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full body girdle plus size

It is important for owners of curvaceous forms to know how to choose lingerie for plump ones in order to emphasize their dignity and hide imperfections. You always want to feel desirable and beautiful. That’s why the article about women’s girdles plus size is important!

Full body girdle plus size is a must-have thing

And the right underwear for obese women will give confidence and increase self-esteem. When choosing an image, you emphasize your dignity. So it is with underwear. For girls with appetizing shapes, underwear should be beautiful and sexy. To want to wear it. The main thing is to choose the size and style.

Plus size girdles

Slimming lingerie of large sizes is an invariable attribute in a wardrobe. An irreplaceable thing for evening dresses. There are several types of corrective underwear based on the stiffness of the material.

  • Light shapewear – made of soft but dense fabric. Creates a slight correcting effect, smoothes the silhouette, and is suitable for daily wear.
  • The medium corrective effect made of a thicker fabric. Suitable if you need to hide folds and even out the silhouette.
  • Corrective underwear made of very dense fabric can produce a strong corrective effect. These models already have hidden recesses for the chest and buttocks. Significantly removes extra centimeters, but constrains movement.

How to choose the best girdle for plus size?

plus size stomach girdle

How to choose shapewear that will make you slimmer, underwear that inspires confidence, and underwear that no one should know about?

There are several subtleties here.

First of all, all types of body girdle plus size are produced with varying degrees of tightening – from weak to strong. A weak tightening is suitable for slightly aligning the silhouette, making the lines smoother and more feminine, and removing folds if any. And a strong tightening will remove, for example, a few centimeters in the waist can help to lose weight by size.

The times of the 40cm waist are a thing of the past, but even if you drop one size of clothes, you will see a significant difference in the mirror!


Remember that the best girdle to hold in stomach corrective underwear, except for the most elegant, for which lace and ruffles are acceptable, should be invisible under the clothes. This means – we need flat seams, neutral color, invisible fasteners. In addition, you will have to walk in corrective underwear for a long time, so remember the first and main rule: never take something that is unpleasant for you in the first minutes. Linen should not be an instrument of torture, especially modern ones. It should work by gently redistributing fat throughout the body and gently massaging you.

There is also fabric with impregnations useful for the skin and other pleasant things, but, again, the most important thing is that you should be comfortable. You do not need to choose a corset one size smaller to become slimmer – tightening is not achieved by this.

When thinking about how to choose a plus size stomach girdle, it is also useful to imagine what kind of clothes you will wear under.

Put it on, if you already bought it, stand in front of the mirror, turn around several times. Decide what you would like to improve: all types of shapewear are designed to tighten specific areas. Have you decided?

Now let’s decide on the type of lingerie that you need.

What is the best girdle for the stomach?

plus size girdles


The oldest and most common type of shaping and shaping underwear. Women have been wearing corsets for centuries to look attractive. A modern corset is much more beneficial to health and feels much softer on the body, and pulls off perfectly. It should be borne in mind that the corset can be elegant – for the bedroom in “special” cases, or even for a complete weekend wardrobe. Then it will be not only slimming but also bright, catchy. But if you need to hide it, it is better to choose options that are neutral in color, and do not shine through the clothes. The corset tightens the waist area both above and below it – that is, the stomach and some part of the back. It can end under the breast, or it can cover and support it.

Panties and shorts

Panties and shorts can be considered as a high waist girdle plus size.

They correct what they cover – namely the hips, buttocks, and abdomen. The buttocks can also, as it were, lift, gently giving them a more appetizing shape. Panties and shorts can also have a high waist. This will already be a transitional model between panties and grace.

Graces, half graces, and body

This is the type of the best girdle for big stomach models, the figure from the hips to the armpits. As you know, the Graces were the goddesses of beauty in ancient Rome – so grace combines the functions of a corset, high panties, and often also breast support. Usually, the grace is equipped with straps that support it on the shoulders, as well as a fastener at the bottom, between the legs.

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