Nike Plus-Size Model and Nike Mannequins: Nike is Making the Fashion Revolution

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Sports brand Nike has announced a new inclusive initiative and will add Nike mannequins plus size to its brand stores.

New fat mannequins have already appeared in flagship stores in London and New York. The company wants to debunk the myth that plus-size is not compatible with sports and health.

Nike will also open a special space where everyone can sign up for personal training and get advice on the selection of clothes.

“The redesigned space further demonstrates Nike’s commitment to inspiring and empowering female athletes. It is more than just a shopping experience – it is a celebration of sport, especially before summer, when you can play football, athletics, and other sports”, said Sarah Hanna, vice president of Nike Europe.

The brand will also open a special corner where all interested customers can get styling services and sign up for personal training. The first projects with obese mannequins Nike Plus will launch in flagship stores in London and New York.

Nike is once again ready to remind those who have forgotten – we are all different, and we are all beautiful. Rather than recruiting plus-size women in the campaign, Nike has gone a step further, taking real steps to transform the minds of consumers.

So, the first Nike plus-size mannequin appeared in the window of a sports brand store on Oxford Street in London.

The reaction to the new mannequins has been more positive than one might imagine, with shoppers enjoying seeing more inclusive body shapes displayed in store windows.

It’s important to show that women of all sizes can be fit and healthy! We were made to think that skinny = healthy and seductive,

– such reviews can be found on Instagram.

Now the size grid of things from Nike has expanded to 3X (62-64 sizes).

Also, about Nike:

fat mannequins

Nike has launched a line of sportswear and plus-size underwear: the collection, part of which is already available on the brand’s website, includes more than 200 models of tops, leggings, trousers, bras, and jackets from XL to XXXL. The collection’s lookbook features Paloma Elsesser, whom we once advised you to subscribe to, plus-size models Grace Victory and Daniel Wannier, as well as hammer thrower Amanda Bingson.

Grace Victory – Nike plus-size model – was among the models who presented the first collection of plus-size clothing for women in the history of the sports brand. After the Nike ad was published, the Internet criticized the girl, accusing her of being overweight and suspecting her of an unhealthy diet.

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