Can Being Overweight Cause Hair Loss? Hair Structure, Reasons Of Hair Loss And Tips For Hair Restoration

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Can Being Overweight Cause Hair Loss?

Excess weight provokes serious diseases. Obesity is an increase in body weight, in which excess fat accumulates under the skin – on the abdomen, chest, back, thighs, buttocks. Fat is deposited not only under the skin, but also on internal organs: the heart, blood vessels, liver. Due to obesity, various diseases appear predisposition to diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, liver obesity, arthritis, and other diseases. The side effects of these diseases can lead to hair loss. Thus, obesity and hair loss are closely interrelated, and now we will take a closer look at this topic.

Does Obesity Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Structure, Reasons Of Hair Loss

The Structure of the Hair

Each hair has living and relatively inanimate parts. The living part of the hair is the hair follicle, i.e. its root together with the surrounding tissues. Here the cells of the outer part of the hair are synthesized. These cells multiply at a tremendous speed, and for normal division, they need high-quality nutrition. The life span of the hair is from 3 to 7 years. When it falls out, new hair grows from the same bulb. In order for the process of origin and creation of new hair to go smoothly, you also need many nutrients. Any malfunction in the body’s work instantly affects the quality of hair, skin, and nails.

Diseases Due to Obesity, Which Cause Hair to Fall Out:

  • Hormonal failure due to medications for diseases.
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Malfunctions in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Negative impact on the cardiovascular system: the heart and blood vessels are used to your body weight, and a sudden increase in it will become a strong load for them. Result: arrhythmia, pressure surges.

Can Weight Gain Cause Hair Loss?

Why Are Diets Bad for Hair?

Hair loss, as we said earlier, is a side effect of diseases associated with obesity, but in addition, overweight people often go on diets. Improper diet or the use of harmful products also leads to hair loss.

Why Are Diets Bad for Hair?

On a diet, the body does not receive a number of vitamins, trace elements, and sometimes proteins, fats, carbohydrates. With diets, nutrients are supplied primarily to the vital organs. Naturally, hair does not belong to them. Due to lack of nutrition, the cycle of hair growth and formation is disrupted: they “freeze” in the follicles, their structure is damaged, and they become weak, thin, and dull. The longer the diet lasts, the more serious the defects in the follicle and the worse the condition of the hair. Diets are especially dangerous in the spring when the body is deprived of useful elements that are vital to it after the winter. Therefore, if you want to have healthy hair, then do not try to lose weight with diets and discuss the problem of your disease with your doctor.

How To Restore Hair In Case Of Obesity?

There are many ways to help women and men cope with hair loss and activate the growth processes of the remaining hair follicles.

Medical Treatment

First, contact your doctor; he will prescribe a course of treatment for you. In the treatment of hair loss due to obesity, estrogen-containing drugs are more often used to bring the level of hormones to the natural female norm. You can also do a head massage. Regular massage of biologically active points can be carried out independently – it will help to improve blood circulation and strengthen the nutrition of hair follicles.


In addition, for the treatment of hair loss, local remedies can be prescribed: various gels, sprays, and ointments, the action of which is aimed at activating hair growth.

Folk Methods

The most famous helpers of hair growth are castor and burdock oil, B vitamins, egg yolk, rye bread, and some other products that you can add to purchased masks. Replace white bread and breakfast cereals with whole-grain bread and oatmeal. Whole grain products are rich in vitamin E and vitamin B, which promote hair growth.

Cosmetic Products

Special preparations for activating hair growth. All these products (therapeutic shampoos, balms) must also be approved by a trichologist and, most importantly, do not cause allergies, otherwise, you risk harming the whole body.

If you are still faced with the problem of hair loss due to obesity, then you do not need to panic. First, consult a doctor, he will prescribe the right treatment for you but do not forget that hair loss can be prevented. A healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and a balanced diet will improve the body and make the hair thick.

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