Loss?

What you eat and drink during the morning is critical. Endless research has shown that eating Matcha in the morning can cause the body to burn calories more efficiently and reduce cravings for unhealthy foods throughout the day. It would not only energize you, but it would also make you feel a contented, clear, and happy belly. Sustained and safe for your health weight loss is just the result of what you do every day, so don’t forget to take steps that can become a ritual every morning. And in Matcha vs green tea for weight loss battle, the first one wins as the best morning drink.

Which Matcha Green Tea is Best for Weight Loss: Reviews?

matcha recipes for weight loss

We analyzed many Matcha weight loss reviews on different forums and choose three of the most popular for you.

Simple Matcha Japanese Ceremonial

You can drink this tea hot, cold, and like a latte. It is also suitable for vegetarians. Antioxidants added to the composition would help strengthen the immune system to fight various infections and other diseases. According to research, one cup of Matcha green tea for weight loss is equivalent to 10 cups of regular green tea.

Charbrew 14 Days Detox

Its ingredient blend contains no added sugars and is made with only natural ingredients grown in Sri Lanka. It would be enough for you to drink Matcha once a day because the product from this particular company is often used in conjunction with other methods of fighting obesity or to cleanse the body of toxins. Its customer rating is 9.4.

Matcha Green Tea Extract Capsules

Instead of drinking Matcha as a green tea, you can try capsules with turmeric for weight loss. These capsules allow you to consume the plants in their pure form. The product has been tested and is safe for your body. It also combines different herbs and spices, which make it richer in vitamins. We understand tea capsules may sound strange, and you may doubt their usefulness, but the official distributor guarantees a 90-day return if you don’t like something. However, before buying, still, check whether this option is valid.

Does Matcha Burn Belly Fat?

Is Matcha a fat burner or not is a quite popular question. But we have already answered that yes, but what about belly fat? It ranks first among other teas in this category. We do not promise you quick results if you start drinking Matcha green tea for weight loss, but with the right approach, you will have small but stable results. Remember that losing weight too quickly in the abdomen can lead to stretch marks and sagging skin. The gradual removal of those extra pounds would help to tighten the skin’s elasticity and restore its beautiful appearance.

How to Prepare Matcha Tea for Weight Loss?

In general Matcha recipes for weight loss have a lot of similarities, and we choose one that can also help you to accumulate your energy for a day. You would need:

  • sieve;
  • whisk;
  • 2 g Matches.

How to do Matcha green tea for weight loss and best results?

  • Sift tea through a sieve into a bowl, add water.
  • Whisk it in a W-shaped motion until the lumps break up and foam forms.

Your energy and useful drink is ready. It is easy to prepare, isn’t it?

However, not everyone can take this drink, or it is recommended to limit the acceptable dose. This may be due to an allergy to one of the components in the composition or medical problems. In any case, be sure to consult with a specialist before running and buying a Matcha. If you have no restrictions, then feel free to go ahead!

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