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Have you ever been discouraged to do something you absolutely love and have a deep passion for? We know we have definitely gone through it. It’s unfortunate because in the society we are growing up in, we are led to believe that thinner girls are pretty and can pretty much do anything. Yes, thinner girls are absolutely gorgeous and can do anything they please, but so can bigger girls. It’s sad that society sometimes focuses more on physical appearance than the actual skill set that is underneath the appearance. We say, stop listening to what society thinks is best for you, or what you should be good at. We want to show you some of the most beautiful and amazing plus size actresses there are out there.

Rebel Wilson

big actress

If you have watched Pitch Perfect, then you surely know who Rebel Wilson is. She is an amazing, hilarious, and big actress. She is Australian and has definitely built a name for herself in the Hollywood industry with the hit movies she has starred in including, Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids, two of our personal favorites. She is absolutely gorgeous and nothing short of legendary.

Queen Latifah

heavy actress

Queen Latifah had first started out with her role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Living Single, but she soon started to establish herself and became a hit for her performance in Chicago. She is a big black actress, absolutely stunning and very talented in the industry. The power she holds is mind-blowing, taking on the world of music, TV, and movies, she even had her own talk show. With the success she has, she won not only a Golden Globe but also a Grammy and was nominated for an Academy Award. She, as a heavy actress, became one of the most powerful plus size women in the show industry.

Kathy Bates

large actresses

Kathy Bates first took on Hollywood with her role in the movie Misery and has since starred in many other roles. She is one of the best large actresses out there. One of our favorite shows that she had starred indefinitely has to be American Horror Story. It is a little bit spooky, we must admit, but what better way to start off the Fall season, right? But that isn’t even it for this Hollywood plus-size actress, that is just a glimpse into the life of Kathy Bates. She has also starred in some other hit shows and movies such as Titanic and The Office. She is so outstanding that she’s received her very first Tony Award nomination back in 1983 and has since been nominated for many other awards.

Melissa McCarthy

plus size movie stars

Melissa McCarthy is absolutely hilarious and she kills every role she has ever played. She is also one of the best famous plus-size actresses out there, building up her success role by role. Like many other plus size movie stars, she has earned quite a few nominations herself, including an Oscar nomination and an Emmy nomination. She has played in a ton of hit movies and does an amazing job in every single one. Some of the movies she has played include Tammy, The Heat, Identity Thief, Life of the Party, and Bridesmaids. Our personal favorite? We actually can’t choose, all of them are hilarious. She is a 45-year-old and continues to show us the success she plans to bring for herself.

Bharti Singh

large female actresses

Bharti Singh is also very well known in the Bollywood industry. She, like everyone we talked about, is one of the most talented heavy female actresses out there. She is filled with comedy and confidence. She may joke around about the way she looks through some of her acts, but she loves the way she looks and wouldn’t want to change herself for anything.

Delnaz Irani

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Delnaz Irani is also very well known, not only in Bollywood but also on TV. She has been in the industry for around 20 years and continues to amaze us. She is also one of the amazing large female actresses in the industry. She loves herself and hates to pay any attention to the norms put out in society like, “thin is beautiful”. Yes, thin is beautiful, but so is big. Big is just as beautiful. She is stunning and filled with talent, bringing everything she has to every role she has played.


big black actress

Mo’Nique started her career through the shows Moesha and The Hughleys and has since worked hard to gain the respect she deserves. As a large black actress and as a woman, she had to work hard to gain respect. Unfortunately, people of color and women don’t have it too easy out in the movie/TV industry and need to put in twice the amount of work. Her performance in Precious gained a lot of attention for her outstanding performance. She did amazing in this role, raising awareness for sexual abuse victims, Precious even won an Academy Award. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had the success she had hoped, but we do wish her all the success!

These beautiful plus size actresses were able to beat the social norms and make something amazing of themselves. You should not for one second think that you won’t be able to do something you love because of how you look because you are stunning. If you have the skillset, then you can definitely do what you put your mind to.

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