National Panty Day: Traditions and Activities That You Can Do in This Day

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New York has hosted National Lingerie Day

For over a decade, New York has hosted National Lingerie Day. On this day, everyone (and there is not so few of them) can go to Times Square only in their underwear. In 2011, the Guinness record was set in Salt Lake City: 2270 people gathered.

Fortunately, today modern women have a huge selection of lingerie to embody any image and absolutely for all occasions. From something shameful, lingerie has become a real arsenal for seduction, providing a lot of space for imagination, and this fact is impossible not to rejoice at.

It must be said that some treat underwear as an intimate wardrobe item and as a basic necessity, while others use it as an accessory. Modern fabrics make it possible to create underwear for specific needs, so a wide variety is made for sports and specific climates. Depending on preferences, the underwear is chosen both more modest and more attractive.

When Is National Underwear Day?

A rather unusual holiday is celebrated in the USA on August 5. National underwear day: this holiday is loved by residents of the United States, it was initiated by the American company Freshpair, which sells men’s and women’s underwear, headquartered in New York.

Imagine that pedestrians and drivers in Times Square in New York could contemplate a strange parade: its participants were dressed only in the underwear of various types and brands. They paraded down the street, held a fashion show, and asked passers-by to sign a petition to the government to recognize national panty day as an official holiday.

Most likely National Underwear Day is a promotional marketing campaign sponsored by FreshPairs with the participation of many brands – Dolce & Gabbana, Puma, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, and others. In total, 34 companies producing men’s underwear and 36 companies specializing in women’s underwear participated in the event.

On this day, passers-by, according to the organizers, were very surprised. And they can be understood. Imagine a crowd of people walking around downtown in enticing underwear. There is something to be surprised at.

History of National Underwear Day

History of National Underwear Day

The first festive events dedicated to the holiday took place in 2003. The holiday quickly became popular and spread throughout the world.

The founder of the tradition is the head of Freshpair Michael Kleinmann, who in 2003 brought models in lingerie to Times Square (New York).In 2013, the company hosted the Times Square Marathon in New York City with more than 800 participants, all in their underwear, in hopes of breaking the Guinness World Record for the number of people congregating in their underwear.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t enough to break the record. But thanks to this event, a new wonderful holiday was born. This day nevertheless made a lot of noise in its time and also allowed attracting sponsors to subsequent performances. While Freshpair is making money and boosting sales, ordinary people are in for a pleasant sight.

National Underwear Day Activities

National Underwear Day Activities

Every year national lingerie day is celebrated with various events in New York: mass distribution of lingerie, the opening of pop-up shops in Columbus Circle, and the aforementioned mass catwalk in Times Square.

A Bit of a Story about Underwear:

Interestingly, the first image of clothing known to history, which closely resembled modern underwear, dates back to the 4th century BC. The mosaic in the Sicilian villa of Armerina depicts two beautiful young girls in striking red suits, shaped like modern swimwear. However, the ancient Romans, of course, did not wear underwear, and it was clothing for sports competitions. When did humans start wearing underwear? In the 15th century, in the men’s wardrobe of Europeans, some semblance of modern underpants was already noticed, which did not originate from trousers, as many believe, but from the so-called underpants.

It is believed that underpants became widespread in the 16th century. According to experts, at this time they were worn mainly by men. Whereas the history of the appearance of underwear for women begins only in the 18th century.

Interesting Facts

Story about Underwear

Swimming trunks that can be seen in frescoes and paintings dating from the 15th century were not much different in appearance from modern ones. They were sewn in the Middle Ages from flax and cotton. It was these two materials that were used at that time for the production of intimate wardrobe items. In the 19th century, woolen lingerie began to be produced, resembling pantaloons, with frills at the bottom.

Without exaggeration, it can be noted that over the centuries, underwear has changed in style and purpose, but it has always been an integral part of what people wear. Many, like Freshpair employees, consider it to be the most important piece of clothing for people to feel confident.

How Can I Celebrate National Underwear Day?

In underpants day, the importance of underwear can be noted, as well as the feeling of confidence that it gives when wearing.

Even if you lack the courage or desire to showcase your underwear on the streets and squares on this holiday, you can still join in celebrating this special day. Just put on your favorite bra and panties today and feel the most beautiful. Truly, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of good underwear in the life of any person, especially a woman.

Everybody is beautiful, so celebrate this fact! By the way, this is a great day to indulge yourself and buy new underwear.

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