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Positive Thinking Day

On September 13, funny positive thought day is celebrated all over the world. Many researchers have confirmed that positive thinking speech leads to a longer life and helps fight diseases. Positive thinking day was first celebrated in the United States in 2003. National positive thinking day is often associated with meditations, yoga, and affirmations that help you feel much happier and more confident. To maximize the effect of these positive statements, you need to follow certain rules for writing and using them.

What Is Positive Thinking?

What Is Positive Thinking?

A positive affirmation is a short phrase of self-suggestion that creates the right mood. Today, positive affirmations are considered part of spiritual meditations. Such positive statements are a method of effective self-help for positive thinkers who are in a difficult situation.

Optimism is important not only for creating a favorable emotional mood but also for mental and physical health. It reduces internal anxiety, reduces the risk of heart disease, strengthens the immune system, and helps to increase life expectancy.

The Structure of Affirmations

What is particularly attractive about positive statements is their simplicity. The formula for writing effective affirmations is actually very simple. They must be written:

  • from the first person in the singular;
  • in a positive context;
  • emotionally charged;
  • in the present tense.

Instead of dreaming of a happy future, it is necessary to live in the present tense and use affirmations to increase the level of your own motivation to become what you want and get what a person aspires to.

Types of Affirmations

Positive statements need to be written and used differently in different situations. Their choice depends on what problems you are facing, and what you need to work on the most — it can be gaining self-confidence, improving health, increasing motivation. 

When To Use Affirmations?

It is allowed to pronounce them in different ways. You can stand in front of a mirror and speak to your reflection. There is another way: write statements on cards and place them in prominent places so that they always catch the eye. Writing affirmations every day is no less useful than saying them. Psychologists say that the process of writing more effectively affects a person’s subconscious.

Positive Affirmations to Say Everyday

Start Your Day with Positive Thoughts

Positive Affirmations to Say Everyday
  • After sleeping, I feel energy, cheerfulness and joy at the same time;
  • With each breath, my body is filled with harmony, energy, strength;
  • I am satisfied with my life;
  • I leave all the bad things in the past, and today is a new life;
  • I am happy with a new day;
  • I appreciate everything I have in life and enjoy every day;
  • The morning gives me the opportunity to make my life better;
  • My body feels peace, joy and a charge of energy from the very morning;
  • I am a strong, harmonious, and healthy person.

Positive Affirmations for Women

  • I am a proud and confident woman. I am strong, and I am capable of many achievements
  • My feminine qualities help me achieve success;
  • I like to be myself;
  • I am overwhelmed with motivation to achieve;
  • My confidence allows me to cope with any challenge;
  • I can achieve absolutely anything I want;
  • I am worthy of respect and love.

Positive Affirmations for Men

  • Luck loves me
  • I am in harmony with others and the whole world
  • The world loves me and shows its love every day
  • I am beautiful physically and spiritually
  • Life reflects all my thoughts
  • I am a courageous, handsome and successful man.
  • I am confident in the correctness of my thoughts and judgments
  • Only I am responsible for my thoughts and actions
  • I am healthy, which means I am cheerful, cheerful and energetic

Night Affirmations

Night Affirmations

Healthy sleep-begins with the relaxation of the mind. Let go of all the worries, stress and anxiety. Try to relax the nervous system in the evening and observe the regime of going to bed at the same time.

  • My mind is calm and relaxed.
  • There is peace around me.
  • I am calm and peaceful.
  • I welcome a pleasant and relaxing sleep.
  • I let go of all my thoughts.
  • I am grateful for today.
  • I allow myself to let go of tension and not think about anything.
  • Calmness, peace, and tranquility reign in my soul.

Affirmations for Health

Affirmations for health and healing contribute to getting rid of chronic and infectious diseases, weakening the symptoms of a particular ailment, faster and better wound healing, strengthening immunity, improving overall health.

  • The vital energy fills every atom with my being;
  • I am absolutely healthy;
  • I love and approve of myself;
  • I feel great every day of my wonderful life;
  • My body is a source of good health;
  • I love my body and know how to take care of it;
  • I always feel good;
  • My new day is full of strength, health, and hope;
  • My body is healthy, full of strength and vital energy;
  • I have a strong, strong body and a slim figure.

Happy Affirmations

With these affirmations, you feel happiness and a positive inner state, gain a clear awareness and acceptance of yourself as a happy and harmonious person.

  • Everything I do attract happiness into my life;
  • Today is a great day to attract happiness into life;
  • Happiness lies in the little things, and I am happy even with my smallest successes;
  • I am a happy person and I can give happiness to my surroundings.

Financial Affirmations

Financial Affirmations

To get rid of destructive attitudes from your head, to change the style and type of thinking, you should become a person who has changed the psychology of poverty to the psychology of wealth. You can do this with the help of affirmations for money and wealth, which are one of the most powerful ways to attract money and financial stability into your life.

  • I was born to fulfill all my dreams;
  • Money flows to me freely;
  • Wonderful opportunities come to me day after day;
  • I am worthy of all the wealth I desire;
  • I attract great opportunities into my life.

Buddhist Affirmations

  • I love to meditate;
  • I meditate easily and deeply;
  • I enjoy meditation;
  • I believe that meditation serves my purification and liberation;
  • I evolve through meditation;
  • I develop through meditation.

How to Improve Positive Thinking

How to Improve Positive Thinking

Apply Reframing

Reframing is the interpretation of negative situations positively. The positive aspects may be less significant, the main thing is to find them.

Write Down the Positive Events That Happened During the Day

It does not matter how significant they are and in what sphere of life they occurred. The more positive events, the better, but it is worth starting with at least 3-5. Then specify what actions led to these events.

Let Go Of The Past

The past cannot be changed, and there is no need to drag such a load behind you. Imagine that a problem from the past burns up in a fire, sinks in the ocean, or crumbles on impact. Describe what happened on paper and burn or drown it in reality. Mentally, aloud or in a letter, forgive the offender or yourself.

Start Each Day with a Positive Thought

If you start consciously thinking about positive things first thing in the morning, the rest of the day will be better. You need this exercise: every morning put yourself in a situation in which you are doing well, in which you were happy and carefree and in which you felt good. Try again to sympathize with this situation and enjoy this positive moment.

Read Books about Happiness

There is much more to say about positive thinking and happiness than in the article. So keep reading the book about happiness and other positive topics.

Stay Away From Disgruntled People

Whether we are positive or negative also depends on the surrounding people. If you are constantly dealing with people who complain and complain, then this negative attitude extends to you. Conversely, cheerful and perky people can also make us happier.

Facts about Positive Thinking

Facts about Positive Thinking

Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

Realizing the power of positive affirmations and gratitude, we begin to consume information more selectively. Gradually, a barrier is formed between consciousness and negativity, which blocks the latter. Affirmations can be directed both to a specific problem and to the general state.


Affirmations help us to be more aware. When we know what we want and remind ourselves of it every day, we begin to monitor and control our thoughts. This helps to change not only your consciousness but also your behavioral habits.

We believe that affirmations help people become happier and more confident in themselves. Repeating these statements not only on September 13, but also every day, you change for the better, programming yourself for success. And everything around you is changing.

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