Plus Size Gender-neutral Clothing: Features of Plus Size Androgynous Style

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Plus Size Androgynous Style

Plus size androgynous fashion is comfortable and beautiful. Every year, designers are increasingly erasing the boundaries of gender in their collections. In everyday life, unisex is a convenience. The fashion for naturalness and relaxation is very well combined with androgyny.

The main feature in the selection of plus size androgynous look is made for versatility, conciseness. Most often, monochrome options are preferred. However, overweight people may have difficulties with choosing non-binary clothing. Since the choice of an androgynous style by women plus size who wants to hide extra pounds behind baggy men’s clothing can only emphasize the shortcomings, so now we will learn how to look androgynous with curves.

How to Look Gender Neutral

How to Look Gender Neutral

Dress Comfortably for You and Mix Different Styles

Discover new styles and experiment to find the right clothes and feel stylish and comfortable. Be creative and create rich images while enjoying fashion trends: trousers in dark tones (gray, dark blue, anthracite) and orange or yellow jumper/ burgundy coat/green jacket.

Look for Unique Clothes That You can Change

For example, you can use the site eBay and Amazon to find a unique plus-size outfit or change it for yourself. There is a large selection of clothing in different sizes in online stores.

Choose a V-Neck

The V-neck image is comfortable and sexy for non-binary plus-size people.

Plus Size Non-binary Fashion

Plus Size Non-binary Fashion

First, men’s shirts of different cuts are considered in the androgynous plus size style: business, checkered. For example, a classic white shirt looks good with loose jeans. High-heeled shoes will add femininity to the image. Large wristwatches of laconic design perfectly add masculinity to your outfit. An oversized sweater combined with a narrow skirt is another example of an androgynous style.

To Create Plus Size Non-binary Outfits, Use the Following Elements:

  • Men’s shirt cut (white, blue or narrow stripes) perfectly combined with skirts, boyfriend jeans, jumpsuits, suitable for pumps and other shoes of classic style.
  • Monochrome gamma is one of the basic signs of an androgynous style. The most advantageous combinations are white+black+gray, white+gray+blue, cream+sand+brown, and others.
  • Pay special attention to accessories. As we said earlier, a classic-shaped watch on a leather strap with a simple and concise design will perfectly suit the androgynous style. Hats with brims and expensive shoes also deserve your attention. They perfectly complement and complete the image.
  • A classic coat and a stylish blazer will make the image more slender and hide the shortcomings of the figure.
  • Flat shoes are an androgynous style trend. You can easily find clothes for simple androgynous images in the mass market, but it is better not to save on shoes. This style is good for its minimalism; one or two pairs of boots can be combined with an infinite number of sets of clothes.
  • Skirts in tandem with men’s details look perfect. Wear skirts with oversized sweaters, a classic men’s shirt, or a bomber jacket. The right combination of a skirt with men’s style things is what you need.
  • A pantsuit with sneakers is an actual outfit in any season.

Plus Size Androgynous Clothing

Plus Size Androgynous Clothing

Jackets, Blazers, Sweaters

Another integral part of women’s outfits is blazers and sweaters borrowed from men. The classic tuxedo has a well-deserved reputation as the most favorite item of clothing for men and women. The most fashionable designers adore this jacket model. They transform it into vests, all kinds of dresses, tunics, coats. It is better to give preference to calm shades. You can complement trousers with T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets with sneakers or flat shoes.

Flat-Soled Shoes

If you like to walk, then the chubby androgynous style with its flat shoes will definitely suit you. An excellent choice in the spirit of modern fashion-loafers, slip-on, moccasins.

Multi-Layered Clothing

Such outfits are the best choice in the cold season. Every stylish woman feels cozy and comfortable in these clothes. For daily wear, the best ensemble is considered a loose shirt and a thick oversized sweater.

Androgynous Professional Clothing

Androgynous Professional Clothing

Wales Bonner

Initially, Wales Bonner positioned herself as a designer of men’s clothing, but people of any gender wear her clothes. Half of the collections are easy to imagine in a women’s wardrobe. This season, Grace mixes wool suits with sports clothes, decorates floor-length dresses with knitted elements.


This brand can be described as horizontal, democratic, universal. The designer created this brand in 2005 and immediately built a completely clear concept: to make unisex clothes for an intelligent, educated consumer. Things of this brand are great for plus-size androgynous style.

Big Bud Press

This brand produces plus-size gender-neutral clothing for all body types, so you can easily make yourself a beautiful and comfortable outfit.


This brand produces clothing for men and women of all ages and physiques. Therefore, if you are looking for plus-size androgynous clothes, then this is exactly for you.

We believe that plus-size androgynous, style is the versatility and breadth of fashionable combinations and experiments complete with unsurpassed comfort and extraordinary charm. it is important not to break the delicate balance of femininity and brutality when creating your own individual image.

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