Playboy Models Plus-Size: Who Was on the Covers in Brazil and Germany

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Playboy Models Plus-Size

Hugh Hefner is often associated with Playboy magazine. After his death, the magazine did not lose popularity because his son continued this business, but in 2020 the final issue came out. In 2017, there was a huge and pleasant shock for a thousand people who enjoy Playboy, a plus-size model appeared on its cover.

Who was she, and what other plus-size models are popular for such magazines? Find out everything in our new article!

Playboy Magazine

This erotic magazine for men was published from 1953 to 2020. Playboy magazine covers were adorned not only by beautiful nude models but also by celebrities – Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Kim Kardashian, and others. Sex was not the only topic, but also fashion, sports, celebrities, politics, and even anecdotes.

And sometimes Playboy published stories of famous writers – Stanislav Lem, Stephen King, Vladimir Nabokov, and others. In his interviews, Hefner has repeatedly said: “Playboy is not a magazine about sex, but about life. And sex is one of the components of life”. Unfortunately, his son was unable to stay afloat and sales began to plummet. The last print version was released on March 17, 2020. Covid-19 was also one of the reasons for the closure.

Playboy Models

Often the covers of magazines were decorated with glamorous and skinny models, but trends are changing and a magazine for men is no exception. In 2017, for the first time on Playboy, plus size rising star Molly Constable made a splash. The girl looked natural and beautiful. It was a real breakthrough in positive body movement. If you delve into the topic of male preferences, then not all men prefer thin girls, many like voluptuous models. Therefore, we will definitely agree with the opinion of Miss Constable, which she expressed in one of her interviews: “Your weight is not important. What matters is how you treat people and how you feel inside.”

Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda play boy plus size

In 2016, Brazilian Playboy featured a plus-size model on its cover. Lacerdawas happy to become the face of the new issue of such a magazine, which she repeatedly shared with her Instagram followers.

Hayley Amber Hasselhoff

Hayley Amber Hasselhoff for playboy model

Hayley Hasselhoff is a famous plus-size model and actress. Also, journalists like to remind everyone that she is the daughter of David Hasselhoff. She became the first major plus-size Playboy on the cover. The girl accepted the offer from the magazine as an important mission to show all curvy girls that they inspire people of large sizes, especially during the period of isolation during the pandemic. The release of this Playboy was in Germany. However, she is not the first girl to make history. The famous Sports Illustrated magazine has released an issue with the curvy Asian model Yumi Nu.

Hayley Hasselhoff: Instagram

On her Instagram, Hayley continues to do what thousands of fans love her for – being herself and supporting the body-positive movement. She hosts a podcast where she discusses the important topics of self-love at any weight, what you can be in the body and be healthy, and much more. By the way, are you wondering how the public reacted to her photography in Playboy? If so, find posts from April 14, 2021, and read the comments. You would see hundreds of comments of admiration and some overly outspoken from men who are in awe of such a bold move. All her Instagram posts seem to be screaming: “If you are confident in yourself, love your body, then others will have no choice how to love and admire you!” The girl has repeatedly faced a bad attitude and even condemnation from directors, photographers, and makeup artists. The latter often reproached her for taking the time to disguise her stretch marks. So, Hayley knows that on the path to love in herself and her body, she sometimes needs work with a psychologist. Therefore, on her page on social networks, you will find sincere conversations with psychologists and other models. The plus-size model on the magazine cover should be no exception, but the rule of the 21st century.

Curvy Women on the Cover of the Magazine: Models Plus Size

Playboy isn’t the only magazine to push its boundaries. Many popular plus-size models have graced the covers of many magazines for a long time.

  • Barbie Ferreira’s biography and goals in life deserve respect. Read more here.
  • Philomena Kwao not only promotes the ideas of curvy models but also the fact that regardless of skin color, you need to love yourself and become successful. Find out about other black plus-size models here.
  • Jill Kortleve is convinced that the main thing is that a person is comfortable in the body, and whether the figure falls under the framework of society is no longer important.
  • Tara Lynn has repeatedly become the face of the covers of Italian magazines.
  • Paloma Elsesser has been on the cover of American Vogue and the face of Fenty Beauty.

A few extra pounds, in the opinion of society, does not mean that they are really extra. Love yourself and your body, because as the 21st century has shown, curvy forms are even sexier than thin ones!

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