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plus size flowy pants

Palazzo is a pair of pants that are expanded from the hip or waist. They can be both light flowing and dense. Therefore, this style is suitable for any time of the year. Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel also wore wide pants. Then they returned in the 70s, becoming almost a symbol of the era. They lost their popularity during the 90s, but it is palazzo it regained some of its relevant in recent years. Pants have won the hearts of fashionistas thanks to the advantages of this style. Palazzo pants are an ideal option for plus-size girls. Today, stores are littered with such models, which means that you have a large selection to choose from. You can buy several models at once. Well, or choose your ideal ones. If you do not know what to wear with palazzo pants for a wedding or how to combine them in a casual look, then the next part is just for you, as we now consider all the options.

How To Wear Flowy Pants?

The versatility of flowy pants comes from the fact that they fit any figure. With the help of loose pants, you can hide both excess weight and excessive thinness. Under the wide-cut pants, you can hide from prying eyes, not ideal shapes: the fullness of the hips and other shortcomings of the legs. Pants with a high fit and pleats at the waist hide extra centimeters at the waist and a slightly protruding stomach.

Another feature of palazzo pants is that they can both visually reduce the height and lengthen the legs. Due to the wide pants that add volume to the hips, tall women look a little smaller. In addition, long pants on the floor visually increase the apparent size of little girls. Thus, the female figure looks proportional.

How To Wear Palazzo Pants Plus Size?

palazzo outfit

Recently, on the world’s catwalks, you can increasingly see beautiful models of plus-size flowy pants, loose and flowing palazzo pants. This model gives its wearer a unique charm and makes her attractive to the opposite sex. Such stylish pants for overweight women in the collections of famous fashion houses also have a place to be, however, they should be worn by plus size women taking into account the following recommendations:

  • Fashionistas with extra pounds should not wear things with a metallic sheen or glare. So, satin can visually make the silhouette larger, so it is recommended that large ladies avoid it;
  • Full representatives of the fair sex can choose any colors, but the products of black, burgundy, emerald, and blue shades will look best on them;
  • Fabrics with a pattern will help to refresh the image. However, plus size women need to avoid large prints and horizontal stripes;
  • To make wide pants for overweight women harmonize with the upper part of the image, you should choose tops that go with palazzo pants, T-shirts, or blouses of restrained and concise execution.

How to Wear Palazzo Pants?

  • Models for full In the presence of extra pounds of palazzo are irreplaceable. Curvy women are suitable for plain pants of a dark palette or a palazzo with a thin vertical stripe or arrows. Pants with a smell will help to hide the stomach. Such models are in demand among expecting mothers.
  • Pleated pants for full are able to visually lighten the silhouette. Pants made of dense fabrics balance the “apple” figure.
  • Short full legs will become longer if you choose high-rise maxi pants. With the help of the selected waistline, it is be possible to distinguish the figure and align the proportions.

What to Wear with Flowy Pants?

Flowy pants are suitable for both everyday wardrobe and office. It is better for full girls to stay on a monophonic version of a not very wide cut (narrow at the top and expanding to the bottom). Very bright colors and “flashy” prints will give the figure extra volume. For the palazzo, decorated with a print, the color of the jacket is selected in the tone of the main background of the bottom. Models with ethnic patterns are used to create an image in a casual style. A fashionable striped print combined with a bright jacket would make you pay attention to any girl.

What Kind of Top to Wear With Palazzo Pants?

how to wear palazzo pants

Wide pants look harmonious with classic T-shirts, be they plain or with a pattern, and the right choice of embroidery it depends on the style of pants. It is worth making sure that the fabric textures of all things in the outfit do not argue with each other. For example, with pants made of light flowing fabric, a T-shirt made of a dense structured material would look “clumsy”.

Tops to Wear with Palazzo Pants

With voluminous, textured tops. If you like to experiment with silhouettes, then try to combine wide pants with an asymmetric top with a voluminous sleeve and a decorative bow. A top in a linen style made of satin or silk will be very gently combined with linen pants. Combine linen pants with knitted tops. Complement palazzo-based outfits with a woven raffia bag, thin-laced leather sandals, and a wide-brimmed straw hat.

How To Dress Up Palazzo Pants?

palazzo pants outfits

Despite the fact that most people consider wide pants to be an absolute taboo for women of large sizes, in fact, they can look no less graceful in this case, too. If the pants are of the right style and cut, they can visually make a person appear slimmer. Here are a few options for how you can wear palazzo for plus size women. Wide pants fit them perfectly, hiding the extra centimeters.

Palazzo Outfit

A well-chosen palazzo pants outfit can simply exude sophistication, especially when combined with high heels. A black palazzo combined with a flowing tunic would attract everyone’s attention, and an ornate belt at the waist would add an interesting accent to the look. A palazzo with a monochrome print and a blouse with voluminous puffed sleeves create an atmosphere of exoticism, and wide beige pants look incredible in combination with a bright top. The white total bow can be diluted with an accessory of a different color, like a yellow belt for example.

Palazzo Pants Outfit Ideas

  1. For a wedding image, pink silk pants would fit perfectly, especially combined with a simple elegant top. This white tulle top looks great with light pants. The image can be beaten with classic earrings, a clutch, and elegant high-heeled shoes.
  2. Horizontal striped pants are combined with basic T-shirts, creating comfortable and casual summer looks. Multi-color accessories are perfectly combined with an explosion of colors printed on the pants.
  3. It is better for overweight women to pay attention to pant legs with a high fit and a wide belt. Thanks to this style, the hips are visually reduced. At the same time, it is better to choose a solid color or thin, vertical stripes.
  4. For formal palazzo pants outfits, a black bottom and a white top are ideal. Instead of dark shades of the bottom, you can buy pants made of light natural fabric, such as linen. Palazzo pants are perfectly combined with a Chanel jacket and with fitted shortened variations. A good option for work, holidays, and official events. This fashionable bow is suitable for women with a full figure.

We believe that palazzo pants are a real find for all girls who want to visually lengthen their legs and make their waist thinner. A distinctive feature of the palazzo pants is an overstated or medium fit, a straight cut, and legs that expand immediately from the waistline. Due to this, the silhouette looks very feminine, the shortcomings are hidden and the advantages of the figure are emphasized. In addition, this model is again at the peak of popularity today.

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