Not Thin, But Ringing — The Plus Size Trainers and Famous Plus-Size Athletes | Top-8 by Plus and Wow

Plus And Wow|Health|Not Thin, But Ringing — The Plus Size Trainers and Famous Plus-Size Athletes | Top-8 by Plus and Wow


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“I will lose weight — then I will go to the gym”, “With my forms, fitness will not work”, “Fat yoga is contraindicated” — do you also consider these phrases a good reason not to go to training? After all, when we use the word “athlete”, we usually imagine a toned figure of a runner or a muscular bodybuilder with cubes on the press, but the truth is that an athlete can be a person of any complexion. The main thing is desire. Then sports will change your life, many plus-size athletes have already proven that sports are for everyone! You can do fitness, yoga or dance at any weight. And to prove it, we’ve selected a few plus-size fitness models that will change your mind.

Famous Plus Size Athletes

Morit Summers

plus size fitness model

Morit does not just spend a lot of time in the gym, for her, sports are a huge part of life. She is a plus size personal trainer, powerlifter, fitness expert, and founder of her own studio. The girl regularly shares ideas for exercises on her blog and proves that everyone can do sports, the main thing is the desire and the amount of effort put in.

Jessamyn Stanley

plus size yoga instructor

Yoga can be practiced regardless of your body type and build. Even the most difficult asana can be performed by anyone, but you should not immediately start without a proper amount of practice. Plus size yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley lives in North Carolina and supports the body-positive movement. If you are in doubt whether you will be able to do yoga or not, then first go to the account of Jessamyn, this girl knows how to inspire!

Louise Green

plus size model workout

For Louise, body positivity is about feeling good and respecting your body. At the age of 47, she is actively engaged in the gym, trains others and writes a column about sports. Louise named her account Big Hit Girl.

Mirna Valerio

plus size athletes

Mirna goes to the gym and plus size fitness classes, skis, surfs, but most of all in her life and social media feed — running. The girl regularly participates in various marathons and takes prizes. Mirna has also released an inspiring book, A Beautiful Work in Progress.

La’tecia Thomas

plus size yogi

A few years ago, this beautiful woman was a fitness model. La’tecia decided that she no longer wanted to be perfect for someone, and stopped limiting herself to food. As a result, she gained 30 kilograms and became the plus size fitness model. However, according to Thomas herself, from this she was called to shoot ads for underwear and swimwear only more often. Draw the mane on the back of the neck.

Dianne Bondy

plus size personal trainer

A popular yoga instructor, who has received recognition in the world-famous “Coalition of Yoga and Body Image”. Bondy is the plus-size trainer and gives talks at Princeton and the University of California. In addition, she co-authored the book “Yoga and Body Image”. Candid stories about beauty, courage, and love for your body”, author of the best-selling books “Yoga for Everyone” and “Yoga is a part of you”. The girl has her own YouTube channel, website, and Facebook page. She posts videos that you can study on your own, and you can also participate in lessons online.

Roz “The Diva” Mace

plus size fitness classes

This young African-American woman from New York weighs almost 105 kg, which, however, did not prevent her from becoming a plus-size model workout, TRX instructor, and pole-dance dancer. In her blog, there are tips on how to train for fun and take care of your body if you are a plus-size.

Dana Falsetti

the plus size trainer

A 25-year-old yoga instructor from the United States proves by personal example that you can practice with any weight and the most unusual body sizes. Dana herself, by the way, now weighs 104 kg (and five years ago-32 kg more). Yoga helped her change her attitude towards her body.The practice so fascinated her that over time, she learned to be a yoga teacher and now regularly conducts classes and teaching courses, including for plus size yogi. She also has a blog where she inspires girls of all shapes and sizes to treat their bodies with love and practice. Here, for example, is a video tutorial on how to master the headstand.

I believe that plus-size athletes are people who inspire changes to their bodies. If earlier women were looking for inspiration to work on themselves in interviews with stars, now they just need to go to Instagram: in this social network, you can find a million pictures of the plus-size trainer, which change not only themselves but also other people.

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