Paloma Elsesser Vogue: The Interesting Thing About The New Star Of The Vogue

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Paloma Elsesser Vogue

Paloma Elsesser is a famous Canadian-American plus-size model. Since childhood, the girl wanted to become a writer, but fate turned out to have completely different plans for her. Paloma actively led her Instagram, and bookers of modeling agencies began to pay attention to her. The girl received job offers one after another.

The Life and Career of Paloma Elsesser

The Life and Career of Paloma Elsesser

Where Is Paloma Elsesser From?

Paloma was born in London. When she was little, her family moved often, and they moved to Switzerland, after which they moved to Latin America. At the age of 18, Paloma’s family moved to New York and began studying literature and psychology. Paloma’s main childhood dream is to become a writer. Now the girl has two passports from the United States and Great Britain.

Paloma Elsesser Age

Paloma recently celebrated her 29th birthday. Her modeling career started late. Usually, models start their careers much earlier, but Paloma was sure from the age of 15 that she wanted to connect her life with the modeling industry. Paloma’s path was not easy; she heard many refusals because of her large size. But Paloma tried again and again.

She often went to photoshoots for aspiring photographers, for which she was not paid. After such photoshoots, Paloma shared the results of the shooting on Instagram. The model has many followers on Instagram. Her appearance was evaluated more on social networks than by high fashion professionals.

Paloma Elsesser Measurements

Paloma Elsesser is 5’ 7” tall and weighs 178.6 lbs. Despite the fact that Paloma is a plus-size model, the girl regularly goes in for sports and leads an active lifestyle. She likes to dance, do yoga and ride a horse. Paloma loves swimming very much and pays a lot of attention to it in the summer. Therefore, she was lucky to become the first plus-size model for the Nike advertising company.

Paloma Elsesser Agency

Paloma Elsesser Agency

Paloma Elsesser represents the modeling agencies IMG MODELS-NEW YORK and IMG MODELS LONDON.

The girl was noticed in 2020 and then her career began to develop rapidly. The model said that she often faces stereotypes about weight and skin color, but this does not prevent her from acting for famous brands. Therefore, Paloma Elsesser has already taken part in a shoot for the «Lonely» underwear brand and in an advertisement for Nike.

The model also often appears on the pages of all major glossy publications. One of the main advantages of Paloma is that she can be good in the lens and on the podium. Thanks to her active lifestyle, Paloma has an excellent posture and light gait. Paloma receives compliments from recognized special artists of the modeling industry. She is even compared to the catwalk star Adut Akech.

In addition to her spectacular appearance, Paloma is hardworking, kind, and knows how to remain calm even in the most stressful situations, as the photographers who worked with the model say.

Paloma Elsesser Vogue

Paloma Elsesser Net Worth

Recently, Paloma appeared on the covers of Vogue in three countries, thereby setting a record for the number of high-profile covers. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a poet (and even studied literature), but she became one of the main plus-size models of our time. As we said earlier, the model’s career began thanks to Instagram: at first, the girl was offered small shoots, and later makeup artist Pat McGrath wrote her. She was looking for new faces for her project. Nike campaigns, Vogue and i-D editorials, Fendi and Ferragamo show followed this. Then the covers of the main fashion publications.

Paloma Elsesser Net Worth

Paloma Elsesser is one of the most successful in the fashion world. The main sources of Paloma Elsesser salary are Instagram and the career as a model. The net worth of the model Paloma Elsesser from W magazine is about 250,000-350000 dollars.

Now Paloma is in the spotlight and has many good job offers. Despite the fact that in 2020, model shows suffered due to quarantine restrictions, Paloma managed to work with major brands, which we talked about earlier.

Who Is Paloma Elsesser Signed To?

Paloma Elsesser actively maintains its Instagram, which has more than 400 thousand subscribers. Paloma is signed to such famous models as Kendall Jenner, Natalia Bryant, and others.

We believe that Paloma is a very successful and promising model. She has a spectacular appearance, dresses well and looks perfect on the set and shows. Now, Paloma is considered one of the most successful Plus-size models. The number of Paloma’s followers is growing every day, and the girl is getting more and more job offers.

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