Best Plus Size Boho Outfit Ideas & Fashion Brands: Boho Style Make You Feel Free

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plus size Boho outfits

If you have a large size, this does not mean that you should have any restrictions on clothes and styles. The main thing is the ability to combine different things or adhere to one style in which you would feel comfortable and would emphasize your curvaceous forms at the right angle. How about plus size Boho outfits? This style would add lightness to your everyday look. And do not think that it is relevant only in summer, many elements would look great in your winter wardrobe. Therefore, we will help you and tell you such main information:

  • What is this style;
  • Helpful tips on the Boho style;
  • What brands are worth paying your attention to.

What Is Plus Size Boho Fashion?

plus size Boho fashion

Boho or Bohemian is a clothing style inspired by the free spirits and hippie lifestyle of the 1960s and 1970s. Nowadays, this style is considered comfortable and layered. Its most common features are flowing long skirts or peasant-style shirts, and ethnic patterns. If you see a girl on the street in an embroidered dress combined with simple jewelry and accessories, then know that this is exactly the Bohemian style. If you still doubt that this is what you need, then take a close look at the tips and brands that can offer you to create your wardrobe in this style. You are probably using something from the description below and just did not know what it is.

Tips for Your Plus Size Boho Outfit Ideas

Just knowing which clothes are Boho style may not be enough. You need to be able to combine the correct different elements in clothes so that it looks easy and beautiful, and not too clumsy. Follow the tips below and everyone would admire you and your outfits.


Perhaps not all plus size girls know this, but the neckline is the core of Boho style. A top or dress with a V-neck and open shoulders would help balance the volume and create a stylish look. If you choose a more closed neckline, it would give your face more roundness. And that’s not what you want, is it?

Stripe of skin

For some reason, many curvy girls think that tops are prohibited for them, but this is just a stupid stereotype. Such a strip at the waist would only emphasize the proportions of your body and give a more interesting silhouette. If you are not yet ready for such experiments, then choose a dress with a high waist.

Flared Pants

If you want to show off your curves, then flared trousers would give you an hourglass silhouette. Their classic designs make you look more feminine with a retro touch. If you pair it with flats, these pants will still make your silhouette taller.


Try to emphasize outerwear for your plus size hippie outfits. If you like wavy silhouettes, then a poncho is a good choice. If you prefer an all-black outfit, then a brighter ethnic print poncho and round sunglasses will make your look complete and memorable.


If you have doubts about the color palette of your look, then go for a win-win option – monochrome. This would make the figure uniform and visually appear taller and slimmer. Also, don’t forget that the black and white mix is ​​a chic and timeless option.

Best Brands for Plus Size Bohemian Fashion

Each brand chooses the style in which it creates clothes, but often many combine completely different styles. It all depends on the season and fashion trends of a certain period. Below are the brands that would help you create your unique Boho outfits.

Hope and Harvest

plus size Bohemian fashion

If you are looking for the best boho dress, Hope and Harvest can propose you cool options. Their maxi dresses are a must for any Bohemian wardrobe, especially if you’re plus size and want to wear loose-fitting clothing. The most popular is a maxi dress with its lovely floral print that would create a magical style.

Hazel & Folk

plus size Boho looks

Hazel & Folk brand has cool accessories for you that have a completely natural look. You would be gorgeous and, especially if combine them with white wide pants, and don’t forget about the top with the stripe on your skin. It would be your best matching suit!

Eloquii Linen

plus size Boho outfit ideas

Another must-have for your Boho look for plus size are two fibers, especially linen, that are breathable. Check out them from Eloquii because this brand is the best one.

Spell and the Gypsy

Boho look for plus size

It is one of the coolest Bohemian brands, and you can search for affordable oversized Boho dresses that are up to XXL. But according to reviews, these dresses are usually larger, so you can definitely order these beautiful and flowing numbers in smaller sizes.


plus size hippie outfits

Complete your Boho look with cute natural bags such as by Showpo brand. These bags are perfect for everyday use – from shopping with friends to a day at the beach. If you prefer free outfits that would make you element and even more beautiful you are, then try some plus size Boho looks. If you don’t completely change your wardrobe, then definitely add a few outfits from this style for relaxation. Now that you know what this style is, have you noticed it with any of your acquaintances? Share in the comments!

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